Friday 14 June 2024

You what?! (Edited)

 Some of you may remember that we were told by our Housing Association a few months ago that we would be having a new kitchen installed in due course, which pleased us no end - the current kitchen units are old, with some mismatched replacement doors, peeling veneer and a few of the cupboards smell strongly of mould.  Well, first thing this morning I was astonished to receive an email from the HA, saying they'd been told by Howdens, the kitchen suppliers, that Howdens had spoken to us and we'd told them we didn't want a new kitchen!!  WHAT?!?!  Firstly, Howdens have definitely not been in contact with us, and we most certainly DO want a new kitchen!

Clearly some mistake somewhere - I've just emailed back to put them right.  Hopefully it will get sorted out quickly - I did wonder why we hadn't heard from anybody yet regarding the kitchen.**

I'm feeling so utterly weary right now, not felt this tired in a long time - I don't feel unwell or like I'm coming down with something, I'm just shattered, even though I've slept well.  So I'm having a few days of taking things very easy.  Just going to do a freezer inventory and menu plan this morning, then do a bit of garden tidying - nothing strenuous, just tidying up and sweeping - the strong almost gale force winds late yesterday made a bit of a mess in the garden.  Nothing broken, just a few pots blown over and dead leaves off the big yucca tree strewn everywhere.  The wind has dropped a lot today and is coming from the south west instead of the north as it has been for the past few days, so it's a bit warmer.  A few showers forecast during the day though.

The co-codamol is finally bringing my shoulder pain under control, although it's having the usual horrible side effects so I'm having to take other medication to counteract that.  

We had a nice dinner out with our friends yesterday, then went back to their holiday camp - the static caravan they're staying in is really lovely, one of the nicest we've seen as a matter of fact.  It's been really good doing things with them this week, we get on so well with them.

**Edited to add

All sorted, the kitchen surveyor rang to say he's coming on the 5 July.


  1. How very annoying for you re the kitchen - sounds like someone clicked the wrong thing on the spreadsheet... Hopefully they'll sort it now, but how frustrating that you've had unnecessary delay 🤨. I always need a good rest after we've had visitors, too. It leaves me exhausted however much I enjoyed it!

  2. Well, that is annoying, but hopefully it will now get sorted - quickly! Having visitors is lovely, but oh so tiring. No matter if they're family or friends, somehow you never seem to "switch off". Hopefully, a few days of pleasing yourself will do the trick. I'm glad your shoulder pain is easing, but a shame you have to suffer the side effects of the meds. There's always something! xx

    1. Just seen your update and I've only one thing to say - Woo hoo! xx

    2. I no longer take cocodamol - excellent painkiller but it leaves me utterly exhausted; I'm wondering if that's why you are feeling that way too??? I hope your 'get-up-and-go' will return very soon so that you have the energy to empty the kitchen units in readiness for the new kitchen being fitted.

  3. Well how annoying, glad it’s got sorted.

  4. Goodness! I'm sorry you feel the way you do but perhaps the medication has a lot to do with your feeling the way you do?

    What are the side effects of co-codamol?

    Bruising, bleeding gums or nose bleeds. ...
    Increased risk of infection. ...
    Mild allergic reaction. ...
    Mood changes. ...
    Drowsiness and dizziness. ...
    Headaches. ...
    Changes to your hearing, and more. The list also includes gastric problems.
    Seems it's really affecting you! You might want to call the doctor's office to see if there's something different you could take...
    Hope you feel better soon!

  5. How very frustrating for you - I wonder how they got that idea. Fingers crossed things will start moving soon.
    Co-codomol can be a right nuisance, I agree. Not fun! xx


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