Tuesday 20 February 2024

In the garden

 Weather looks pretty good for today, sunny spells rather than all day sun, but dry and not too cold, so we'll be in the garden this morning.  I want to clear the gravel off one area, about 7 or 8 feet long by 18" wide, it'll become a flower bed.  I'll fork over the bed and top with a bag of compost.  There's a rose bush and some foxglove clumps I want to move into it from other areas of the garden - the rose bush is in one of the squares that's going to be turfed over for Betty to lie on in the sun, the foxgloves in a narrow raised bed that we want to put strawberries in.  Husband will be carrying on with the construction of the veggie raised bed - after a slow start and dismantling what he'd first done, he got going really well yesterday and has completed a bit more than half of it.

This afternoon it's the vets for Betty's annual check up and jab, and popping into the supermarket to get some fresh veg and dairy.  Husband wants some more bags of compost too, we'll need a few to fill up the raised bed.  The bottom layer will be the contents of the previous tenant's green compost wheelie bin, it's full up with prunings etc, as I mentioned before, the Council recyclers won't take it because it's not been paid for (the previous tenant having died!  We're not paying for garden recycling as all our prunings etc are going in our own compost bin).

Having had a few visitors lately, we've had rather a lot of cakes, ones I've supplied and more brought by the visitors - including a sticky toffee cake covered in thick chocolate buttercream scattered with toffee pieces......yummy but teeth-achingly sweet.  Consequently, I'm feeling bloated - which is good because it makes me want to eat very healthily right now, to get rid of the bloat and aching joints.  I won't be buying or making any cakes for brother and SiL's visit on Thursday - they prefer savoury to sweet so I'll be making some cheese scones, if there's any left they can take them when they go.

Monday 19 February 2024

Bargains and other good things

 Husband didn't have a tooth out after all, he was convinced he'd have to as the tooth is a bit loose and hurts when he bites down on it - however, the dentist said he couldn't see anything much wrong with it so didn't really want to take it out, he said it's not loose enough yet!  Husband was quite pleased as it means he can eat!

I was having a look round the charity shops whilst husband was in the dentist, and found an absolute bargain - a pair of black leather ankle boots, hardly worn, for £3.99!  The lady at the till asked if I'd be happy to round it up to £4.00, I said no make it £5.00 - she positively beamed and said how kind I was.  Well, since I was astounded at finding such a bargain, I was more than happy to pay a bit extra, especially as it was an animal charity.  I also bought a new blouse (not a charity shop) in cream, with the wedding in mind.....just so I have the option of 2 different blouses to go with my black trousers.

Two more bits of good news today.....those horrible forms I filled in for Council tax relief have been worth the aggro, we've been granted it, and it was backdated to the date we moved in here, so a nice lump sum in my bank account this morning.  And I had a text from my brother in Cornwall, he and SiL are dropping in to see us and the new place on Thursday, on their way up to Wiltshire to visit their son, DiL and grandson.  That'll be nice, not seen my brother and SiL for months, and we'll be able to make the arrangements for them to collect me and take me up to the wedding next month.

After a rainy start, it's now a lovely sunny day, husband is in the garden working on the construction of the raised bed....he's starting from scratch again as he said he'd done the first side wrong - looked alright to me, but I guess he knows what he's doing!  Keeps him busy anyway, rather than slumping in front of the TV.  I've got the lunch things to wash up and veggies to prep to go with our fish pie for dinner, then some menu planning and update the freezer inventory.

Betty's got to go for her annual check up and jab tomorrow, as the vets is near to Tesco I'll pop in there to get some more veg and dairy stuff.  Being mindful about food shopping and writing all my supermarket spends in my diary is really helping to keep the shopping spending low - well, not that low in view of the rising prices, but certainly lower than it was last year.

Sunday 18 February 2024

No that's not normal

 Thank you for all the comments regarding my choice of wedding outfit - as well as feeling comfortable, I also want clothes that I'll wear often, not be left in the wardrobe forevermore.  It makes me laugh when I read in the paper some comment about one of the Royal women called 'thrifty' because they've worn one of their outfits a second if it's normal to wear something just once and then never again!

I sorted through my collection of scarves (I've got quite a lot) and discovered a nice one in exactly the right colours to go with my wedding outfit, so that's something else I don't need to buy.  Just the black ankle boots to get now, I should easily be able to get them tomorrow in town.

