Sunday, 29 September 2019

The troll comment

The nasty comment on my blog post came from an anonymous poster (of course it did!  Comments like that are always from people who don't have blogs of their own, presumably because a) they're cowards, and b) they don't have anything interesting in their lives to write about.  Not that my life is particularly interesting, it's just my life).  She/he/they, however, did put a name at the end of their spiteful comment, perhaps because they hoped I'd publish it, having previously said that I will only publish anonymous comments if the poster puts a name at the end.  They called themselves 'Deborah' - who this is or whether that's their real name I have no idea, they've not commented before, to my knowledge, seems something about my post irritated them enough for them to crawl out of the woodwork.

They basically said that my health problems are nothing compared to husband's - how would they know?  I don't even know that myself yet, as I'm currently undergoing tests.  And, as I've mentioned, I don't write everything on my blog - why would I tell the world everything about me?  I may be blonde but am not stupid.  They also said husband actually does a lot for me (again, how would they know?  Do they live with us?) and does all the garden....he doesn't, actually, although the veg garden is mostly his domain, although I do all the planning for what we're going to grow and where, work out the crop rotation, and help with the planting, pruning and harvesting.  And the front flower garden is my domain.

And then their last sentence....they said I should find more ways of helping my husband.  And that just proves they know absolutely nothing about me.  Family and friends know just how much I do for my husband, and you know what?  It's absolutely sod all to do with anyone else.

Somebody said that I'm lucky to have my husband - yes I am, he is my soulmate, my best friend, I've always said that and I couldn't ever imagine life without him.  But he is also bloody lucky to have me, and freely admits it.

I don't know if I will blog again, right now I really don't have the energy to do it regularly, nor the frame of mind.  But, 'Deborah', don't waste your breath (or fingers) making any more comments, because you won't be published and I won't waste any more time on some spiteful little nobody who doesn't even know me.

Saturday, 28 September 2019

No more blogging

Thank you all (well, nearly all) for the lovely comments on my last post, however, this is to say that I won't be blogging anymore.  A really spiteful comment (which I didn't publish) has put paid to that.

I know I shouldn't be bothered by a bit of nastiness from someone I don't know and who clearly doesn't know me, but it did bother me.  Even though they were completely and utterly wrong in everything they said (just shows they don't know me at all).  

We have lots going on, I don't write everything about my life on my blog - I'm not that stupid!  In view of how low I'm feeling, both physically and mentally, I don't want to read poisonous bile designed to kick me in the guts.  What people get out of doing that I really don't know, I guess it says a lot about them.

Thank you everyone for being so supportive and kind to me over the time I've been blogging, I shall continue to read all your blogs.

Tuesday, 24 September 2019

A break

Thank you for the comments.  I'm feeling very unwell at the moment, it's been worse the past few days, so will be doing only what's necessary indoors and resting a lot.  So I'll be taking a brief break from blogging, it feels too much like hard work to be thinking of things to write, and there's only so many times I can say I don't feel well without boring everyone to death.  Take care everyone.

Monday, 23 September 2019

Even sorer guts

Day of two halves today - lovely sunshine this morning, peeing it down and very windy this afternoon.

Been for my GP appointment, she gave me a very thorough poking and prodding about, which confirmed that my abdomen is very sore (even more so with her pummelling).  She wouldn't be drawn on any possible causes, understandably, she said it's too early to tell and insufficient information right now.  I'm to have loads of blood tests, including FBC, kidneys and liver, C-something or other, white blood cells, something else that I can't remember the name of, and she said we may as well throw in an HbA1c (diabetes) one also, as it's 6 months since my last review.  So that's an armful of blood!  She then wants me to have an ultrasound scan also.

In the meantime, she's given me some tablets to ease the stomach discomfort.

I didn't mention the back and hip ache, I can live with that (as I have been for months now anyway) and my gut problems are higher priority right now.  I also forgot to ask for the flu jab, but as I have to go back again twice in the next fortnight, I can always have it then.

I hope it all gets resolved soon, been feeling so yuck lately, I haven't felt right for weeks.

Sunday, 22 September 2019

A lazy day

Thank you for comments, I've done the email to PALS.  Whether it will do any good remains to be seen.

