Thursday, 9 June 2022

Getting myself back

 Went shopping yesterday as planned and pretty much stuck to my list, there were only a handful of things that weren't available but I managed to get substitutes.  I was actually pleasantly surprised at the cost of the shop, it was about £30 or £40 less than I was expecting, seeing as it was a month's worth.....I had 2 vouchers totalling £9 off though so that helped.  I also bought a few supermarket own brand things instead of the premium branded versions I would normally have got - not that I'm a brand snob, I'm certainly not, but we do have certain branded things we prefer over others.  E.g. we like the Branston baked beans, but the supermarket own brand ones are so much cheaper, and I can easily jazz them up with spices or Worcester sauce, for example.

Whatever money is left in my shopping account at the end of the month, I will then move over to one of my savings accounts, boosting the savings a bit more.

We had a letter yesterday from our electricity company saying we'll be without power from 08.00 to 18.00 one day next week, due to essential works.  No bother, we'll go to the caravan for the day.  I don't want to be without my favourite frothy coffees....frothy coffee doesn't stay frothy in a flask!  And husband would be lost without all his favourite daytime TV rubbish ๐Ÿ˜’๐Ÿ˜œ.  I do have to give him credit though, he is getting better at turning the TV off after he's watched something (with a bit of encouragement from me).  It's so nice to have the van near enough for a day trip.

Got to pop into town first thing this morning, we have several things to do there.  Once home I'll be making a bacon, tomato and halloumi puff pastry tart, half to have for tea with salad, the other half to freeze.  I'll also make a couple of cakes to fill up the oven whilst it's on for the tart, they'll most likely be frozen too.  And I'll also do some garlic bread - a large baguette sliced up and spread with homemade garlic butter with cheese, then open frozen on a big tray before being bagged up.

I really do feel like my old self is on the way back, there have been many times recently when I've not even wanted to get out of bed as I didn't want to face the day.  I'm glad of the fact that I've not had to resort to antidepressants this time around, although there were a few times when I thought I'd have to, whether I wanted it or not.


  1. I love those plans! The tart sounds absolutely delicious! xx

  2. Huge congrats on a successful shopping trip. I am going out this morning and know I have to fill up my car - that will be 'interesting' and probably not in a good way.

    On the odd occasions we have been advised of a power outage here we've always taken the opportunity to go out in the campervan for the day - excellent that you can go to your van and ignore whatever happens at the house.

  3. Lots of good plans, and isn't it perfect that the van is near enough for you to go for the day when the power is out. That shopping trip sounds very satisfying, it's always nice when it comes to less than you think it will be ... rare, but nice. :-)

  4. You really have your oven use planned out. I'm glad your feeling better, more yourself.

  5. Isn't it nice when the shopping is less than expected. Having the van is a real boon for you. No worries about having no power. I'm so glad you seem to have turned the corner with your depression and anxiety. I'm sure your little corner of paradise has helped! xx

  6. How great is it that your shopping trip was less than expected. I am glad you have somewhere to go while the power is out for the day.

    And feeling more like your old self is just awesome.

    God bless.


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