Thursday, 27 October 2022

Test results and a new project

 Husband's chest x-ray showed no significant changes since his last one.  However, the ECG showed signs of some heart disturbance and means he needs further investigation by cardiology....we thought the GP had already referred him, but it seems he was waiting for the test results first - seems sensible, I guess.  He was going to do the cardiology referral straight away yesterday and in the meantime has increased the dose of the new heart medication he gave husband last month.

My hip x-ray revealed no particular concerns, other than low level osteoarthritis, which the GP said shouldn't be enough to cause my current pain.  However, after doing a lot of manipulations of my leg (which hurt like hell), he said I have Greater Trochanteric Pain Syndrome (GTPS) - used to be called Trochanteric Bursitis and is what I already have in my right hip, diagnosed a couple of years ago.  He said it's obviously significantly worse in my left hip - I can vouch for that!  He's referring me for physio - actually, it's self referral nowadays, he gave me all the details.  He also said he thinks steroid injections in my hips would be most beneficial, but it's up to the physiotherapist to prescribe and administer them, not the GP.

I've rung the physio department, the very nice lady said there's a waiting list currently of around 10-12 weeks.....which was a pleasant surprise, I thought she was going to say 10-12 months!  She did say they could text me details of an app for self management of the condition - honestly, what is it with blimmin apps for all health stuff nowadays?  Sooner or later nobody will actually see a medical professional, it'll all be done by apps or robots!  Anyway, I declined, I'd rather wait and see an actual person.

I gathered up my yarn supplies - well, the ones in bags in the bedrooms and one or two in the lounge and under the stairs (I didn't send husband up into the loft) - and put them all into my craft cupboard drawers.  There wasn't as much as I was anticipating, I vaguely remember giving a bagful to my neighbour for her young daughter who wanted something to do during the summer holidays, I think I also gave a bagful of odd balls to a charity shop.  Anyway, I found around a dozen full balls of Aran, in autumnal colours of forest green, brown and orange.  I don't recall what I bought them for - they are certainly not colours I would normally go for, far from it, so I must have bought them for a specific purpose.  Thinking about it, it may well have been for a lap blanket for my late mother, they were definitely the sort of colours she would have liked.  So I've decided to make a lap blanket for an elderly neighbour, the colours will go well with her home decor and it'll be a nice Christmas present for her.


  1. Well, I think it all sounds like good news? At least you're getting some answers and treatment. What is it with us yarnaholics? I can't resist (although I'm trying hard) buying wool. I've got enough to last me years! I keep thinking I'll bag some up to go to my local Knit and Natter group. In fact, that's what I'll do. Thanks for the spur! xx

  2. Prayers…sounds like things are doing well.

  3. Bursitis hurts like the devil. I saw physio for that for a bit and it really helped. I hope it helps you as well.

    God bless.


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