Sunday 30 June 2024

A silent scream

 The purpose of going to the caravan today was three-fold:  1)  To switch off the gas and water supplies, as husband forgot to do it when we left there last week and we don't know for sure when we'll be able to go and stay again (our insurance specifies that supplies must be switched off when we're not there).  2)  For husband to take our Freesat box from home and see if the non-working TV in the caravan works using the box.  3)  For us to take our little fold-up kitchen table to the van and swap it for the one we have in the van - the van one is nicer and bigger and will be more appropriate at home, the smaller one will be a better fit in the van.

Well of course none of this went to plan - nothing that husband is involved in does!  The caravan table had to be dismantled for it to fit in our car to be brought home - it needed a set of Allen keys, which husband claimed he didn't have at the van.....funnily enough, whenever he wants a particular tool for a job at home, he also claims the tool he needs is in the van!  😒  He has several tool boxes at home and at the van, but never seems to have the right tool!  Or if he does, the battery (if it needs one) is either flat or not with him, or he hasn't got the correct charger.  After much searching around and muttering to himself, he found something that would work, so the table could be dismantled.

He then tried fitting the Freesat box to the TV (there's an appropriate aerial affixed to the van).  He was fiddling around for ages and then started getting annoyed - I asked what was wrong and he said he couldn't get the cable to fit in the TV.  I had a look and could immediately see that he was trying - using brute force - to shove an HDMI fitting into a USB wonder it didn't fit.  He'd brought the wrong cable.  😒😒

When we were about to leave, just after lunch, I ensured he switched off the services (I watched him do it) and asked him if he'd got everything - he nearly always leaves something behind.  He said he had, I asked "Are you sure?", he got snappy and insisted he had.

Once home, he put the table together (not without a few issues, but nothing major so we'll skip over those) and then re-fitted the Freesat box to our home TV.  He went to switch it on, then looked all around the lounge and, not finding what he was looking for, asked me what I'd done with the remote control.  Erm, you what?  (I hadn't touched it).  It transpired he'd left it in the now he cannot watch the home TV either!!  😒😒😒  He had a knee-jerk reaction and said he would drive back to the caravan - I stopped him, it would be a round trip of around 2.5 hours (plus the fuel cost), I had no intention of going with him (I've got things to do here and I'm too tired!) and there's no way I'd let him go on his own.  Especially not when he's clearly having a bad day.  

This is what our daily life is like now, and why I frequently feel like I'm doing silent screams.  Or I'm expecting Jeremy Beadle to leap out from a cupboard and shout "You've been framed!!" 😂 (except I think he's dead).

I've no idea what he'll do about the home TV now, he can't go back to the caravan this week, we have appointments all week.  I suppose he'll have to buy a new Freesat box, that's if he can't get a spare remote control - I don't know if they do them.

Looking ahead

 All my jobs were done by about 2 pm yesterday.  Freezer defrosted and wiped out, back in place in the kitchen and reloaded, banana & walnut cake made, rice pudding made, homemade coleslaw including home grown chives and parsley prepped for dinner, yellow courgettes picked and sliced, chicken pieces marinaded in bbq sauce - I do occasionally eat some chicken.  I spent the afternoon making a few 'to do' lists for the week, a menu plan, sent a couple of emails, helped husband with stuff to do with the car insurance renewal, and then sat reading my book.  I think husband must be getting as deaf as me - although he claims there's nothing wrong with his hearing - he sat watching some noisy old war film in the afternoon, it was so loud I could hear it clearly in my bedroom, despite my 25% loss of hearing, had to ask him to turn it down.  Maybe he doesn't hear it because he's asleep half the time!

This morning I was up early (as usual), I've prepped the veggies for our roast dinner later and made sandwiches to take to the caravan.  We're taking our little kitchen dining table to the van, swapping it for the one we have there, which is nicer, so I cleared that off (not that there was much on it, just the fruit bowl, tablecloth and coasters) and folded it up.  I reminded husband he's taking the Freesat box to test it on the van TV, and suggested he unplug it and put it in the car, ready to take, or he'll forget it again otherwise.  I'm going to empty a few pots which had Spring bulbs in at the van and bring the pots home, I need some more pots here.

We've had a discussion, instigated by me, about the caravan - I think that next year will probably be our final one at the van.  It's not set in stone, we'll review it throughout this year and next, but I'm thinking ahead to the practicalities.  For a start, it really doesn't feel the same now that our lovely van neighbours C&J have gone - we do get on well with lots of other van owners, but C&J were our special friends, we always co-ordinated our visits and spent a lot of time with them.  Betty misses them as well, she loved C to bits (he loved her too) and she's always sniffing their van and looking up at their windows hopefully.  Of course it's possible some nice people will take it over, there've been a few couples looking round it apparently, although none have put in an offer thus far.  Two couples came and viewed it last weekend when we were there, one of the blokes had a shaved head - no hair but almost his entire head tattooed 😮.  Tattoos don't mean someone's bad or scary of course - I've got 2 myself 😂 - but having them covering pretty much your entire scalp is a bit eyebrow-raising.  

To be realistic, I doubt husband will be driving for many more years, and once he has to give up driving we won't be able to get to the van.  He's already extremely forgetful and that will only get worse, his heart failure symptoms are gradually worsening too - he has more chest pains and breathlessness and gets tired/falls asleep ever more frequently.  It'll be a sad day when it comes to giving up the van, but we will have had 5 or 6 wonderful years of happy breaks there, and I'm actually not as devastated about the prospect as I'd have expected.  Things change, life changes.

Saturday 29 June 2024

Jobs for today

 The big job today is defrosting the tall upright freezer, luckily there's not a great deal in it (doing the month's big shop on Wednesday).  We emptied it out into our big cool box, then dragged the freezer outside, which was fairly easy.  It seems to get iced up (it's not a frost-free one, obviously) fairly quickly now, especially the top half of the freezer, for some reason, the bottom half stays fairly clear.  I suspect it won't last much longer - once the new kitchen is fitted (kitchen surveyor coming on Friday, yay) I think we'll probably get rid of the freezer and the under-counter fridge and buy a 50-50 big upright fridge freezer, with the fridge on the top.  That'll save me bending down to get stuff out of the fridge several times a day, and will free up more space in the kitchen by having one less appliance.  If the freezer still works by then, we might keep it and put it in the car port (it is one that's ok for use in outbuildings), it'll be useful to store garden produce and supplies of bread and milk.  The fridge is one we were given so owes us nothing, we'll probably see if a charity wants it.

I should make a cake, there's a couple of bananas need using up quickly.  I might also make a rice pudding, a litre carton of soya milk is languishing in the fridge - husband won't touch it, I don't mind it but this one was a cheap long life one which doesn't taste very nice, I've only used it for 2 coffees so it's almost a full carton.  With a bit of brown sugar, some raisins and cinnamon added, the taste will be disguised.