We had a good time last night, the food went down well.  I made honey bbq chicken, mini toads in the hole, pizza and spicy potato wedges, with fruit scones with homemade jam and clotted cream to follow.  I ate mostly chicken, with 1 mini toad and 1 slice of pizza, but it's still given me stomach trouble (everything is right now), this morning I feel very unwell, gut ache and feeling sick, headachey and very sore joints.  I do feel stressed up to the eyeballs at the moment, so am sure it's partly that, but not all down to stress, nor to what I ate.  Well, hopefully my GP appointment tomorrow will shed some light on why I've been feeling so unwell for the last couple of months.

I'm not planning on doing anything today.  There's enough of the food leftover from yesterday to have for lunch, although I won't be eating much (if any) of it.  Husband will do a roast for dinner later on.

I was planning on reading, have just been given a couple of books, one of which is supposed to be really good for a first novel (Something in the Water, by Catherine Steadman, a Richard & Judy book club recommendation).  However, the print in both of them is so tiny I'm struggling to read, even with my glasses on.  Must be getting old!  Can't remember when I'm due for an eye test, must look it up.  I might just watch a few things we've recorded instead....if husband gets fed up with the rugby!

Saturday, 21 September 2019

Shall I or shan't I?

Thanks for the comments, I've calmed down a bit now, especially since the consultant's secretary was so quick in offering husband another appointment....although it is 2 weeks away.  He's been suffering (and for the most part bravely just putting up with it and carrying on with life) for so long now, I just want him to be well.  He's had enough to contend with already with his heart failure, it's too bad that he has to put up with continual UTIs and associated problems as well.  

I'd ummed and ahhed about whether to submit the formal complaint to PALS, now that he's got the new appointment lined up.  But I think I will - having the appointment cancelled without telling us, and giving us no reason at all is just not good enough.  The hospital isn't close by - living where we do, nothing is close by - it's 10 miles away and takes 20 mins to get there (on a good day....but there's tons of roadworks going on along the route currently, which means it takes longer).  And there's all that wasted time as well as the fuel.  And the fact that, despite all the tests and scans husband's had, and all the meds he's been put on (and is still on), he's still got the UTI, it's never yet gone away, and he still hasn't seen one single specialist, they just seem to keep fobbing him off!  His GP is nice enough, but admits he doesn't know what to do for the best as he's not a specialist, he can't correctly or fully interpret the results of the tests and scans (he said that himself) and on a number of occasions he's had to ring the consultant for advice on what medications to give husband.  So I will do the email today.

I didn't take any painkillers last night before bed - deliberately, just to see how I coped through the night, and because I really don't like having to take drugs all the time.  Well, I didn't get a lot of sleep (there's a surprise) and this morning am in absolute agony, I could barely even stand up, let alone walk, when I first got out of bed.  Briony - yes I do think it's largely to do with my hip pain, I've not yet mentioned it to my GP but am guessing it's probably arthritis, and the hip pain is affecting my posture and therefore making my back ache more.  And I have the gut problems again this morning, feeling very nauseous.  Sometimes I think I can't even remember what it's like to feel well.

Never mind, we've got our neighbour friends in for dominoes and food tonight, I've done most of the food prep already so not much to do later.  We're going to a farmers market this morning, just to have a look really.  Whilst I'd be happy to regularly buy things from a farmers market and support local producers, am sorry to say we can't usually afford to, as they're so expensive.  I know they have to make a living, and good quality produce commands a high price, but it's generally more than we can afford to pay, sadly.  But no harm in looking, and we might be surprised.

Friday, 20 September 2019

I don't bloody believe it!! And an update to my health. UPDATED

Just like Briony the other day, we are hopping mad.  

For husband's hospital appointment this morning, he was told to take a urine sample, along with a list of all his current medications (of which there are eight), and to get to the appointment 20 mins beforehand as he may need to have further tests prior to seeing the consultant.  We got there in good time, 30 mins before in fact....only to be told the appointment has been cancelled - by whom and for what reason, nobody knows.  The receptionist rang the consultant's secretary for us and passed the phone over to husband.  She was very apologetic, but couldn't throw any light on why it had been cancelled, nor could she give a further appointment.  She did say she will find out what she can and ring us, or the consultant will, on Monday.  In the meantime, we've been given a leaflet giving details of how to put in a formal complaint.

