Friday 21 October 2022

A lovely fresh new home (almost)

 Got home yesterday lunchtime, to a lovely freshly painted hall, stairs and landing.....I'm really pleased, it looks so much brighter and cleaner, it's almost like having a new home.  The decorator left no mess, and even put back up the roller blind on the landing window - just as well, we couldn't have done it, it's impossible to reach up there without a ladder balanced on the stairs.  The freshly painted walls do show up just how much the doors, frames and skirtings need painting though - the deal with the landlord was that he would pay for the decoration of the walls and ceilings, if we did the woodwork.  No problem, we can do that pretty easily.  I'll help husband, but he will be doing the bulk of it himself.....there's no rush, he can do it at his leisure over the next few months, it'll give him something to do over the winter whilst we're not at the caravan.  I have asked for the downstairs doors to be done asap though, as they're the first thing seen when we come in.  We went out and bought the paint yesterday afternoon, so husband can get started as soon as he likes.

Being at the van for a couple of days on my own (with Betty) was really nice - I read a couple of books, did some crocheting, made a start on Christmas cards, chatted with a couple of fellow owners.  Did a lot of thinking and planning.  I think husband and I are going to be OK - he's certainly got into the swing of doing more jobs around the house, after the initial shock of being asked to do things when he grumbled quite a lot.  He even does some jobs now without being asked, which he never did before.  It's made a big difference to both of us, I think.  I'm still going to go ahead and finish the application form to get us on the Council housing list - we're under no illusions that it'll get us moved closer to civilisation anytime soon, it'll probably take at least a couple of years I should think (the Council say it could take up to 5 years, depending on the type of accommodation required and any health needs)....but at least we'll be on it.  We may even consider moving away from our local Council area, although we will stay in Somerset.

As for being let down so badly by someone close to me - the less I say or think about that, the better, it's still upsetting me and I've lost all trust in that person.  Especially since they haven't even said sorry.

We brought home quite a lot of stuff from the van yesterday - as much as we could get in the car.  We'll be going back one day next week to give it a thorough clean, collect up everything else we want to bring home, and close down for winter.

Husband's got an appointment to see the GP - his blood tests results are all ok, but he was told by the receptionist that he needs to see the GP to discuss his ECG and chest x-ray results.  The new meds the GP put him on to tide him over until he sees the cardiologist do seem to be helping him, his breathlessness and angina pain have eased.  Nothing heard from cardiology yet - the GP put in the referral just over 3 weeks ago.  Hopefully I'll find out the results of my hip x-rays next week.


  1. You sound so much chirpier this morning and it's nice to hear.

  2. Oh, I'm so pleased things seem to be improving for you. That little break away has done you a power of good, and how lovely to come home to a nice, clean, fresh home. Fingers crossed for the medical stuff.🤞 xx

  3. Oh Sooze, I am so sorry that you have been let down by someone close, it's horrible when a relationship goes sour and causes a lot of hurt. Is the person aware of how they hurt you?

    I bet you get a pleasurable lift everytime you step into the house, hall and stairs now, lovely feeling. Good to hear that your husband seems to have had a bit of a wake-up call and took note. Long may it continue.
    Good luck with all the medical matters. xx

  4. Glad you are doing well..project will keep you busy.

  5. It is lovely to step into a freshly decorated room isn't it and when it's the hallway it makes the whole house seem so much fresher.

    Would it not be nice and simple to get a local painter and decorator to come in and do the painting of the woodwork for you? Now that you have the paint bought, they would only charge you for labour and it will probably all get done in one day. The thought of your hubby doing it while he has breathlessness and angina is a bit worrying.

    1. I'm not going to be standing over him with a whip, Sue. There are 6 doors (2 down, 4 upstairs), door frames and skirtings, I've said it can take the whole of the winter as far as I'm concerned, I'm in no rush. As I said, the new meds he's on have eased his symptoms considerably, he's not had angina for about 10 days now. He's keen to do it, I wouldn't make him if he really didn't want to or he wasn't up to it. And keeping Betty away from 1 wet door at a time will be much easier than keeping her off 6!

    2. I was actually thinking of the speed it would all be done at with a professional doing the work. I know the difference in Alan painting woodwork and the professionals doing it, and I know what I will always choose in future.

  6. It's nice to read things seem better on your home front. I agree, having a fresh lick of paint can make things seem brand new.

  7. How nice to step into a freshly painted and bright house. I also try to find things for my Hubby to do during the winter.

    God bless.

  8. How nice to read your upbeat post today, Sooze; your world seems a brighter and happier place. I can imagine how much you enjoyed your few days away at the caravan with Betty and books. (I would, too!) Lovely that your husband has changed his ways - long may it last and things will be so much easier all round. Harmony in the home is a very good thing.


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