It's been quite a nice day today, sunny spells, dry and not cold, albeit quite windy.  There was a lot of rain overnight, several posts on FB about flooded roads locally, fortunately not here.  Husband has started building the raised bed, it'll be a lovely size when done.  I asked if he could power wash the paths in the back garden, some of them are mossy and slippery - guess what, his power washer was also left behind at the old house 😒 Silly, silly man - he knows he's been an idiot, I didn't need to tell him! 😉

We went out this morning to the garden centre - unfortunately, they don't do house plaques, it is quite a small shop as garden centres go.  No matter, there's a huge garden centre on the way to the caravan, I'm sure they'll do them in there - they do just about everything!  We'll be going to the caravan next month, so will pop in the garden centre then.  Less than a fortnight to go until the new caravan season starts.....we won't necessarily be going on the 1st March, we'll wait for a good weather day.  One of the first jobs we'll be doing is washing the exterior of the van, it tends to get a bit grubby having had all the winter weather thrown at it since last October, so we'll need a dry and warmish day for that.  We don't use a power washer on the van, don't want high force water jets being blasted into the van vents!  Just a long handled mop and bucket of soapy water does the job well enough.

I slept very well last night and feel much better now, the exhaustion seems to have gone.  However, I've got sciatica down the back of my left leg today - if it's not one thing it's another!

Our new GP referred husband to podiatry, he's having trouble with his feet again.  He had a letter from the NHS podiatry department basically said that as his problem isn't classed as urgent, he won't be getting an appointment anytime soon.  Which seems to be the standard response nowadays.

Husband thinks he'll be having a tooth out tomorrow, so soft food needed for dinner - I've got a homemade fish pie in the freezer, that'll be soft enough for him.

Saturday 17 February 2024

I don't do dresses

 I've finally got my outfit for my niece's wedding sorted, more or less.  I didn't want to wear a dress - as I said before, I don't do dresses, don't own one and didn't want to buy one that I would likely never wear again after the wedding.  I've got a smart pair of black trousers which I'd be much happier in, so I've bought a purple ruffled blouse to go with them, along with a long blush pink cabled edge-to-edge cardigan (the wedding is the middle of next month so will likely be a bit chilly still).  I've got a lovely black and pink bag, now I just need to get a new pair of black ankle boots (my present ones leak) and a nice pink/purple scarf.  I'll get those on Monday.....husband has a dental appointment in Bridgwater, so I'll get him to drop me off in the town so I can look in the shops, there's a Shoezone, Next and Matalan, I'll probably see something suitable in one of those.  It'll be nice to look in the clothes/shoe shops by myself, without husband trailing round after me looking bored as hell and exclaiming "How much?!" every time I pick something up 😒.  He's such an old dinosaur and skinflint.....he won't even be paying, I will! 😂

I had a lovely surprise in the post yesterday, a garden gift voucher from a lovely blogging friend.  I'd thought initially I might buy a flowering shrub and nice pot to put it in, but have now thought of the perfect thing instead - a new house number plaque.  The present one here is very old, faded and barely even visible from the road anymore, I'd like a nice new one, preferably with a background of flowers.  I'll have a look in the garden centre, they'll probably have some nice ones.  Bloggers are the family we'd choose ourselves, aren't they?  Thank you (you know who you are), it really made my day 💕

For the last two days I've been feeling really tired, absolutely bone weary.....not sure why, it's not like I haven't been sleeping - I've actually slept fairly well.  I don't feel unwell either, so it's not a case of coming down with something.  I've done the necessary jobs this morning, now I'm just going to rest in my bedroom recliner chair and read my book (already much better than the last book), whilst husband dozes in front of the TV as usual.  Dinner's been prepped - not that there was much to do, I just boiled some new potatoes for potato salad to go with the (ready made) southern fried chicken husband requested, I'll chop up a salad in a bit.  I'll have fishcakes with my salad.  Lunchtime washing up done, kitchen cleaned, washing folded and put away, nothing else needs doing.

Friday 16 February 2024

He behaved

 I had words with husband yesterday and told him what he said was not acceptable.  He said he knew I was upset, but yet he still hadn't apologised.  He also said it would have been better if he hadn't used the swear word (the F word) when he made the comment.....erm no, it was still an insulting comment regardless of whether or not he'd included the swear word!!  No understanding at all.  Despite him apologising - eventually - I know it'll happen again, he's got no filter along with a faulty memory, and does love showing off and being the centre of attention.  But in future I will just tell him, in front of guests, that it's not acceptable and then walk out of the room, leaving him to deal with the embarrassment and fallout.  I'm learning to stand up for myself a lot more nowadays, after years of staying in the background and keeping my mouth shut.

We had more friends come this morning, another couple who are ex-neighbours from the old place - husband promised to be on his best behaviour, and he was.  We get on very well with them, they're very keen gardeners, both veg and flowers, so we were able to bounce ideas for the garden off them.  And it was sunny and mild earlier (the sun's gone in now), hooray, so no problem about being in the garden.  We had a nice time with them.

