Sunday 23 June 2024

Relaxing is tiring

 We've had a totally relaxed day today, I've read a lot - I brought 2 books, I've alternated between them.  Husband watched a sci-fi DVD, we both spent time chatting with friends on site. This afternoon we had a drive out to Cheddar, sat for a while watching some goats and people climbing up the steep rocks.

Husband is watching another DVD, I'm contemplating an early night - all this sitting around doing nothing is very tiring 😂.

Oh, we did take Betty to the beach early this morning, she loved it - zoomies in big circles at first, then she likes to dig a hole in the sand, throw herself into it and roll around on her back 😁.  Makes me laugh so much watching her enjoy herself. 


  1. I totally agree. Relaxing is very tiring and also very good for us - in reasonable amounts.
    It sounds like you are having a wonderful time - isn't the weather lovely? xx

  2. Oh, I love being busy doing nothing! It is tiring though.🥱 I'm still giggling at the image of Betty at the beach. Enjoy this lovely weather. It's been a long time coming. xx

  3. I'm enjoying your weather and relaxing break vicariously - 'cos it's definitely not hot here in Cornwall. Cloudy skiy and a cool 16 degrees C.
    Loving Betty's beach antics. x

  4. Oh Betty, sounds like you had s wonderful time. Love the hole digging, but the thought of all that sand in your fur is making my back itch. Lol.

  5. Sometimes I think the more we laugh at their antics it makes them do more just to hear us laugh. Hugs and sunshine to you.

  6. Suky the Pug still gets the zoomies when she's on the beach, it's nice seeing them so happy and excited isn't it. :-)


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