Monday 3 October 2022

A lovely surprise and a disappointment

 The disappointment first.....had a phone call last night (8.30 pm) to say the decorator's van has broken down, so he won't be starting our decorating today.  Bit of an annoyance, but these things happen.  Let's hope he can get it fixed today so can start tomorrow - else we're here at the van for no reason really (there's almost nobody else here, it's as quiet as the grave).  And we have lots of commitments throughout the rest of this month, which will make it difficult to reschedule the decorating.

We have 2 separate electricity accounts, one for home and another for the caravan.  I hadn't expected to get the Government energy rebate on the van account as well as the home one, but had an email yesterday to say that in fact we are also getting it for the caravan.  How absolutely lovely - as we're in credit with the van account (as well as the home one), the leccy company have suggested we put our monthly DD for the van down to....£1.00!  And since we use no electricity at all at the van during the winter months, we'll be well in credit by the time the new season starts in March next year.  More importantly though, it means we can have the electric fire on in the van as much as we want - I've been rationing it before.  The fire is very efficient, throws out plenty of heat and keeps the van lovely and warm, so I've no need to worry about having it on now.

When husband took Betty out for her final wee last night, they saw 2 deer here in the park....we knew they were around, but hadn't seen them up till now.  We see deer regularly at home, in the field behind the house.

There's some family stuff going on which has really upset me, I'll need to get to the bottom of it in due course but right now I'm so upset by it that I'm distancing myself from them, it's too raw right now.


  1. You deserve a nice surprise so enjoy! Sorry about the difficult family stuff, always more difficult to deal with because although you can distance yourself from it you can't really walk away.

  2. Sorry to hear about the family stuff. Never easy when it's family. Great news about the electricity, though. Nice to get some good news once in a while. I hope the decorator works extra hard to get it all done quickly. xx

  3. A £1 DD for your caravan electricity is amazing, and very good news. I always found my caravan to be really efficient with the electric, usually less than £60 for the year, and considering I lived there 10 months of the year and used the fire on colder evenings that's pretty impressive. Of course, bottled gas has gone up a lot now, so that's worth watching out for.

  4. Families... Great when they are great but. can be the source of great hurt and upset. Enjoy that little government windfall and stay warm.

  5. Great news about the Government rebate on the caravan as well as the house.

    Hope the decorators come and get the hall done soon.

    God bless.


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