To say we're pissed off is an understatement - how bloody inefficient and downright uncaring can they get?!  Husband's UTIs and prostate problems continue unabated, as they have done since APRIL.  It's all very well him having lots of tests and scans, but he has yet to actually see ANY doctor, other than his own GP!  I am so fuming I could explode with rage.  I shall certainly be emailing a formal complaint today, the one thing I am very good at is writing letters, having got top grade A level in English Language at school, and been a secretary for 25 years.  They won't know what's hit them.**

A few of you have wondered whether my current feelings of being under the weather could have anything to do with my diabetes or high blood pressure.  No, I don't think it's anything to do with either of them.  I do have testing equipment for both and do check both, my BG levels and high blood pressure are both under control and have been for a long time.  In fact, my diabetes nurse was extremely pleased with me at my last review in the Spring, both my BG and BP had come down. Gemma's P, I don't have a UTI, not sure why you thought that?

I've been having gut and breathing problems, which may well be stress and anxiety related (is it any wonder?!).  I've also had permanent backache for several months now, it hasn't gone away at all.  I am seeing my GP about it all on Monday, the appointment has been booked for a fortnight.  But thank you for your concern.

And Briony, re your comment - I wish I did feel better, unfortunately I don't, especially not after this morning.

Husband's just had a phone call from the consultant's secretary, giving him another appointment on the 4 October.

Busy day

Thank you for all the kind comments, Mum getting new and much more supportive carers is a weight off all our minds.

It's a busy day today, I have a bit of kitchen stuff to do first thing, then husband has his consultant's appointment (finally!!) mid morning at the hospital on the other side of town.  I shall be going armed with a list of questions....husband never thinks to ask any.  Need to pop into the supermarket on the way home to pick up one or two things, we haven't needed to do a full shop this week.  Then this afternoon I have lots of harvested garden produce to deal with, and some food prep for tomorrow - we're having our neighbour friends in for dominoes and food.  And then I'll collapse for the evening!

Slept a bit better last night and managed to not get up until 04.20 (a lie in for me).  Still don't feel well, I haven't felt well for weeks, but am too busy to worry about it today.

Thursday, 19 September 2019

Good news for mum

Some great news about Mum yesterday - she's having a new care team at the end of the month, as the contract with the current ones comes to an end.  It was a contract arranged by the hospital, and was only ever meant to be temporary, until Mum didn't need it anymore (she always will) or new care was arranged.  The hospital care team have been good and kindly, but didn't do certain things - like give her medication, which is a pretty basic requirement and the fact that the carers arranged by the hospital wouldn't do it (not covered by insurance) was a bit odd.  They also wouldn't wash her hair, no idea why but it was body only.  So sister was having to still go in every day to administer Mum's meds (as brother, who has his own health problems, can't be relied upon to do it consistently), and struggle to wash her hair every few days.  

The new care team will do both, plus other things that the hospital ones won't, like load/unload the washing machine, change the sheets on Mum's bed, and other things.  It's going to take so much pressure off my sister and younger brother, we're all so pleased about it.

I'm glad I have my GP appointment on Monday, I really don't feel well at the moment and am having even more trouble sleeping.  Trying to keep busy, carrying on with the decluttering and going to the tip today (it was closed yesterday), but it's difficult when I don't feel well.

Tuesday, 17 September 2019

Changes and decluttering

Thanks for all the comments on my back pain, it is marginally better today, although my right hip gave a noticeable audible crack when I got out of bed this morning and it felt very stiff indeed.  Walking around downstairs for a bit eased it somewhat.  Don't you just hate getting old!

Viv, I've just had a brief look for Bob and Brad on YouTube, wow they have lots of videos, I'll have a look at them later.  And Guusje, my chiropractor did say to do the stretching exercises whilst lying on the bed, thanks for reminding me.  And I've got a TENS machine, which I've only just remembered!  Honestly, my memory is as bad as my back.

As I've mentioned on my cardmaking blog, we're in the process of moving my work station into the small spare bedroom (which still needs to have a single bed in it), so I'll have a craft room with a bit more space for storage and a bigger working area (husband is extending my desk), rather than the too-small area on the landing I've been using up till now.  I have an Ikea storage cube unit on the landing which is currently full of yarn....after much thought, I've decided I won't be doing much crocheting now, it just doesn't hold much appeal for me anymore.  So I've decided to sell the yarn, I'll put it on our local neighbourhood selling website.  I'll keep perhaps one bagful, just in case I feel the urge in the winter!  That'll give me lots of storage space in the empty cubes.

