Tuesday 4 October 2022

Sigh, change of plans again

 Well, the decorating isn't happening this week - the decorator has to wait for parts to repair his van.  Bit of a nuisance, but can't be helped I suppose.  Having looked at our calendar (I take a photo of the month when we come to the van), we can just about squeeze him in the week after next, mid week.  So we've had a very quiet and unexpected couple of days here in the van, and will now be going home today - I've got plenty to do at home.  I want to plant up another couple of tubs of Spring bulbs here at the van this morning before we leave.....I've also got quite a lot to plant at home, and husband needs to clear the last of the veg beds ready to cover over for winter.

When we come back to the van when the decorator comes (assuming he does!), that'll be our last time here, we'll close it up for winter then.

I'll ring the GP Wednesday morning for an appointment for my hip - husband has his blood test and ECG on Wednesday as well.  We went to Matalan yesterday morning, I wanted another couple of winter jumpers - plenty there but I didn't buy any as they all seemed to be dull sludgy colours - not my taste at all.  Or they were very short jumpers, almost midriff baring - I don't want my fat aged stomach hanging out!  Just that short walk around the store really played havoc with my hip, I was limping badly by the time I got back in the car.  I'm going to have to start using my walking stick again.

Thank you for all the comments lately, I'm sorry I haven't been answering, or commenting on your blogs, although I have tried to keep up with reading.  Hopefully I'll get back into the swing of things when we're back home.  Things have been a bit stressful lately, and I've been distracted.


  1. The best laid plans etc... My first port of call when I want clothes, is the charity shop. If and when you feel up to it, have a look. I'm sure you'll find what you're after, and for a fraction of the price. I hope you get some joy at the GP's. Don't be fobbed off, you need to know what's causing the pain and what can be done. As my Mum used to say - "Put your foot down with a firm hand!" xx

  2. Oh, no - how frustrating.
    I've found some nice jumpers, etc, in Sainsbury's under their own brand, Tu. Might be worth a look at them online?
    Good luck with the GP and don't worry about not commenting. You have enough to contend with right now. xx

  3. So sorry that your plans had to change. I know what you mean about clothing, I think that they forget there are older people who enjoy colour in their lives without baring bits of our bodies.

    God bless.

  4. Once the decorating is done, I hope you can settle in to enjoy. Change of plans though when you're already under stress isn't very nice though.


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