Wednesday, 22 June 2022

New car.....and less cooking from now on!

 We've got the new car.....more importantly, the old one has gone, boy am I glad to see the back of it!!  No more worrying about how on earth we were going to get it through the next MOT, when the bloody engine management lights etc kept coming on, and husband spending loads on various parts, none of which solved the problem.  And the friendly mobile mechanic freely admitted he had no clue as to how to solve the problems, plus he's always terribly busy anyway so trying to get him to actually come round was another pain.

Anyway.....the new car seems fine, we've been out for a short drive in it, Betty was fine about getting in the back, and it's lower so she's not got so much of a high jump.  I had a bit of a problem trying to tax the car yesterday, as my mifi is in and out like a fiddlers elbow here at the park....managed it eventually though.  There's 5 months remaining on the tax for the old car, which I would have reclaimed only I can't at the moment, because you need the 12-digit reference number off the log book, and husband had mistakenly given the whole thing to the dealer, instead of keeping most of it and giving the dealer just the relevant New Keeper part 😠.  Honestly, he can't do anything unless I'm there to hold his hand and prompt him.  So he's got to phone the dealer today and get the reference number off him.

I've said I want to go out for the morning tomorrow, getting back here early afternoon before it gets too hot.  I've told husband to think of somewhere for us to go - it's always - and I do mean ALWAYS - me who plans outings and makes arrangements, so it would be nice for once for him to do it!

The park here is practically empty again, just 2 other static owners here, neither of whom are near neighbours.  I think there are also 2 touring vans occupied right down at the front of the site.  Husband is outside snoozing in the recliner chair, so at least I'm getting peace and quiet.

For the last 10 years or so I've always cooked from scratch, I enjoy cooking and have always tried to make our meals different, varied and interesting.  Well, over the past few weeks I've found my interest in cooking is waning - rapidly.  It's like I really can't be bothered anymore spending ages in the kitchen cooking and always trying to think up different meals.  Husband will eat virtually anything I put in front of him, and mostly just shovels it in without really even noticing what he's eating, so it's not like he'll care one way or the other if I do less cooking and serve up more repetitive meals.  So I think from now on I'm going to have a small core of easily prepared meals, and just stick to them.  E.g. last night we had jacket spuds (which I'd batch cooked a trayload of at home and froze) which only needed heating through, with chipolata sausages and beans.  A simple easy to prep meal which we both enjoyed.  Husband would happily eat a cooked breakfast of some sort every day, even if it's just eggs on toast.  Well, since I'm not really a fan of breakfast, he can sort himself out with that.  For lunches I quite often make a quiche or frittata or small pizza which we have with salad, but from now on I think we'll stick to a sandwich or cheese on toast or crackers and cheese.  I do make the odd cake now and then, as husband is always asking for cake - I only really make it for him as, being diabetic, I rarely eat cakes....although I will eat a small bit if it's there!  But I think husband would be just as happy with a box of shop bought individual apple pies, so I've no need to bake cakes either.  And I won't eat shop bought ones....far too much sugar or chemical stuff in them.

It just feels like I've spent so many hours of my life cooking and baking, and I just can't be arsed anymore.  I think if I lived on my own I'd eat very simply with very little cooking - I could quite happily live on cheese and crackers (or crisps!), jacket spuds or toast and butter.


  1. Great that the new car seems to be just right. Goodbye to the old one! I know what you mean about cooking. I've never really enjoyed it, except for special meals, but every day cooking - nah! All that prep and faff and it's gone in a flash. Like you, if I was on my own I'd batch bake a load of spuds, make a big pan of soup, ditto stew and freeze most of it. Who was it who said "Life's too short to stuff a mushroom."? She was right! xx

  2. I think like you. If it was just me, meals would be simple. I might cook occasionally, but then load the freezer for later.

  3. Totally agree reference the cooking - I feel after years of being a slave to " what's for lunch?" Or " what's for tea?" I really want to eat quite simply
    Life's and our summers are too short!
    Glad you are happy with the car
    Alison in Wales

  4. You two sound so much like us two. I could so easily have written most of your post.

  5. Delighted that you are pleased with the new car.

    A few years ago I stopped asking "what would you like for supper" because the reply was ALWAYS "whatever you like".
    If I knew what I ruddy well wanted to eat that night I would not have been asking for some suggestions . . .
    So now I follow the sort of appraoch you are going to take. Been doing it for a long time and it works well.
    PS: Shirley Conran said "life is too short ...". I used to work with her, interesting woman.

  6. I think the worst thing about being an adult is having to make meals day in day out. I could definintely live on a diet of hot toast and butter, with the occasional crisp butty and apple thrown in for good measure. I'm glad the new car seems so good, fingers crossed that you will have no problems with this one.

  7. I am glad you are happy with the new car. I just don't feel like cooking either the last couple of days. Better get myself out of that as our oldest son will be arriving soon for a bit of a holiday.

    God bless.

  8. I love my meals (as you know) and make quite a variety but it's all pretty simple really or the sort of meals that can mostly be made earlier in the day when I have more energy. I dislike faffing around in the early evening when I want to watch House of Games!


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