Saturday, 11 June 2022

Starting as I mean to go on

 I'm starting as I mean to go on and have put a few plans in place, both for the car and the garden.  We are going one day next week to visit a second hand car sales place which has about 90 cars in stock - the place has a good reputation (I've researched it online) for non-aggressive salesmanship, a friendly, helpful and non-pushy owner, selling sensibly priced cars.  We've already been there once to see a particular car, which husband refused to even test drive because of a silly knee-jerk reaction, nor would he look at any other cars there.  Well, he will this time, I'll make sure of that.  

I've had a look round the back garden and realised that we're not growing nearly enough veg for our needs - we did say we'd be growing less this year because of being at the caravan a lot, but I'd made a list of veg we can grow here that would grow successfully without needing too much care.  But with the way food prices are going up weekly, we do need to grow more, there are plenty of empty raised beds just going to waste.  Husband hasn't done anything much to the back garden, he's left it to go wild in some areas - the hedge for example has grown upwards and outwards so much it is engulfing the garden, it's already swamped several of his compost bins (he has about half a dozen) to the point where they're completely buried.  Since husband had his foot operation 18 months ago and was in plaster and fairly incapacitated for 6 weeks, he got into the habit of just lying on the sofa watching TV, or sat at his desk playing games on his computer - they're habits which have stuck and he now doesn't do anything unless I prod him into it.

Well, I'm not letting him get away with it anymore - we need to grow more veg, so he needs to get out there and ready the garden.  He's got a strimmer and hedge trimmer, so has no excuse - they'll make short work of the overgrown hedges, he just has to get on with it!  I'd persuaded him a few weeks ago to cover up the raised beds he's not using with old carpet, of which he has loads, rather than just leaving them to be overtaken with weeds.  So those beds will be more or less ready for planting up, just needing a quick forking over and raking.

We're going out this morning to the garden centre, to see what other veg plants we can get - I'd like a few more tomatoes, runner beans, mini cucumbers and beetroot for a start.  Husband tried to say there was no point getting them until he'd readied the answer was that we WILL go and get them, as that gives him the incentive to actually get on with the work, the plants will be fine in their pots for a few days.


  1. Oooh, you're definitely feeling better and more assertive! Good for you. I hope there's a car there that is right for you. Will they take the old car in part-exchange? xx

    1. Yes K, I really am! The car sales place are willing to do a deal and take ours in part ex, we asked the last time we went. So that's one headache less xx

  2. Good for you. In an extreme situation you could always cut the plugs off. I threatened my son with that as when a teenager, he was trying to go over our set time limit. He knew I would do it as well. Stopped him very quickly!

  3. Nice, you are really feeling much better. Good for you in moving forward and making sure your husband does as well.

    God bless.

  4. Following the horrid hip replacement I had to wear a full leg brace for quite a few months or I couldn't stand up. It didn't stop me gardening but My neighbour used to worry that I would fall over while gardening..... Tony was always in bed and is not a gardener at all.

  5. Oh, my! What a change. Good for you, Sooze . . . xx


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