Husband suggested we go to the caravan tomorrow, just for the day (it can only be for the day anyway, he's got a chest x-ray on Monday, here at our local community hospital, and we have various other appointments throughout the week).  He wants to take the Freesat box, that he should have taken the last time but forgot, to see if it works ok on the non-working TV....which he thinks is an aerial problem, not the TV itself.  Then when we come home, he can switch off the water and gas, which he also forgot to do last time, we don't know as yet when we can go again, so don't like to leave the services switched on if we're not going to be there for a while.  I'll remind him this time - the post-it note clearly wasn't enough to jog his memory.

Friday 28 June 2024

My next project is....Me!

 The garden is mostly completed now - well, this year's plans anyway - it's more or less just maintenance for the rest of this year.  There's nothing more I want to do in the house either right now - we still need bedroom carpets and vertical blinds for the kitchen and lounge, but they'll have to wait until I've saved up enough.  We have rugs in the bedrooms and nets up at the windows, I don't like them but they serve a purpose for the time being.

So now I want to concentrate on eating more healthily still - I do already have a mostly healthy diet, but could do better.  And I want to lose some more weight, I've dropped about 7 or 8 lbs since moving here.  I made a gorgeous dinner a couple of nights ago - a veggie crumble, it was delicious.....well, I thought so, husband wasn't so keen.  I know he'll never be vegetarian, or even pescatarian although he does like fish - he much prefers meat though.  He would be happy to eat burgers, or pork chops, or sausages with chips and beans, or a full cooked all-day breakfast, every day.  He claims to want to lose weight and eat more healthily - but just eats handfuls of nuts in between meals and thinks that's being healthy - he does have a big appetite.  The veggie crumble was butternut squash, mushrooms and home grown courgettes roasted with paprika and sage from the garden, cheese sauce stirred through and topped with sourdough breadcrumbs and oats mixed with garden grown sage, chives, parsley and some grated Parmesan, baked in the oven.  Delicious, and I want to eat more meals like that, husband doesn't.  I'd like more fish too, and more vegetable meals, with cheese, eggs, nuts & seeds and pulses for protein.  I'm happy to experiment and do more cooking from scratch, I have the time now.  And I just don't want to eat processed foods anymore.  I'll continue doing the usual meat, potato and veg meals that husband likes.

I did ham and egg salad - cheese in place of the ham for me - at lunchtime yesterday, it's nice to now be having produce from the garden.....lovely raw crunchy baby carrots with the salad.  They're so 'carroty' in comparison with supermarket ones, makes you realise that supermarket produce has next to no flavour, aroma or texture.  We'll be eating lots of lovely home grown veggies from now on, makes it easier to eat healthily.

We've got 5 appointments between us next week, then I think just 1 the week after (so far!), so we might be able to go to the caravan again in a couple of weeks and hopefully even stay a bit longer. 

I sat in my lovely cool and quiet bedroom yesterday and did some banking and the budget for July, it's all looking good, it's been a bit heavy-going financially lately but is set to improve from next month, so I can start building up the savings again.   

Thursday 27 June 2024

A stranger

 I know husband didn't choose this.  Nor did I, come to that.  Our marriage vows were for better, for worse, richer or poorer, in sickness and in health - and of course I will honour that.  But I'm living with someone else now, someone who is often a stranger to me - the man I married 41 years ago, who made me laugh all the time, who was kindness itself and so helpful, not just to me but to everyone, who was so laid back nothing fazed him, who almost never got angry about anything, who was very affectionate and frequently bought me flowers, is long gone.  And that's hard, and upsetting.

I'm sure he does get frustrated and angry with himself, in fact I know he does.  But I get the brunt of that, he doesn't take his frustrations out on anyone else, albeit being a bit abrupt with people sometimes. 

Thank you for all the comments, I appreciate them a lot.

It was very hot yesterday, outside anyway.  I was pleased to find that it was quite a bit cooler inside the bungalow, very pleasant actually.  Our last house used to get stiflingly hot, especially at the front of the house, which was south facing.  All the veg plants are putting a spurt on now, they were all very slow to start, we've had several green courgettes and the yellow ones are almost ready.  Lots of mini cucumbers, tomato plants loaded with flowers.  I'll pull some carrots today, I'm pretty sure they must be ready.  It's so nice to have our own home grown produce.

Wednesday 26 June 2024

Patience of a saint

 Before I start, this is just really getting things off my chest/out of my already crowded head and down on paper (as it were), to sort my thoughts out and clear my head a bit.  I'm not asking for advice!

I'm finding it increasingly difficult to cope with husband and our life together.  Every day is a battle, things don't go smoothly, my patience is stretched to the limit every day, I frequently have to bite my tongue and walk away.  Repeating myself, telling him things I've already told him (several times) on a daily basis, umpteen times a day, gets more and more wearing too.  Although that I don't mind so much, annoying though it is, as I know he can't help his worsening short term memory - it's not like he puts it on deliberately.  It could be said that he can't help the rest of the things either, although I think he can in certain ways and with some things.

I suppose the main thing I'm finding so hard now is that he's becoming more and more argumentative and stubborn.  He argues with me constantly, virtually everything I say he raises an objection to or downright flatly disagrees with me.  Twice this morning I've offered suggestions for something he can do to improve things (his shed is becoming a piled up dangerous mess again, things keep falling over and blocking the doorway into the garden) - he gave his usual snort and pooh-poohed the idea.  He absolutely will not ask me anything - for example, yesterday when we were packing up to come home from the caravan, several times he put things in the car before I'd finished packing things into them, or was still using them.  When I said quite mildly that I wasn't finished with it (the laundry bag that I still had to put bathroom and kitchen towels, tea towel etc into, e.g.), he snapped that I hadn't told him.....I said he could have asked, he barked that he didn't know he had to and wasn't aware he needed my permission!

It's like he wants to fight with me all the time and prove that he's the boss.

When we were more than halfway home yesterday, he said he hadn't switched off the gas or water taps, and implied it was my fault for not reminding him.  When I said I had so much to remember myself and couldn't remember everything that he needs to do also (which is actually very few things), he bit my head off.  As it happened, I had actually asked him if he'd done everything 5 minutes before we left (he said he had), and there is a post-it note reminder to switch the services off which I'd written out and stuck in a prominent place ages ago.  I kept my mouth shut the rest of the way home.  Once we got home, he also confessed he'd left his GTN (angina) spray in his bedroom at the van - luckily I have a spare one for just such eventualities.

