Monday, 26 September 2022

A very quiet week to come

 Husband has to go home tomorrow.  The Landlord rang him this morning to say the decorator wants to go round tomorrow to see exactly what needs doing (we never get much notice!).  But it's a good thing as he was having to go home anyway - I forgot to bring 3 things, so he'll collect them.  I'm normally very organised, but I guess having visitors threw me a bit so I didn't actually remember to bring everything on my list.  I forgot one of my medications, the dog's monthly flea and tick tablet, and my decaf unsweetened frothy coffees.  I've had an email to say a couple of books I ordered are arriving today, instead of later in the week as expected, so he can bring those back with him too.  Betty and I will stay here, so we get a couple of hours to ourselves.

Had to go and do a little bit of shopping this I only needed a few things, I chose to go to M&S Food hall - bit more expensive and I wouldn't do a big shop in there, but it's ok for just a few things.  It's a pleasure to shop in there, it's quiet and the staff are so friendly and helpful, and there's even someone stationed at the door to greet you and say goodbye as you leave, making shopping a nice experience.

Our lovely van neighbours C&J, and P&D the other side of them, are all closing up their vans and going home this week, for the final time this year, so we won't see them again until next year.  They're older than us and all feel the cold, so don't like to come when the shorter, colder days are here.  We know there's 2 or 3 others who will definitely be coming for a final week next month, so I expect we'll probably come back then, if only for a day or two.


  1. A sad day for you when you close up the caravan for the winter! Still, make the best of the time you have left. Although the weather is turning colder, hopefully it'll be a while before we really notice the difference. xx

  2. I am glad that you will probably spend another few days at your happy place.

    God bless.

  3. To son family…live behind me…all condos evacuating…

    1. Hope the hurricane doesn't cause too much damage, and you're all safe. xx


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