Whilst husband is finishing off the construction stuff in my new craft room, I'm going to (finally) be doing some decluttering - I've decided now is the time to do it and have told Him Outdoors we're going to the tip tomorrow, hopefully with a trailer load!  He's got plenty of stuff in the garage and shed that I'm quite sure is just rubbish, despite him claiming it might come in won't, because he never does anything with it!  So that's today and tomorrow sorted.  And I'll need those stretching exercises and the TENS machine at the end of it, that's for sure.

Monday, 16 September 2019

Oh my poor aching back

I slept a lot better (for me anyway) last night, so don't feel so woolly-headed this morning.  However, my back is absolutely killing me today.  For years the normal pattern has been for the backache to flare up for a week or two, then it goes away.  This time around though, it's been bad and constant for a couple of months now, it hasn't gone away at all, and is particularly bad this morning, I'm in agony.  

Now I'm really into the cardmaking, I'm loving it so much that I'm tempted to sit and do it for hours.  I think that's part of the problem, it's not helping my back sitting in one position (and slightly bent forward at that) for 2 or 3 hours at a time.  My chair (a padded dining chair) is certainly comfortable enough, and I have a cushion for added support behind my back, but could probably do with a good quality padded office chair with proper back support.  Oh well.  So today I'm going to try moving around more and go for a gentle walk this afternoon.  The pain is awful when I first get up and I can't even stand upright, but it does ease off a bit on moving around.

I don't want to keep taking painkillers, they don't do very much anyway and I really don't like taking drugs unless I absolutely have to.  I did start taking high strength fish oil capsules to see if that would have any beneficial effect on my joints, as some people say it does.  I haven't noticed any difference, though - perhaps I need to take them for longer - it's been about 5 or 6 weeks now, although I have forgotten to take them a few times.

I need to do a freezer inventory and meal plan.  We need to start eating stuff from the big upright freezer in the utility room, it suddenly seems to be jam packed.  Well, not full of jam, I haven't made any! (and I wouldn't keep it in the freezer anyway of course.  We still have jams that I made 2 years ago in the cupboard).  But there's certainly a lot of fruit in there, and some ready meals as I've made double of things like cottage pies and pasta bakes lately, so I could freeze one for future easy meals.  I did stock up on some bags of frozen veg too last week, since 'they' are saying that fresh veg and fruit may be in short supply soon because of the dreaded 'B' word.  We have plenty of our own home grown fresh veg at the moment, but that'll be coming to an end soon.

Sunday, 15 September 2019

A mulling things over day

It's a lovely day and the front garden plants need pruning, but husband is going to be doing concreting, laying a new path, and he'll take up the entire garden space with all his stuff, so the pruning will have to wait till another day.

It's definitely a keep my head down and get on with cardmaking day.  I didn't sleep much at all last night and my mind is full of things that I need to review and make a decision about.

Friday, 13 September 2019

That craft shop and a surprise weight loss

Went to the newly-discovered craft shop yesterday, as husband is busy today.  It's a nice shop run by a nice lady, but there wasn't a great deal of papercraft stuff, it's mostly yarn and sewing supplies.  However, I did get a few bits, a sheet of Christmas silicone stamps and some stickers.  Good prices too.  The shop's been there for over 5 years apparently(!), to be honest, how she stays in business I don't know, nobody else came in during the 20 mins or so I was in there, and it's so out of the way buried amongst takeaways, clubs and estate agents, I'm surprised she gets much trade.

My extreme healthy eating I've been following for the past 2 or 3 weeks is paying off in weight loss, if nothing else - weighed myself out of curiosity yesterday and have lost half a stone.  Still feeling bloated and nauseous though, and I don't know where the weight has disappeared from - certainly not my abdomen, I still look pregnant.  (*Shudders* - what a thought, especially at my age!!  In case you hadn't picked it up, I'm the world's least maternal dog is the only baby I've ever wanted).

Husband went to his GP Tuesday for his latest wee test....he's still got an infection (no surprise there), so the antibacterial tabs he's been on a month instead of antibiotics aren't clearing it.  The GP is still reluctant to prescribe him any more antibiotics....quite how they're going to get rid of his infections if they don't prescribe them I don't know, nor does the GP!  At least he's finally seeing his consultant next week, so hopefully we'll get some answers from him.

I'm going to make Christmas cards today, I don't have the energy to do anything else.  Husband will be out all morning so at least it will be quiet here!