He's developed lots of little obsessions - the electricity here at home, e.g.  He reads the meter every other day (there's absolutely no need!), works out how much we've used, down to the last penny, and insists on telling me - I really don't need to know.  He asks me almost on a daily basis how much is in his bank account - he could check it himself but he buggers up the sign-in details nearly every time, resulting in him being temporarily locked out of his account.  We have an outstanding very minor repair booked in with our Housing Association - it's not important at all, it's on their non-urgent routine list and they'll get round to doing it as and when.  Not good enough for husband, he's constantly badgering me to get on the phone to them and arrange for them to come asap.  The Housing Officer is doing her rounds today, he's already said he's going to ask her to get it arranged, despite me telling him - yet again - it actually is already booked in and they'll do it sooner or later!

He's driving me nuts at the minute, and I know it will only get worse.  Being a carer means you have to have the patience of a saint.

Monday 24 June 2024


 We've had no sunshine at all today, it's been overcast all day but very hot and humid, both Betty and I have been like limp rags.  There's sunshine forecast for tomorrow, but hotter still, so I'm quite glad we're going home mid morning.  It'll be cooler at home, it's not a tin box, it's bigger and my bedroom stays cool.  Think we're in for a sticky uncomfortable night here, I might sleep in the caravan lounge rather than my small cell-like bedroom.

We'll stop off for a bit of dairy and veg shopping on the way home, then I won't need to go out again.  It's been a nice relaxing break, but I shall be glad to be home, there's nothing like your own home with a nice big bed and lovely big shower.  And plenty of space!

Sunday 23 June 2024

Relaxing is tiring

 We've had a totally relaxed day today, I've read a lot - I brought 2 books, I've alternated between them.  Husband watched a sci-fi DVD, we both spent time chatting with friends on site. This afternoon we had a drive out to Cheddar, sat for a while watching some goats and people climbing up the steep rocks.

Husband is watching another DVD, I'm contemplating an early night - all this sitting around doing nothing is very tiring 😂.

Oh, we did take Betty to the beach early this morning, she loved it - zoomies in big circles at first, then she likes to dig a hole in the sand, throw herself into it and roll around on her back 😁.  Makes me laugh so much watching her enjoy herself. 

Saturday 22 June 2024

In holiday mode

 It's glorious here at the caravan, hot and sunny but with a welcome soft breeze so it doesn't feel too hot.  Not many owners here and only a couple of tourists, so it's very peaceful.  A few of our friends are here though, so people to chat to.  Husband still can't get the TV working, to his disgust, but we do have around a dozen DVDS so he'll be fine later this evening.  

We might get up early tomorrow and take Betty to the beach, before it gets too warm.  She keeps looking at our ex-neighbours' caravan and whining, she can't understand why C&J aren't there, bless her.  Apparently someone came to look round the caravan a week or 2 ago, but then decided they preferred another one for sale on the lower part of the site.

I'm in holiday mode already, having a lovely relaxing time reading, whilst husband is off talking cars with a friend.

Friday 21 June 2024

A better day, idiots, spiky hair and planting

 Husband seemed to be in a better frame of mind yesterday, he went to the gym in the morning, which he enjoyed, and was quite helpful once he came home, doing everything I asked him.  Regarding the caravan TV, he's decided to take our freesat box from home, to see if that works on the van tv....although he doesn't think it will, he thinks it's a problem with the aerial wire.  I've no idea, I know nothing about TVs, I can only change channels by randomly trying both remotes and pressing a few buttons until something happens 😂.  I suggested that after husband came out of the gym, he should go in a couple of charity shops and buy a few DVDs to watch if he can't get the TV working - he came back with a few, so they should keep him occupied in the evenings.  With the current good weather, which is forecast to last all the time we are at the van, there should be several other owners there so he'll have people to chat to during the day.  We'll have a trip or 2 to the beach I expect, so Betty can have a run around.

Did you see on the news about those idiotic people from Just Stop Oil spraying Stonehenge with orange paint?  Do they really imagine that by defacing and damaging famous landmarks or works of art, they are getting people to support them?  Nobody I know has the slightest bit of empathy with them - they're doing criminal damage for goodness sake.  I think they ought to be tied to stakes in public, so people can chuck wet sponges, mud pies or even orange paint at them.  I wouldn't suggest rocks, I'm not that callous.  

Well, I've decided who I'm going to vote for.....although I may change my mind come voting day!  Each of the parties have some policies which sound good....others not so much - like lowering the voting age to 16!!  That's just a very cynical attempt to get more people (kids) voting for them, to ensure they stay in power.  We all know that 16 y.o's know nothing - they think they know everything but they don't - we were all 16 once and with the benefit of hindsight and experience, we know we were clueless at that age.  But I have little confidence that whoever gets in will actually follow through with their policies - they're all good at spouting off what they think the public wants to hear.  So I have to say I'm basing my vote on the personality and likeableness of the party leader, rather than on their policies, I'm just going with my heart really.  And that's enough of that!

Now my hair's grown out a bit after husband and I scalped me with his clippers, I actually really like it.  No longish hair to slap around my face, takes just a couple of minutes to wash (although it's a bit difficult right now when I can only use my right arm, being unable to lift my left).  And I don't have to blow dry it, it dries by itself in no time and I don't need to do anything to it, other than squirting a bit of mousse into it to keep it looking spiky.  So that's what I'll continue to do in future, which will save me money on haircuts.  

Very fluffy! And the colour almost blends into the lounge wall....

It's a lovely sunny warm day again, yesterday I picked several green and yellow courgettes and a selection of herbs - parsley, lemon thyme, chives and sage - to go in the green risotto for dinner last night, which was delicious with some Parmesan stirred through.  We've planted out all the cosmos bedding plants I bought in a tray and potted on, they've grown big, strong and healthy so should survive the slugs.  More of our plants are flowering now and it's all looking very pretty.  I'll take some more photos when we get back from the caravan.

Thursday 20 June 2024

I'm not a slave

 It definitely was one of those days yesterday.  Whilst I was busy with loads of jobs for most of the day, husband played games on his computer, sat outside asleep in the sunshine for over an hour and generally did nothing much.  This despite me telling him in the morning that I was going to be very busy for the next few days prior to us going away, and would need his help with a few things, especially with my shoulder being so painful and hindering me with the restricted movement.  I asked him to do 2 specific jobs - neither of them got done, it was obvious he was actively avoiding them.  When I asked why, and if he wasn't feeling well, he replied no he was ok, he just didn't feel like doing them.  Well, newsflash - I often don't feel like doing things, but they've got to be done so I bloody well get on and do them!  Funny how he thinks things get done as if by magic.  He did eventually do one of the jobs in the evening, after I guilt-tripped him into it.  He needs reminding occasionally that being his carer doesn't make me his slave, I'm not here to do absolutely everything, I do organise everything and do a vast amount of the jobs, but he does need to help me with things he is most certainly capable of doing.  And sitting around on his backside doing sweet FA all day will not help his health, he's supposed to keep as active as possible, physically and mentally - doctors' orders.

