Thursday, 29 September 2022


 I've got to do something about my hip, it's absolutely killing me.  It's been painful for months but has got significantly worse over the last 3 or 4 weeks and I'm limping badly too.  Walking round the supermarket this morning was agony.  I can't take anti-inflammatories, only paracetamol and codeine.  Paracetamol on its own doesn't touch the pain, but the codeine makes me terribly constipated, which means I have to take something else to alleviate that.  I've got a TENS machine but that doesn't do much, I suspect it's not powerful enough (it was a cheap one).  A heated wheat bag gives a little temporary relief, but not much.  So I'll have to go back to the GP I suppose - they just fobbed me off with codeine and told me to self-refer to physiotherapy last time - which takes forever, as they have a huge waiting list.  I'm so busy today and tomorrow though, and will be away at the caravan Monday and Tuesday next week, so it'll be the middle of next week before I can make an appointment to see the GP.

On a positive note, the exclusion and vegetarian diet seems to have sorted out my candida issues - guts are fine, itchy rash has gone, so has the oral thrush and sore dry cracked lips.  I've reintroduced some sourdough bread - not every day though - and my decaf unsweetened frothy coffees and they haven't caused any problems.


  1. I hope you can get some relief for your hip pain. We've just bought a new mattress (well, we'd had the old one for 12 years and it was like sleeping on a pile of bricks!) and I'm hoping it will help my hip and back pain. Only had it 3 days, so too early to tell yet. Do you sleep with a pillow between or under your knees? That might help. Anyway, glad the diet has helped and you've been able to introduce a few treats. xx

  2. I've just had a very painful hip, hardly able to walk. It was gout and by taking the medicine for that it helped to get rid of it. I wonder if you have something like that.

  3. Oh dear. I do hope the pain is lessened by the doctors finding out what is causing it. While every once in a while, my hips cause me problems, walking even a short distance seems to help me. Our youngest son broke his hip and sometimes during weather changes he is in a great deal of pain. A friend mentioned that a drug called Tramadol might help as it helps him.

    God bless.

  4. I'm so sorry your hip is giving you so much pain amd hope something can be done to help.

    Have a lovely time at the caravan. xx


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