Wednesday, 1 February 2023

Coming up with ideas

 It's a pity my physio was cancelled yesterday, but at least it's been rescheduled for next Monday.  It's like everything else going on in our lives at the moment - just have to wait, frustrating though it can be.

We're going to compile a list today of what else needs doing in the decluttering and sorting out jobs.  I've asked husband to come up with some ideas too, rather than me having to think about it all and then ask him to do stuff.  I think it'll be good to get him more involved - after all, we both live here and both want to move, so it's up to both of us to get things done.

The more I think about it, the more I think it'll be a good idea to pay 1 or 2 months rent in advance on the new place (when we finally get one), so we can move things in over the course of a few weeks.  I find moving day itself (and we've moved quite a few times in our 40+ years together) highly stressful.  Although I always label everything with the room it's going in, stuff still ends up being more or less dumped, even if it's in the right room - at the end of the day, we're faced with a pile of boxes in each room along with the furniture, and no space in which to sort it all out!  Also, the place might need decorating, and new carpets or flooring, so obviously that needs to be done before we move in.

Husband came up with an idea last initial reaction was "Really?!  I don't think so!".  He was suggesting that he buys an old cheap van - one that runs and has a few months MOT, but it doesn't matter how old it is, what it looks like or how many miles on the clock, just so long as it works!  So then we can move a few bits of furniture or boxes say every other day over a period of a month or so, thus cutting out the stress of a single moving day.  The cost of buying the van he reckons will be similar to what we'd pay out for a removal firm, or possibly even a bit less (obviously he'd have to tax and insure it though so has to take that into account).  I actually think, having given it some consideration, that it might be a good idea, it does also mean that we could take any big stuff we don't want anymore to the tip (like our big 3-seater sofa) only worry is that he'll then be left with a van to get rid of afterwards.  He says he'll probably scrap it if he can't find a buyer quickly, the van will have served its purpose by then.  He can't hire a van, he tried that when we were doing up the caravan but had no luck, his age precluded him from hiring (I guess because of extra insurance the hire firms would have to pay).  

Anyway, this is all getting very much ahead of ourselves....but I do like to be prepared!

I made the salmon and prawn tart a la Sue of A Smaller Life yesterday.....I made one big tart in the end rather than half a dozen small ones.  I also used broccoli and a chopped courgette, a ball of mozzarella broken up and a sprinkling of grated Cheddar.  We had a slice each with a pile of green veg for dinner, the rest has been frozen.  It was yummy, Sue.  Chicken drumsticks with roasted veggies traybake tonight, I'll drizzle it with honey and soy sauce.


  1. Oh, no. What a nuisance about the cancelled physio. I'm glad it is only short time to wait.
    Actually, that is not such a bad idea re the van, I agree. It sounds bonkers at first hearing but it really isn't. Yes, it will have to be taxed but can't you claim back any unused tax, and there might be some sort of shorter term insurance possible to add to your current insurance. Worth exploring, anyway. The though of doing it all slowly over several week is great and should remove much of the stress. Yes, the money side is important but it isn't the only consideration.

  2. As with everything, good preparation is key. When you do get to move, you'll be so organised, it'll be a walk in the park! The old van idea is a good one, as is moving gradually over a few days/weeks. You'll be able to sort out as you move in, and decide where you want things without being rushed. xx

  3. You are certainly making very good plans. Our son had two weeks to move into his new home and he about went crazy trying to get everything done.

    God bless.

  4. I'm glad you enjoyed the tart you made, it does sound like your version was full of really good stuff. :-)

    The buying a van idea may be a good one if you can find something like that, but at the moment secondhand vehicles are going for quite a lot of money, which of course you would mostly recoup on re-sale afterwards. My one concern would be though all the lifting and shifting and it's effects on both of yours health. We moved using our Mitsubishi 4x4 and it was virtually the final nail in the coffin of my back, even with Alan doing more than his fair share of the lifting and moving things etc. It wasn't just heavy things either it was all the bending and picking up and walking backwards and forwards carrying things that were lighter but bulky. I will never move myself again, I would rather pay the professionals and keep my health stable.


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