Thursday 23 July 2020

A nice end to a bad day

Thank you all for the recent kind comments.

After a very bad morning yesterday, which i'm not going into any details about, we had a very nice ending.

We have a fridge freezer in the kitchen and in the utility room a large upright freezer, another small freezer which I keep homemade dog food in, and a spare under worktop fridge which I use for drinks and dairy stuff bought on special offers with long dates.  Well, that fridge (which is old anyway) has given up the ghost this week, it's no longer staying cold and every time I open the door there's a pool of water on the shelves.  We can't really afford a new one so I looked on our Facebook local neighbourhood page to see if anyone was selling a cheap second-hand one.  Bingo - a lady was advertising one for free!  From the photo it looked almost brand it's gone, I thought.  Well it wasn't, and the lady said we could come collect it yesterday evening.  It's lovely, a damn sight better than our old one and in beautiful nearly new and very clean condition.  The lady wouldn't take any money for it but gladly accepted a jar of my homemade blackcurrant jam, which she squealed over and said was her favourite flavour (that was lucky then!).  What a nice lady - well, couple, her husband was equally nice.

They live in the most perfect place - a gorgeous big house with lovely terraced large garden on the bank of a really pretty reservoir, it was so picturesque and peaceful I could have sat there quite happily for days.  Well, for the rest of my life actually.  If I ever won the lottery (which we don't even do so it won't happen), I'd offer them a lot of money for that house.


  1. Sounds like you have found a new friend, I think most people are nice and those that are not just leave them alone you never know what is troubling them. Hazel c uk 🌈🌈

  2. How lovely of them and for you. There are some kind, caring people out there. I'm glad your day ended well, and now, every time you use that fridge you'll be reminded of that couple's generosity. xx

  3. That's a lovely thing. Just what you needed. I'm so glad.

  4. Does freecycle still exist? We have given lots and received lots in the past.

  5. Maybe they would entertain taking in borders, if the house is big.


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