I really don't like these dark I get up so early, it seems like hours before it actually gets to morning.  It feels like summer has ended very abruptly and we've gone full pelt into an early autumn.  Having said that, it's forecast to be very warm and sunny this weekend.

Wednesday, 11 September 2019

Busy Burnham

Wetherspoons has gone downhill since we last went there.  It's a budget pub food chain, so we don't have high expectations, but they do a good varied menu with portions large enough to please husband, enough healthy choices to please me, and we've not had any complaints before.  However, this time was a bit different.  Things missing off husband's full English (he complained and got the missing hash browns), and both plates looked as if the food had been dropped on them from a great height, no finesse or care at all.  My avocado on a toasted muffin (with bacon and poached egg on the side) had chunks of raw red onion in it....I don't want onion for breakfast, especially not raw, so had to fish it all out.  Other than that, both our meals tasted alright.  Lots of tables hadn't been cleared, so I'm guessing they were short staffed.

We stocked up on Betty's food and treats, and I bought a 6" ruler for my cardmaking....I have a big one but it's too long for some things, gets in the way.  Nothing of interest in the charity shops.  The town was really busy, far busier than we would expect for this time of year - it was mostly older people, lots of them in groups, so there's probably an oldies themed week at the nearby big holiday park.

Betty seemed to enjoy her grooming session at the college.....they were a small group of mature students who all made a big fuss of her.  All the excitement clearly wears her out, she sleeps like a log afterwards.

My sleep was marginally better last night, and managed to stay in bed until just before 5.  Don't you just hate these dark mornings!

Tuesday, 10 September 2019

Zombie today

Thanks for the supportive comments about my sleep....or lack of.  One goodish night and then it's back to the norm - terrible last night, awake more than asleep and downstairs for a couple of hours.  

Betty's in the groomer's this morning, so we'll take the opportunity to go to Burnham whilst we're dogless, there's a good petshop there where we get some of her food and treats cheaper than the supermarket.  A walk in the fresh air will do me good, and there's a few charity shops to look round.  Think instead of breakfast here before we go, we might have a later brunch in the Wetherspoons there, they do a nice Eggs Benedict, with Yorkshire ham instead of the bacon some places do....I prefer it with ham.

Husband's out this afternoon, I might have a snooze then.  Or even just lie on the bed with a book and Betty, I have absolutely zero energy today.

Chicken curry for dinner tonight, to use up the last of Sunday's roast.  Will do cauliflower rice instead of proper rice, as I will have had an English muffin for brunch.  Still cutting down on carbs as much as I can.

Monday, 9 September 2019

Sleep helps!

Thank you for the comments, I slept a lot better last night....still woke up a few times but actually managed to stay in bed the whole night.  I feel better today too - not well, haven't felt well for weeks, but better than I have been feeling.  TA, bless you, I know you'd pamper me!

I made a couple of cards and stamped out a load of sentiments yesterday, ready for future cards.  One of the things I bought last week when I had my hour alone in town was one of those adult colouring books, 50p in a charity shop, along with some watercolour pencils.  Whilst I'm not an artist, can't draw or paint at all, colouring in pictures I'm sure will be achievable even for me!  I thought that I could cut out some of the pictures once coloured in and use them for card toppers.  I might have a go at that today, it's going to be an inside day as the weather is forecast to be bad, raining all day - it's very black out and the rain's just started.

Got a load more bruised apples to process and freeze.  Our tomatoes have now finally started to ripen, husband says there are going to be tons of them - good, they're so useful, I make loads of pasta sauces and soups to freeze for winter.

One of our neighbours is going to hospital for an op today, she's asked husband if he'll walk her 2 dogs for a few days, so he'll be getting plenty of exercise.  They're old dogs, both lovely, friendly and very quiet, Betty gets on well with them.  Although whether the 3 of them will walk on the leads nicely together remains to be seen!  Husband thinks they will and reckons he can cope with all 3 of them together, I'm not so sure, Betty's a lively teenager in comparison.  If it doesn't work out, then I'll take Betty by myself.

Sunday, 8 September 2019

Feeling bleurgh

Morning all, I really don't like these dark mornings, just gone 6 am and it's still dark.  I wish we could have consistent days/nights where it gets light and dark at the same time every day!