Well, I shan't be doing anything at the caravan - all dinners have been cooked and frozen and will only need reheating and serving with some salad, lunches will be a make-your-own sandwich, I rarely eat breakfast so he will do his own.  I've reminded him this morning that the caravan TV stopped working the last time we were there, so unless he does something about it, he'll be bored stiff.  I've got books to read, some drawing to do and no doubt some weeding and tidying up the caravan garden, so having no TV won't bother me.  I'm having 3 days off!

I've got my stronger painkillers and did have a fairly comfortable sleep last night, although I woke up earlier than usual.  I'm packing clothes today for our few days away - I had left a complete change of clothes for each of us in the van the last time we stayed there, but realised this morning they are more or less winter clothes, as it wasn't very warm when we stayed last.  As the weather is forecast to be getting warmer, we won't be wearing the jeans and jumpers I'd left there!  I'm making a green risotto for dinner today, using our homegrown courgettes and herbs.  Tomorrow I'll be baking a loaf to take with us, and cooking some food for Betty.  Once I pack the food Saturday morning, we'll be ready to go.

I had a text from our lovely ex-van neighbours C & J yesterday, saying they're envious of us going to the van, even though they know giving theirs up was the right thing to do.  I wonder if we'll have new neighbours in their van yet, or whether the site owner will have had their van removed and exchanged for a newer one?  I guess we'll find out on Saturday!  Although I doubt either thing will have happened, he's very slow to do anything.

Wednesday 19 June 2024

One of those days - and Magic Dough recipe for Joy

 Think it's going to be one of those days.  Husband took the dog out at 07.45, shortly after he'd gone the bin men arrived (early, they don't normally come until mid morning) - I checked and husband had forgotten to put the recycling out (that's one of his few jobs) despite me reminding him, so I quickly took it all out, just catching the bin lorry in time.

I'd put a pan of pasta bows on to boil, for a pasta salad for lunch, just as husband went out.  A couple of minutes later I realised the electric kitchen fan had gone off, along with the clocks, and the smoke alarms were bleeping - the power was off.  Which meant the pasta wasn't boiling either.  I have no idea about electrical stuff, so had to wait for husband to get back - he was only out for 15 mins.  He checked the fuse box, one of the switches was down instead of up.  Once the power was back on, I then noticed the electric hot plate wasn't working.  So I guess when it suddenly stopped working this morning, it blew the electrics.  Fortunately, we have a single burner camping gas stove and several canisters of gas, husband bought it at a car boot sale for emergencies a few years ago.  It took him a few minutes to find it in the chaos of his shed, but he did eventually and it works, so I could cook the pasta.  We've just nipped to Argos and bought a replacement hot plate, fortunately it's half price at the moment so that's a win.

Incidentally, the fuse box is high up on the kitchen wall, a step ladder is needed to reach it - how blimming ridiculous, especially in a sheltered housing bungalow.  I'm sure the housing association would send out an emergency electrician, but seems daft to call them out just for the sake of flicking a switch.

Husband's been bitten by something in the garden - twice on his arm, it's normally me who gets bitten not him.  The two bites have swelled up, so I've told him to take antihistamines and use the bite cream, I'll remind him again later on.  He's having a clumsy day today, he's already knocked over a carton of milk and dropped a couple of things on the floor, making the dog jump each time.  And it's only just gone 10 o' clock!  And my laptop just shut itself down, very abruptly, whilst in the middle of typing this, so I lost part of the post.  Ho hum.  Think I might need to take my anti-anxiety meds today! 😂 (I only take them when necessary, and it's not really been necessary lately).

Joy, here's Lesley's Magic Dough post, the dough recipe is right down the bottom:-

Lots of different things you can make, all using Magic Dough kept in the fridge - Thrifty Lesley

I've made a little loaf from the dough a couple of times now, it's lovely.

Tuesday 18 June 2024

What he said

 The very nice young GP thinks I have a rotator cuff injury - I asked how it can be an injury when I haven't fallen or bashed my shoulder?  He said it can also be caused by general wear and tear as our joints age - once again the joys of getting older!  He's prescribed stronger painkillers and has referred me to physio, if no relief then they may give me a steroid injection.  He said as a very last resort, if the pain isn't controlled and my shoulder/arm mobility doesn't improve, then we'll talk about a shoulder replacement!  I didn't even know that was a thing, and it's not something I'd be keen to have - unless it became absolutely necessary.  Can't get the stronger painkillers until tomorrow, they had none in stock in the pharmacy, but that's ok, I've been seen and the physio referral has been actioned, so all good.  Oh, and he also suggested I take 2 amitriptyline at night, instead of the one I sometimes take for back pain, as that will help me get back to sleep when the pain wakes me up.  As I've said before, I'm reluctant to take lots of meds, hence why I don't take the amitriptyline regularly now, but in the short term I'm willing to, to control the pain.

Out in the garden now, it's a lovely day.

Mixed success in the garden

 We've got a window of opportunity to go to the caravan this coming weekend, for 3 nights between appointments, so we're grabbing it.  I'll do a couple of meals to freeze and take with us, and make some goodies too - a cake and some cheese scones I think.

I'm happy with the garden as it is now, things are growing and filling out the spaces, albeit slowly in view of the weird weather.  Some of our veggies and fruit are inconsistent - the strawberries we bought and planted this year have been terrible so far, only a few tiny green fruits appeared, and then disappeared before they even got a pink tinge.  No sign of any more fruiting, so it looks like no strawberries at all this year.  The first lot of radishes mostly bolted, although the few we did get were lovely, we've sown more.  The spring onion seeds didn't come up at all, a second sowing are coming through.  Some of the courgette babies rotted with all the rain we've had, we picked our first two full size ones yesterday.  Tomatoes and mini cucumbers are finally beginning to fruit, although a couple of the plants look a bit sickly.  Carrots, which are a short, early variety, are being extremely slow to fatten up, although I think it might be due to husband sowing them too thickly, they're a tangled mass at the moment and need thinning out.

All the plants I bought for the new flower bed are doing well now, after a few initial failures and replacements, some are starting to flower, in a couple of weeks or so the bed will look lovely.  The 3 climbers I planted to grow up trellis in a corner of the garden that's a bit overlooked are doing very well now, all 3 (winter jasmine, pink clematis and everlasting sweet pea) have put on loads of growth and I've tied them in 2 or 3 times.  Some of the roses (they were already here, I've not bought any new ones) are starting to bloom too, there's a lovely large flowered white climber and a couple of red ones, a few more have yet to flower.  I think next year I might move some of the roses and put them all together in a dedicated rose bed.