I've got some banking and admin stuff to do this weekend, budgeting for the next few months (no Council Tax until April now, so that'll help with the savings).  I need to make a list of things to take when we go back to the caravan for the first time next month - I bring all the bedlinen and towels home with us, and all the toiletries and canned foods.  The linens etc are all washed and ready to go back, I'll buy new toiletries and some canned goods to take there.  We'll just be going for the odd day initially, we won't start staying until the weather gets warmer and dryer.

Thursday 15 February 2024

Well that spoilt it

 It actually wasn't raining when our friends came over yesterday afternoon, so we could show them the garden after all.  They liked the garden, bungalow and area, and said we both look well and relaxed.  We had a nice time with them....that is except for when husband made an exceedingly insulting comment about me, thinly disguised as a 'joke'.  Even both of our friends said that wasn't a very nice thing to say.  Husband claimed he was just kidding, wouldn't apologise and clearly had no concept of just how rude it was.  I was so annoyed that after they'd gone, I told him he was cooking dinner.  Although since he doesn't know how to work the air fryer (I've shown him numerous times but he always forgets) I had to help him out.  I know with his cognitive impairment his brain doesn't work like other peoples, and I do make allowances for that, but sometimes his rudeness goes beyond a joke.  I had another (male) friend who also thought it amusing to crack jokes at my expense - not only mine, to be fair, he did it to others as well.  Why they think it's ok to insult or run others down and then pass it off as a joke I don't just adds insult to injury I think when they then claim the recipient of their 'humour' is being oversensitive.

Anyway, we had a good catch up, it seems a young couple have moved into our old house.  I hope they'll be happy there.

The incident spoilt my evening actually.  I know husband's health problems are not his fault, and the cognitive impairment makes things quite difficult for him (as does his heart failure), and by extension for me also.  It's difficult being a carer, especially when the care and support given is not appreciated.  No matter how much one tells oneself that they can't help how they are, they didn't choose it, it's also difficult to keep one's temper sometimes, I frequently have to bite my tongue and walk out of the room - I won't be a verbal punchbag.  It can be lonely and isolating at times, and you do lose friends - I've lost my best friend because they just don't understand what it's like - or they don't want to.

Well, today is another day - unfortunately, there's a weather warning for heavy rain today so I'm not going out for a walk or even in the garden, but I think once the housework jobs are done and the dinner prepped, I'll spend the afternoon in my room with my feet up, reading.  I've finally finished the really hard-going book (never again will I waste weeks ploughing through a book like that!) and have just started what I think will be a good one.  Tomorrow we have more friends/ex-neighbours round in the morning, and if the forecast sun appears in the afternoon, I might get an hour in the garden.

Wednesday 14 February 2024

Things are looking up

 Thank you for the comments regarding the wood for the raised veggie beds and the bargain chairs - I'm so pleased with them.  Now we just need some nice warmer weather!

We've got one set of friends coming over for their first visit this afternoon....unfortunately, it's forecast to be heavy showers when they arrive, so we won't be able to go out in the garden to show them our plans for it, we'll have to look from the windows instead.  Another couple, also ex neighbours (as are the ones today) are coming on Friday, the weather is forecast to be much better then.  We're looking forward to seeing them and catching up.

We had a bit of a breakthrough yesterday - husband went out, by himself, yesterday evening, he went to investigate the bowls club that meets at the local village hall on a Tuesday evening.  I'd seen the bowls advertised and pointed it out to him a few weeks ago, he's always said he'd like to have a go at that but showed little interest in going.  Yesterday morning though, he announced he was going to go, just to see what it was like - well, he was gone for 2.5 hours and seemed quite enthusiastic when he got home.  He enjoyed it, got on with the others there (8 or 9 other oldies, male and female) and said he wants to go again.  So I shall be getting a couple of hours to myself every week.  

Oh, and possibly more than once a week - husband went to the GP yesterday for his annual diabetes review (he's actually borderline diabetic and doesn't need to take meds for that at least).  His numbers etc from his bloods and urine are actually ok, but he has put on weight and the diabetes nurse he saw said he's not active enough (I've been telling him that for months!!).  She said they have a referral to the gym scheme and suggested he try that - he agreed and is now waiting for an appointment for an induction course, the gym is in a hotel in town apparently.  So he might be going there regularly soon as well.  I wonder what I'll do with all this free time?!  

If he does start going to the gym, then I could get him to drop me off in town, I could have a wander round the shops by myself (bliss!) and stop for a coffee, there are several cafes in town.  Or, on nice days, take a book and bottle of water and sit on the beach....that would be lovely.