Minehead yesterday was ok, didn't get anything at all in the charity shops, nothing grabbed me.  All we got was some nuts, herbs and spices in the Grape Tree shop.  Oh well, my money stayed in my purse and I had a bit of exercise.  Sue, there's a junk/antique shop in a side road on the left at the top of the town, just before you get to Wetherspoons, is that the one you mean?  It's been there a long time, I think.  They do have quite an assortment of junk in there, but the proprietor is a bit stingy.....unlike the Bargain Hunt type programmes on TV where the dealers are amenable to bartering, the bloke in there flatly refused to come down in price at all when we asked (politely) the last time we wanted something.  And he was quite blunt and rude about it.  So we didn't buy it!  Must have got out of bed the wrong side.

I continue to feel decidedly under par, I really don't know what's wrong with me, I just have no energy at all lately and have various things going with my body that aren't right.  I could get an earlier appointment with one of the other GPs, but would rather wait and see my own one, I get on well with her and trust her judgement.  We have several locum GPs at our practice, so you never know who you're going to get if you book an urgent appointment.

So today I'm not going to do anything much.  I've already asked husband if he'll cook today (roast chicken), I'm not doing any housework or going anywhere, the heaps of garden produce waiting to be dealt with can wait another day.  I'm going to sit and read, and perhaps do a bit of crafting stuff, think I'll stamp a load of sentiments onto plain white card.  I also have some watercolour pencils I bought the other day, might have a play around with them. 

Saturday, 7 September 2019

Medical stuff

My head's been all over the place this week and I've felt distinctly unwell all week....both down to stress and lack of sleep, I'm sure.  Have got up and gone downstairs in the early hours every night, I think.  I'm sure it will sort itself out eventually.

Should have collected my repeat prescription yesterday - totally forgot.  I'd ordered it late anyhow (because I forgot!) and yesterday took the last of my diabetes med, so now I'm going to be without it for 2 days.  Oh well, I don't suppose I'm likely to drop dead over the weekend through not taking my diabetes meds for 2 days.  I haven't run out of my blood pressure med, which is far more important, or my anti-anxiety pills - ditto.  So that's alright....we'll pick them up Monday morning.

Speaking of medical matters....husband rang the docs yesterday to arrange for our flu jabs.  They said the first available appointments would be mid-October!  Due to not yet getting in sufficient supplies of the vaccines....anything to do with the bloody B-word, by any chance?!  They said to keep ringing up though, as they may get more in soon.  Or alternatively, if we have any GP or nurse appointments coming up (we both have, as it happens), we could ask at the appointment if they've got any vaccines to have it done then.

Going to Minehead this morning to have a mooch round the charity shops, there's a couple of really nice ones there that have some good bric a brac type stuff.  I could do with a gentle level walk to ease up my aching back and hip.

Husband's having steak tonight, I didn't fancy it so am having thai-style cod fishcakes, much more to my liking.  I'll do a few potato wedges with salad and coleslaw to go with it.

I've put a jumper on this morning, I actually feel a bit chilly!!  Highly unusual for me.

Friday, 6 September 2019

Ooh it's dark, definitely autumnal

It was nice having a brief look around town on my own yesterday, I actually had a bit more time than I was expecting as husband's dentist was running late and he didn't get in until 30 mins after his appointment time.  Got a few extra cardmaking bits (in a charity shop, The Works and Wilkos) - I didn't spend a lot, less than £15 in total across all three shops, but got some good useful stuff.  Got all the toiletries and cleaning things I needed too, I like Wilkos for all that.

Had a very uncomfortable night, one of those nights where I've been awake more than asleep, my various aches and pains and things running through my mind keeping me awake.  Having lain there tossing and turning since about 03.00, I finally gave up and got up about 04.20.  If I feel the need, I might go up and lie on the bed this afternoon.  It's so dark in the mornings now!

I need to do some pruning and tidying up in the front garden, but don't suppose it will get done today.  The forecast for today is very changeable - cloudy, bit of sun and several showers, with gusty winds.  I'm a fair weather gardener though so will probably wait until tomorrow to do it, when it's supposed to be sunny most of the day.  Hard to believe it's Spring bulb planting time already, this year seems to have whizzed by.  Oh, that means it's also flu jab time, must remember to ring and arrange it for both of us.

Going to do a big pan of savoury mince today, to divide into double portions and freeze.  I also need to process and freeze a load more apples which have minor blemishes on them.  I had one of our Fiesta eating apples yesterday, it wasn't quite ripe, just on the cusp really - now I like sharp apples but this one was cheek-puckeringly sharp, although juicy and with good flavour.  Made my tongue tingle but I enjoyed it!