This garden has been a lot of hard work, it was pretty much a blank canvas with hardly any flowers other than some very neglected roses and an absolute mass of bluebells, no veggies at all, and all the hard landscaping of concrete, gravel and pavers, it's taken weeks and weeks to get it to the stage where we're turning it into our space.  It's going to be so lovely in due course.  We both spend loads of time out in the garden now, husband is as brown as a berry - he tans easily, I don't, I burn easily and get heat rash so I tend to cover up.

Off to the GP at 10 am, it can't come soon enough for me, I woke up just before 5 in agony again.  I'm sick of taking painkillers.

Monday 17 June 2024

Help is not always helpful

 I've got a GP appointment for tomorrow morning, thankfully.  I was offered an appointment with their musculoskeletal therapist, who visits the surgery once a week, but the first available appointment was in 2 weeks' time.  I want some stronger pain relief now, not in a fortnight (and I don't know if she can prescribe meds anyway), so opted for the GP.  

I couldn't find any bedding dahlias this morning, so got a few small perennials instead - at least they'll come up every year.  I just really wanted something to fill a few gaps.  I also bought a hanging basket for the trailing fuchsia to go in.  Husband has been 'helping' me (unasked) in the garden....he broke the biggest (and flowering) stem off the fuchsia when he decided to pot it up for me (he's stuck it in a pot to see if it'll should do).  At the time I was trying to unravel the stems of a clematis which is at the back of the bluebell and hebe bed by the stone wall, I didn't even know it was there initially, it's winding itself around the hebe and a rose bush.  I want to train it up the ivy-covered wall, so was gently untangling it....husband came along to 'help' (I didn't ask for help!) and immediately snapped two of the clematis stems 😡.  I can do without his kind of help - he's so cack-handed and goes at everything like a bull in a china shop.  He never apologises and is now sulking because I asked him to stop helping 😒

I think the reason I'm so tired is partly because of the meds - I've stopped taking the co-codamol and am now taking just paracetamol 3 or 4x daily, but am also taking antihistamines for hayfever.  It's also because the pain in my shoulder is waking me up at night - I can't lie on my left side as the shoulder is too painful, but obviously I turn over onto that side in my sleep and then the pain wakes me.  Oh well, it'll get sorted sooner or later, or will go away eventually.  Chronic pain is very wearing.

Sunday 16 June 2024

One pain eclipses another

 Lovely sunny (and dry, and hardly any wind!) start to the morning, so I could get my washing out on the line.

I've stopped taking the co-codamol and have been back on plain paracetamol the past couple of days, as the codeine was making me terribly constipated, even with over-the-counter laxative tabs.  Consequently, the shoulder pain is back with a vengeance, it was difficult and painful hanging the washing on the line.  I could have asked husband to do it, but he hangs the washing in such an illogical way, and all bunched up together with no air space between, so it dries unevenly (it's a rotary line).  I'm going to have to see if I can get a GP appointment tomorrow - I've not had reason to go to this new doctor's surgery yet in the 6 months since we've been here, the last time I went to the GP was for a blood test last October I think, so I've been lucky really.  I suspect they'll just try to give me anti-inflammatory meds, which I can't take as I have an adverse reaction to them (which is on my records), or refer me for physio, for which there's a long waiting list.  I can't afford to pay for private osteo or chiro, especially not when it takes several sessions of treatment.

At least the shoulder pain has temporarily eclipsed the hip and knee pain!  So there's one good thing I suppose (must look at the positives 😂).  I might get husband to prep the veggies to go with the roast dinner - he's having chicken, I'm having my nut roast out of the freezer.  He had a nice Father's Day card (very humorous and true) from his youngest daughter, he gets nothing from his 2 other kids, they've been estranged for years.

So I'm having a quiet and restful day again.  Tomorrow we've got a few things to do in town, and I want to get a tray of bedding dahlias, as mentioned yesterday.  The weather looks set to be reasonable this coming week so hopefully I can spend time in the garden.  There's always something to do out there, weeding (surprising how the weeds always grow even when the veggies and flowers aren't!), tying in new growth on roses and climbers, deadheading.  I know I said I wouldn't be doing anything much more or spending on the garden from now on, but I'm thinking about getting and planting up a couple of hanging baskets for the front of the house - the brackets are already there so it would be rude not to! 😉  I've got a trailing fuchsia in a pot in the back garden, bought by mistake (I thought it was a shrub one), it's standing on a wall at present, that'll be ideal for a hanging basket.

I've made a little loaf using some of the magic dough from Thrifty Lesley's website, it's proving at the moment, I hope it bakes alright, am sure it will.

Saturday 15 June 2024

Hardly any caravan time

 It's another mixed day of sunshine and showers, but it's so blimmin cold again, 15 deg but feeling a lot less in the cold wind.  I had a (very brief, in view of the cold) look round the garden.....most of our plants, both veggies and flowers, have come to a halt or are being very slow to grow - no doubt because of the cold temperatures.  I hope it warms up soon.  We even had a cuppa soup with our lunchtime sandwich today - I was going to do a salad but soup and sandwich seemed more appropriate - and comforting - in the cold weather.  It's more like March than June.  Weather is forecast to be better - drier and a little bit warmer - for the next 2 or 3 days, which will be very nice.

The neighbour at the bottom of our garden - the one with the trees that overhang our garden and shed their leaves and seeds all over our veg and flower beds and Betty's lawn - has today started cutting back the trees, as he promised he would when he had time.  He has checked for birds nests, there are only a couple and neither of them are inhabited.  It'll make such a difference to our garden, there's already a lot more light even though he's only halfway through, and it'll be a lot less work and nuisance for us with far fewer leaves, twigs and seeds dropping into our garden.

We have a fair few appointments in the next few weeks - several medical appointments for both of us, the kitchen surveyor coming, someone coming to repair or replace the ceiling air vents in the kitchen and bathroom.  So I have no clear idea of when we can get to the caravan for a break - we only have a couple of days between each appointment, which is a bit of a nuisance.  Now we live further away from the van, it's not so practical to just go for a short break of a couple of days.  Never mind, we'll get there eventually.  It does though feel like we're not getting our money's worth so far this year - we own the caravan outright, of course, but we still have to pay the site fees, whether we go or not.  And husband is still going to the gym and his Sheds group, so that's another 2 days we can't go to the van.  I've been asked if I want to join the WI or some of the various activities groups held in the village hall, which is just around the corner from us.  I don't actually - I'm a homebody and feel quite content just staying here in our lovely home, there's always plenty to do (or not, however I'm feeling), and there's the lovely garden to potter about in.....when it's not raining or freezing cold!  I sometimes get husband to drop me off in town when he goes to the gym or Sheds, that gives me an hour or two to have a wander round or do some shopping, it's a pleasure to do that by myself, without him breathing down my neck and exclaiming over the price of everything.

