Saturday, 30 July 2022

Lovely veggies

 Now that's something I never would have dreamt of saying years ago, when the only veg I would eat was peas and potatoes!  

The new windows and front door are rather nice, they seem to let more light in somehow.  Perhaps the frames of these are narrower.....or maybe they're just cleaner! 😂 (well they would be, they're brand new).  The windows have vents along the top that can be opened to allow a little bit of air in, which will be good on cold days when we don't necessarily want the windows open.  Husband had said the fitters were very tidy and cleaned up after themselves - I didn't necessarily believe that (most workMEN don't do a fantastic job of cleaning up) but he was quite right, virtually no mess left at all that I could see.

I've been busy today, got one load of washing dry and another load in the machine ready to do overnight on the economy rate.  Unpacked and put away the last few bits we brought home from the caravan.  Went shopping this morning - we tried a new fruit and veg warehouse that's just opened up in the town.  Well, actually they're not new as such, they're the same people who used to run a nursery and veg shop in a town the other side of Bridgwater, it closed down recently.  They've moved to an empty warehouse in Bridgy, near to Sainsbury's where I do most of my shopping.  I was most impressed, a large selection of beautifully fresh fruit and veg, some of which they still grow themselves and the rest they buy in from local farmers, and the prices are extremely reasonable.  You can also buy in bulk - I got a 5kg box of Cox's apples (my absolute favourite) for £3.00!  Amazing.  The staff are very cheerful, friendly and helpful.  We'll be going there regularly.  I've left them a good review on FB, they deserve it.

We are inundated with courgettes, today I used 4 large ones grated to make spicy courgette fritters, flavoured with onion, cumin and ginger.  The mix made 16 large fritters, we're having a couple for tea with fries and salad, the rest have been frozen.  I'll roast a big trayful tomorrow with some other summer veg.  I expect we'll be able to give some away to neighbours, they're not all growing their own.  We've also got plenty of our own potatoes, beetroot, carrots and tomatoes, and the cucumbers are nearly ready to pick.

The farmers are harvesting their grain crops around here, including the big field at the back of us, we've had to keep the windows at the back of the house closed due to the amount of dust the huge combine harvester is throwing up as it cuts.  Everywhere is so very dry.......we did have a couple of showers today, but they were so light they didn't even wet the ground much, certainly nowhere near enough to water the plants.

Husband fancied pork chops for Sunday lunch tomorrow, I'm not a massive fan of them so he's having them whilst I have just the roasted veg, sage & onion stuffing, Yorkshires and gravy.  I won't miss the meat at all.


  1. Aww ... your nice clean windows will be getting all dusty!! I must say I like the sound of your Sunday lunch, even back in the days when I ate some meat I really didn't like pork in any of it's guises.

  2. Add me to YOUR Sunday lunch tomorrow , thanks!

  3. I'll join you for lunch. I too have a large zucchini that I want to make fritters from. Maybe in the morning.

  4. Shove over everyone, I'm coming too, but no pork for me either! I wish we had a proper greengrocer near us. Has to be supermarket veg, which is nowhere near as nice. I hope the rain we've been having works its way to you. Might give your nice new windows a quick wash! xx


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