Thursday, 5 September 2019

A little time alone!

Husband's got a dentist appointment in town this morning, I'll get him to drop me off in town so I can go to Wilko's, I need to stock up on toiletries.  I rarely get the chance to have a mooch around town on my own, so will enjoy that - even though it will be a brief rapid zoom around!

Sunny and breezy this morning, perfect washing drying weather.  Luckily I have some!  There's a definite autumnal nip in the air, which I don't mind at all - would much rather be cold than hot!

Mum's got another UTI, which was picked up by the nurse - she has a daily visit from a district nurse, who checks all her vitals....Mum was apparently oblivious to the signs because of her mental deterioration, so it's just as well the nurse found it and was able to get antibiotics ordered.

Husband's new tablets for his UTIs - antibacterials instead of antibiotics - are only just barely keeping his infections at bay.  He says he can tell he has an infection bubbling under the surface, so to speak.  He's got a GP appointment next week, hopefully the results of his urine flow test will be back by then.  

Think I managed to sleep uninterrupted for about 4.5 hours last night, that's pretty good for me.

Wednesday, 4 September 2019


I've deleted the very personal post, it was only ever meant to be a temporary one, serving a purpose.

I don't normally take much notice of or comment on politics, but oh boy the Government is in total disarray, what a complete and utter shambles.  These people, who are meant to be in charge of running our country, can't even agree or get along with their own colleagues in their own party.  Beggars belief.  And they expect us to vote for them in another election?  Two things particularly struck me.....that Tory MP (no idea of his name) who defected to the other side yesterday - doing it very ostentatiously in the middle of his Prime Minister's rude and bad mannered of him.  And that pontificating idiot from the Dark Ages, Rees-Mogg, pictured lying across one of the benches in Parliament, actually dozing.....what?!  If you or I did that in our office at work, we'd be disciplined.  

Enough of that.

I've given in and made a doctor's appointment, for about 2.5 weeks' time - I could see one of the other GPs sooner than that, but would rather wait and see my own.  My lack of sleep (it's 04.22 and I've been downstairs for the past hour....again), backache and hip pain have all been getting worse for the past few weeks, and persistent gut trouble is affecting me as well.  Seems as though everything I eat is upsetting my digestive system lately, even though I'm only eating plain food and nothing that I haven't cooked myself.  I'm sure a lot of it is stress-related.

Husband's out most of the morning, I had quite a busy day yesterday so will be cardmaking this morning, then we have to go shopping later.  But right now I'm going back to bed, hopefully I'll sleep for another hour or so.

Tuesday, 3 September 2019

For Ann

A huge surprise and an absolute delight:-

Ann, thank you so much, very unexpected and very beautiful, I love them, so bright and cheerful.  Any flowers, but especially huge sunflowers, are guaranteed to make you smile.

Sunday, 1 September 2019

Being sent to Coventry

I really appreciate all the support and comments about your own experiences, thank you so much.  Joan, I don't think anyone was referring to your comment, but rather meaning the relatives who are clearly upset with me and my decision.  I stand by my decision, I'm not going to change my mind regardless of what family and friends think.  It is upsetting, though, when people just think you're wrong and won't even consider your reasons why you've made that decision.  

At the moment I'm being sent to Coventry (for readers abroad, that means being ignored and not spoken to), I hope that will change but if not, so be it.

I'm going to have to really watch my diet this next week or so, I'm having so much gut trouble, I know it's a reaction to all the stress.  I'll be cutting back drastically on simple carbs, spices, sauces etc and not eating anything I haven't made myself, so it'll be mainly plain meat and fish meals with plenty of veg.  Speaking of which, husband yesterday brought in from the garden the biggest butternut squash I've ever seen - and it's not even ripe yet!  He accidentally snapped it off when he was doing a bit of pruning and weeding, it'll ripen indoors no problem.  I'll put a photo of it on my food blog.

I'll sit and make lots of cards the next few days, that'll help get my stress levels down, I'll also put photos of those on my card blog.  I can't do very much at the moment anyway, as my backache is truly awful at the mo.  Now that the school holidays are at an end, along with the too hot weather, we can at least get back to going for walks on our favourite beach, we haven't been very often the past few weeks because of it being too crowded for our liking.  Gentle walks will help with the pain and stiffness of my back, although it does tend to exacerbate my hip pain for a while.