I've decided we're not doing anything else - well, nothing major - in the garden this year, we're just going to sit back and enjoy what we've done so far.  I'd bought a tray of Cosmos plants a couple of weeks back, little ones that I've potted on individually, I'll do the same with a tray of bedding Dahlias that I'll be getting on Monday - by potting them on and waiting for them to get bigger, healthy and strong, there'll be less chance of them being munched by slugs and snails.  They'll be used to fill in gaps in the flower beds.

Still feeling tired, although not quite so much.  My shoulder pain is bearable now, I've been doing a few arm exercises I found on google, I try to do them twice a day.  Rambler, you suggested that perhaps the co-codamol is what's making me tired....never considered that, it's possible I guess.  Another possibility could be that I've been taking antihistamines the past few days - I normally only get hayfever in early Spring but have been suffering with it for a week or so now.  The tablets are supposed to be non-drowsy ones but I find they do still make me a bit sleepy.  In fact I think I might have a little snooze now!  Betty's asleep on my bed and husband is dozing in front of some wartime documentary on TV - I might as well join them!

Friday 14 June 2024

You what?! (Edited)

 Some of you may remember that we were told by our Housing Association a few months ago that we would be having a new kitchen installed in due course, which pleased us no end - the current kitchen units are old, with some mismatched replacement doors, peeling veneer and a few of the cupboards smell strongly of mould.  Well, first thing this morning I was astonished to receive an email from the HA, saying they'd been told by Howdens, the kitchen suppliers, that Howdens had spoken to us and we'd told them we didn't want a new kitchen!!  WHAT?!?!  Firstly, Howdens have definitely not been in contact with us, and we most certainly DO want a new kitchen!

Clearly some mistake somewhere - I've just emailed back to put them right.  Hopefully it will get sorted out quickly - I did wonder why we hadn't heard from anybody yet regarding the kitchen.**

I'm feeling so utterly weary right now, not felt this tired in a long time - I don't feel unwell or like I'm coming down with something, I'm just shattered, even though I've slept well.  So I'm having a few days of taking things very easy.  Just going to do a freezer inventory and menu plan this morning, then do a bit of garden tidying - nothing strenuous, just tidying up and sweeping - the strong almost gale force winds late yesterday made a bit of a mess in the garden.  Nothing broken, just a few pots blown over and dead leaves off the big yucca tree strewn everywhere.  The wind has dropped a lot today and is coming from the south west instead of the north as it has been for the past few days, so it's a bit warmer.  A few showers forecast during the day though.

The co-codamol is finally bringing my shoulder pain under control, although it's having the usual horrible side effects so I'm having to take other medication to counteract that.  

We had a nice dinner out with our friends yesterday, then went back to their holiday camp - the static caravan they're staying in is really lovely, one of the nicest we've seen as a matter of fact.  It's been really good doing things with them this week, we get on so well with them.

**Edited to add

All sorted, the kitchen surveyor rang to say he's coming on the 5 July.

Thursday 13 June 2024

The steam train day, and Magic Dough

 We had a lovely steam train trip out with our friends from Kent yesterday....whilst we were waiting to get on the train, there was a freezing cold wind and quite a bit of cloud, but the sun came out and it warmed up considerably after an hour or so.  The ride itself was a bit uncomfortable (the trains and carriages are very old), we got shaken about a lot, but the actual journey was lovely - beautiful countryside, sea views, pretty stations.  The stations are all very well kept, with gorgeous flower beds and pots - all staffed by friendly volunteers, here's a couple of the border displays:-

The engine that pulled us:-

No chance of getting a photo without people in the way, at each station there were lots of people waiting for a chance to get on and be shown around the engine compartment, and loads of steam buffs taking photos.  Each station has different things to see, some have 2nd hand bookshops, one has a museum of old train memorabilia (including a sleeping carriage fully kitted out), one of the stations has a lovely little maze garden, another an attractive picnic area with new benches and tables.  

Our friends, who are geocachers and do a lot of walking and sightseeing, have opened our eyes to lovely villages and areas around here that we, as residents, didn't even know existed.  I guess since we moved here - 6 months ago today - we've spent so much time getting the home and especially the garden sorted, we've not really had much time to go exploring.  Now we've done enough in the garden for this year, we'll be able to have more days out from here on.  That's if the weather finally warms up!  It's freezing cold again today, with heavy rain forecast anytime now.  Well, I say's actually about 15 deg. but feels a lot colder with the wind, and I do seem to feel the cold a lot more nowadays.  It's definitely not flaming June!!

Now I've bought the little tabletop oven, which works really well, I want to start making bread again.  The blogger and food writer Thrifty Lesley (I'm sure many of you know of her) has a recipe for what she calls Magic Dough on her website, it's basically a cross between ordinary bread dough (it has a little quick yeast in it) and sourdough, she makes a batch of it and keeps it in the fridge, feeding it once or twice a week with a cupful of flour and some water, and taking out some of the dough to use for many kinds of bread.  I'll make up a batch of that at the weekend.  I've bought a few bags of flour recently to stock up, as the price of wheat is forecast to go up due to the bad weather affecting wheat crops.  Some of the flour I keep in the freezer - it doesn't go solid but stays free-flowing, I just have to remember to take it out of the freezer a couple of hours before I want to use it, so it can reach room temperature.

We're having dinner out with our Kent friends later on, before they go home tomorrow.  And that's the last of our friends/family visits for a while, although husband's daughter and son in law are talking about coming down for a visit in a couple of months.  After all of these visits and the extra work, days out, entertaining and full-on chatting that entails, I'll be glad of an easy slow week to come, I feel totally worn out.  Definitely feeling my age lately!

Tuesday 11 June 2024

All planted up, trains and pain

 I planted up the anniversary gift tin bath with more herbs yesterday:-

Chives, rosemary, two kinds of sage, curly parsley and lemon thyme.  The parsley and rosemary were growing herb pots from the veg section of the supermarket, I've bought similar and planted them in the garden in previous years, the chives I already had, sages and lemon thyme from a garden centre.  It looks pretty and I'm very pleased with it.  I bought a hibiscus plant, one with deep pink flowers, to go in a pot in a bare space on the garden path in front of the fence.  Other than perhaps a tray of bedding dahlias, that's the last plant I'm buying for the garden this year! (she says, with every intention of sticking to it 😉).

Our friends from Kent arrived yesterday, they're staying in a static caravan at a nearby holiday park, they said it's the best one they've ever stayed in and they're right on the sea front so have lovely views from their decking.  They came round for coffee and cake, I'd made a light cinnamon spiced fruit cake.  Tomorrow we're all going on the West Somerset steam train for the afternoon, it covers 20 miles and has 10 stations, we can hop on and off the train at any of the stations.  Our friends are big steam train lovers, husband really likes them too....even I quite like them, so it should be a good day, especially since the weather is forecast to be good.  

