Saturday, 10 December 2022

Bit of an anticlimax, waste of a worry lol

I looked at the local weather app on my phone before I got out of bed and it said -4 and heavy snow.....oh please no, I thought, I've got to get up and take the dog out.  Got up and looked out of the snow at all that I could see in the dim light of next door's fairy lights on their garage, thank goodness, it's certainly bloody cold though. 

I wasn't allowed inside the ward to collect husband yesterday, had to wait outside in the corridor - different from last time, when relatives could go in and sit beside the patient.  But that was pre-covid!  Husband wasn't given any discharge notes or a letter, only a post-procedure leaflet.  It appears the angiogram showed his arteries aren't blocked, however, some of the smaller blood vessels may be.  These are too small for stents, but extra medication will sort those out, so the consultant told husband.  He's to carry on with his current meds and ring his GP next week, who will have been told to prescribe the extra meds.  He'll certainly be rattling when he walks, he's on about 10 meds already, never mind the extra ones next week.

He seems fine, the sedative had worn off by the time we got home and he's not got much pain or bleeding, although he said the wound did bleed a bit in the hospital after the procedure.  Not as much as last time he had it done though, when it bled a lot and the nurse he called over laughed and said "oh we've got a right bleeder here!" 😂

I'm glad we've not got any snow, as I'm taking the dog out by myself for a few days and I really don't feel safe walking in snow.  Although it's cold, it's been gloriously sunny for the past couple of days, which thankfully clears away the overnight frost.

As husband didn't have any stents fitted, he was told he can start driving again from tomorrow, although he's not to lift anything heavy for a few days (an excuse to get out of doing any washing up or hoovering, no doubt 😁).

I've woken up this morning with awful aching pains in my neck and shoulders - I don't feel at all ill, just these aches, I reckon it's tension, I expect I was even more anxious than I thought yesterday.

Just realised it's only a fortnight tomorrow till Christmas day, and I've STILL not got all my cards written out, never mind posted.  If I don't post them this morning (fortunately, there's a little postbox in the wall of the house just round the corner) then it won't be worth posting them, what with all the strikes going on.  I've never been this late with cards before.  Just got no oomph this time.


  1. Well, I'm glad there was nothing too serious found. Yes, your neck and shoulders aches are probably tension from yesterday. Time to take it a bit easy! When we had very deep snow a few years ago, my son bought me some Yaktraxs - those spiky rubber things you wear over your shoes. They really do help, especially if it's icy underfoot. xx

  2. Is it really just a fortnight - oh crikey me! Better get moving this coming week, hadn't I?
    I'm glad the outcomes were so positive and hope the medication sorts out what they did find.
    I think you're right; tension can play havoc with our muscles. xx

  3. Just rushing off to find the Christmas cards I bought weeks ago> > > > >

  4. It's really crept up on us fast this year hasn't it with Christmas being on a weekend. Hopefully you combined a dog walk with the Christmas card posting and got two jobs done at once.


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