Wednesday 22 July 2020

Get lost

After another spate of bitchy comments from the usual faceless and nameless cowards, I've decided I'm not allowing anonymous comments to get through anymore.  Apologies to genuine readers who don't have Google accounts.  Life's too short to put up with nasty mean-spirited twats who can't even be bothered to read posts properly and just want to cause trouble.  Well you're not doing it on my blog, so off you pop.


  1. What a shame some people have nothing better to do than post nasty, stupid comments. So sorry you have to put up with these idiots. Just remember, Sooze, that most people are kind and you have many blog friends. xx

  2. Sorry to hear that, why people must hide behind behind anonymous I don't know (well I do, they are cowards) Hope this message gets to you, have not tried my Google account before x

  3. Give it to em Sooze, hope that stops them.

  4. So sorry to hear this - why do they pick on some people?
    Hope your hospital appointment helps sort out one thing at least.

  5. Oh, dear. Why do they do it? What sort of a kick do people get from being so nasty? And anonymous as well - what cowards!
    Much love to you

  6. You must have already deleted all the nasties! Takes just a minute to set up a google account - they don't want one because they can be nasty / rude but also be A COWARD because they are anonymous. As most trolls are, they feel they can say all kinds of nasty stuff but then be completely unaccountable due to their being anonymous. So good riddance!!!

  7. I put it down to jealousy. xxx

  8. Well said Sooze - they're the lowest, just cowardly bullies, good to see someone treat them with the contempt they deserve xx


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