Thursday the 4 of us are going out for lunch somewhere, not sure where yet, we'll enjoy it wherever it is, our friends are really good company and we get on exceptionally well with them. 

I'm feeling really tired the last couple of days, despite sleeping quite well - we've had such a busy few weeks with a constant stream of visitors.  All the planning, prep, extra cleaning and cooking, loads of days out, and just general talking(!!) all the time has simply worn me out I think, enjoyable though it has been.  My left shoulder is really paining me too, so I am having to take regular doses of co-codamol to control the pain.  I've googled some exercises to help with the pain and stiffness - I can't raise my left arm above my head or reach behind my back without a great deal of pain, which makes showering, dressing and brushing my hair a bit difficult.  I'm sure the painkillers and exercises will sort it out though.  So today, other than changing the bed linen and putting a wash on the line, which husband has helped with, I'm taking it easy.  Cheese & crackers for lunch and prawn salad for dinner, so no cooking today....husband will prep the salad.

Sunday 9 June 2024

Scalped by Joe 90

 I woke up this morning thinking 'wow, I've had a really good sleep' then looked at the clock and it was 02.25!  Luckily, I must have gone straight back to sleep and woke up again just after 05.30, and I do feel refreshed.  Sis got home safely around 6 pm yesterday and said she was thinking of more or less going straight to bed, she was shattered.

I used to get my hair cut every 6 weeks or so by my neighbour and friend 2 doors away from our old house, she's a hairdresser and has her own little salon at home.  I did go back to her in February to have a cut but, generally speaking, it's too far to go regularly now, and I haven't yet found a mobile hairdresser nearby, despite asking on the FB local page.  Recommendations given for a couple of salons in town, but I'd rather not pay their prices!  Remembering that Sue in Suffolk used to cut her own hair with clippers - and being quite handy with the clippers myself as I usually do husband's hair, I thought I'd give it a go on my own hard could it be?  Well, other than the back of my head.  Husband's comb attachments for his clippers go up to a size 8, we use a No. 2 on his hair.  I should add that I do like my hair to be short and spiky, I can't stand my hair blowing all over my face, and it has been quite windy here.  So this morning I tried, using the No. 8.  Well, it wasn't at all easy - for a start I have a painful left shoulder and am currently unable to lift my left arm up over my head.  And I find it very disorientating trying to do it in the mirror - it's almost counter-intuitive watching a reflection of my hand going the opposite way to how my brain thinks it should be, if you know what I mean.  So I had to (reluctantly) ask husband for help.  A few problems with that......for a start, his hands shake, so he kept banging the clippers against my scalp, and he caught my earlobe a few times.  The most annoying thing though is that he doesn't listen to my simple instructions, but instead has a habit of TELLING me what I want(!!) and forging ahead and doing it without waiting for my yay or nay.  But I didn't have any choice really - once it was started, the job had to be finished!

It's a bit uneven, and I feel like I've been scalped by a 10 year old wearing milk bottle bottom glasses.  But I'm sure it looks worse to me because I've been inspecting it critically - it would probably look ok to anyone else.  Really, I'm just glad it's now short and (fairly) neat again....and there's certainly no danger of the wind slapping it around my face!!  (and NO, before anyone asks, I'm not putting on a photo 😂😂).

We're off to the supermarket this morning to stock up on fresh fruit, veggies, fish for me, chicken for husband, eggs and cheeses - buffalo mozzarella, feta, halloumi and cottage.  Lots of salads this week.

Saturday 8 June 2024

A very good week

 We saw sister off on her return coach at 11.00 this morning, she's got another hour or so to go before the coach arrives in her home town.  We've all had a lovely time, it's been really nice to have her here for the week.  She said she'd had a wonderful time, appreciated the fact that I let her get away with doing absolutely nothing (housework/cooking/washing up wise) all week, and is going home with renewed vigour and enthusiasm.  Which was my intention for her.  I know she'd do the same for me.

I have to say though, I shall be glad to get back to our normal routine now....well, for a few days at least, as our friends arrive for another few days' holiday on Monday, although they're not staying with us and we probably won't be seeing them until Tuesday.  I've found this week very tiring - we don't normally go out every single day.  Although initially sister had said we didn't have to go out/do something every day, once here she sort of got swept up in the excitement of being on holiday (she rarely has holidays) and kind of wanted to be a tourist and do all the touristy things!  Which was ok by me.  It was quite fun seeing and doing things through her eyes.....I wouldn't want to do it all the time though!  I'm feeling really knackered now, and uncomfortably bloated - too many coffee and cake stops!  And the fish and chips....and scones....and rum & raisin ice cream (a childhood throwback for us).  I drew the line at candy floss though - I always hated it, although sister (still) loves it.  Or she thinks she does - we never actually found any for her to try!

We went to the boot sale this afternoon - it was sunny but so very windy, I felt like I'd been in a wind tunnel.  Husband got a small electric mower (for Betty's 6ft square lawn, which is growing amazingly thick and fast), a hosepipe and reel and an almost new water butt with all the fittings, he was well pleased.  Sadly, there was only one plant seller there and she didn't have any herbs, I'll have to have a look tomorrow when we go out shopping.  

After all the carby treat-type things we've had this week (luckily I'd cooked healthy meals to offset some of that), I'm now itching to get back to my relatively plain healthy eating of fresh veggies, fish, salads and fruit.  I reckon I'll be asleep by about 8 pm tonight.  It's been a good week, there hasn't been one single moment where I thought "I wish she'd go home"!  Betty's missing sis, she keeps sniffing her chair and has been decidedly subdued since she left.

Friday 7 June 2024

Last day

 Still having a great time, visiting lots of places, quite a bit of shopping (sis loves a shop or 6), a lot of chat and laughter.... strangely enough no tears - yet!  I'm getting very tired though, so this morning we're just going to potter in the garden - my choice.  Need to do some deadheading, pot on some bedding plants I bought yesterday (I want them a bit bigger and stronger before I plant them out), and plant up the herb tin bath.  It's in very good condition considering how old it is, husband will drill a few drainage holes in it first.

After lunch we're off to a farm park - lots of cute animals, a gift shop, a junk shop recently opened in a barn there, nice cafe with outside seating and sea views, lovely.

We had fish and chips on the seafront yesterday evening (Betty did too, although I take most of the batter off her portion and she only has a few chips).  It was very sunny and warm, but quite windy, so we sat in the car to eat.... didn't fancy a liberal dusting of sand covering our food.

Tuesday 4 June 2024

Our daily lives and the odd opinion

 Re my last post and all the comments.....yes it is my blog and I can voice my opinions.  However, some bloggers (and I can think of a few) often throw out a very provocative post on their blogs, in the full knowledge that it's going to cause arguments - yes it could be termed healthy debate, but sometimes things quickly turn into a slanging match.  That's not what my blog is about, nor do I want it to be - it's just chatting about our daily lives, with the occasional opinion thrown in (and quite a few moans 😉😂).  I don't want to upset any of my regular readers, nor do I want a load of argy-bargy, snide comments and fallings out amongst my readers.  We're a happy, friendly, caring bunch and I'd like it to stay that way.  So politics (and religion, conspiracy theories, aliens, refugees, pineapple on pizzas [yes please 😁], strikes, protest marches) etc will be off the table - well, off my blog from now on.  I'm sure we all have enough troubles in our lives to deal with.  

So here's my own private moan for today 😂😂.  I do nearly all of the food prep, cooking and serving up, as you know, I also do quite a bit of the washing up during the day (my choice, at least I know it's done properly and all my crockery/glassware stays intact!)....husband does the washing up every evening after dinner - although he often leaves things in the bowl 'to soak overnight', and some things I have to re-wash the next day as they've still got dried on food 😒.  Whilst sis is here this week, I don't want her doing anything (she does offer) - I want her to have a lovely relaxing week, she really does need it - she would do the same for me.  However, husband sees it as an extra body to do the washing up (so he doesn't have to) and keeps making barbed digs about it, trying to guilt trip sis into doing it.  She doesn't take much notice, or just laughs, I'd already pre-warned her that he sometimes makes inappropriate comments which is part of his cognitive impairment.  And I had already talked to him before sis arrived, saying that I want sis to just relax and enjoy herself.  But obviously he forgets everything he's told.

So's been quite cloudy and drizzly today.  After a leisurely morning, we decided to go to Porlock Weir, we took a packed lunch and had it in the car facing the beach - it was too cold and windy to eat outside.  After lunch when the drizzle had eased off, husband stayed in the car with Betty whilst sis and I had a stroll around - a brief one as there was still a cold wind.  It's quite interesting looking at things through sister's eyes - as a tourist....I guess as we live here we tend to take the sights for granted.  Then we drove up into Porlock (the village, the Weir is the seaside bit) and looked in a few shops.  Sis bought us a galvanised tin baby bath in a junk shop, which the owner said is from the 1940s - the tin bath that is - as an anniversary present for us (you may remember our anniversary was last week).  I'm delighted, I'm going to use it as a herb garden.  Actually, I think one of the other Sues has one.

Tomorrow morning we'll be doing a little bit of shopping, then going to a boot sale in the afternoon.  We're having such a good time.

Monday 3 June 2024

No more on that subject

 In the spirit of fairness I've allowed all comments on my politics post of 1 June.  However, I regret having said anything about politics/politicians (which really I know nothing about, it was just a personal observation) and won't be publishing any further comments.  Nor making any further observations about politics, either side of the pond.  I've no wish to aggravate anybody, that's not what my blog is about.

My apologies.

Lovely week so far

 Let's take politics off this blog, it's far too divisive and emotive and I've no wish to cause ructions!

Well, we're having a lovely time with sister.  She arrived almost exactly on time on Saturday (which I think is quite amazing really, that the coach company are able to pinpoint an exact arrival time - and stick to it - on a 6 or 7 hour journey), we spent the evening chatting and laughing.  Yesterday we had a leisurely day....sat in the garden for a while, had a little walk around our village, went out for our carvery lunch.  In the evening sis wanted to see the sea, so we went to Minehead for a stroll along the promenade (sis is too wobbly on her feet right now so walking on the very soft sandy beach was out).  It was a lovely warm evening, and still surprisingly busy, lots of holidaymakers about.

Today we went here:-

Dunster village - we didn't go up to the castle, too steep for sis.  Had a lovely lunch in the garden of a nice cafe, and a browse round the shops.  The weather was intermittently cloudy and sunny, very warm and dry.  Lots of photo opportunities in the village, to sister's delight.

Tomorrow we're off to Watchet, sister's choice.

Saturday 1 June 2024

Unusual bad night....and politics! (look away now haha)

 Although I do generally sleep very well nowadays, last night was one of those now relatively few nights where I didn't - in fact I was awake for 3 or 4 hours.  Got a few things on my mind right now, and of course the excitement of sister arriving later today.  When I knew I wasn't going to get back to sleep anytime soon, I put the lamp on and read my book.  A couple of times I half dropped off so put the light out, but as soon as I did I was wide awake again, annoyingly.  Think I finally put the light out for the last time and went to sleep around 04.30....and then husband got up and crashed around (he's noisy whatever he does) waking me up just after 06.30.  I think I'll be having a little nap this afternoon before we go off to pick sis up.  For yesterday's dinner husband had chicken and chips, but I didn't have the fish fingers after all - I had just what I fancied, which was a cheesy chip butty with mayo.  It was delicious, but obviously very carb-laden - I didn't have my sourdough bread, which was still in the freezer, I had 2 slices of husband's granary bread - nice, but gave me gut ache (sourdough is about the only bread that doesn't disturb my guts, unless I eat too much of it).  So that's another reason why I didn't sleep well, probably.

I put my washing out on the line at 08.15 this morning, it was already warm and sunny then.  It's got a bit hazy now but is still warm.  The bed linen is changed, the hoovering done, bathroom cleaned, garden tidied and paths swept, nothing else to do.  Sister's coach can be tracked online and so far it's running on time.

I don't take much notice of politics, not even in this country, let alone anywhere else.  However, I just find it so hard to take in that Trump could possibly still be re-elected as President.  At the risk of upsetting some of my USA readers (apologies if it does), I absolutely cannot understand his appeal - he's arrogant, a bully, a liar, takes absolutely no notice of anyone else and thinks he's ALWAYS right.  And he's been so rude to/about the Judge and openly flouted the Judge's gagging orders.  It almost seems to me as if his followers have been brainwashed, like he's some sort of cult leader.  Well, that's my opinion anyway, for what it's worth.  I'm just glad I'm not American.

As for our upcoming election - as yet I have absolutely no idea who I shall be voting for.  I've read a few of each (of the main) party's claims of what they will/won't do if they get in power, to give me some insight.  But I have to say I'm not impressed by any of the parties (or their leaders and right hand men/women) - they're all very good at spouting off about what they'll do, but then their promises tend to disappear once they're in power.  And none of them seemingly will give a direct answer to a question, which is very irritating.  I even did a questionnaire in one of the had to rate how important (or not) you felt a number of issues were, then your answers are collated and the quiz came up with percentages for which party best suited your answers.  Well, my highest percentage was for a party I've never even heard of! 😂😕  So I'm none the wiser.