Sunday 7 February 2021

Moving forward but staying put

 Thank you all for your very supportive comments.  One of my lovely regular readers offered to help look for a new house for us - thank you GP.  I've said before that we'd like to move, and we will need to at some stage, it won't be practical for us to stay here in this very rural area when we're old and feeble.  However, with our newly changed circumstances, it will be extremely difficult for us to move.

We are fortunate that our rent here is cheap, due to the house being on farmland, with no amenities or public transport nearby.  Properties nearer to towns (and thus amenities) cost more, a fair bit more than we currently pay.  And rental prices hereabouts are currently going through the roof....owing to the nearby nuclear power station under construction.  They already have I think around 5,000 workers onsite, which is a reduction for Covid safety reasons - but they have recently said they want to increase the workforce by about 300% - that's another 15,000 people!  And they've got to be housed.  So landlords are cashing in on this and advertising their properties as being suitable for Hinckley workers, and putting the rents up massively.  Local people are being priced out of the market, just like locals in popular tourist areas such as parts of Cornwall.

We are lucky that there are laws preventing landlords from evicting tenants without good reason, otherwise I'm sure we'd be given our marching orders so that our landlord could get Hinckley workers in here at a much higher rent - he's already said it in jest several times!  At least I think it's in jest....😒

Husband has to go to hospital tomorrow to have another x-ray and see his consultant for a further assessment on his foot.  He's been having increasing pain in it lately, it seems the more the swelling goes down, the more painful it gets.  His consultant did say the last time that if he still has trouble with it, she may need to operate again and take out the 4 or 5 pins she put in it.  And that will mean another few weeks when he's unable to drive.  Sigh.  Whatever happens, I hope she can reassure him that the pain will go soon, he's really struggling again. 

Meanwhile, my nephew is still in hospital (2 weeks now), with no firm diagnosis...they do have a couple of possibilities in mind but don't have much experience or expertise in these in the local hospital he's in.  They're talking about him possibly seeing a specialist in London (he lives in the Midlands).  Nephew and his fiancee just want a diagnosis and treatment, as does his mother, my sister, who obviously has been unable to visit him, nor has his fiancee.


  1. If your hubby needs another op to get rid of the pain, it'll be worth it in the long run, even though it's not what either of you want. (The op I mean not getting rid of the pain!) It's a shame your nephew still hasn't got a diagnosis. I can sympathise with his family being frustrated and worried about not being able to visit. I hope the London specialist can diagnose and treat him quickly so he can get back home. As for moving, you never know, the right place at the right price might just turn up. xx

  2. I hope the medics concerned get both your nephew and husbands problems sorted. I was a land lord for almost 4years and I could have charged a lot more tent than I did. But they were a young professional couple trying to save, they looked after my home well. Every christmas I bought the chocolate and wine as a thank you. Good tenants are really worth keeping. I'm sure yours realises that.

  3. Hope the hospital is able to sort both your husbands pain and have a diagnosis for your nephew. Fingers crossed you get lucky with a move you never know.

  4. I hope your husband and nephew are feeling better soon, my GD is down with the virus at the moment and lives alone.
    I wonder if you have thought about the council or housing association, we have quite a few bungalows in the village purposely for older people so you might be entitled to rent them. Good luck with whatever you do it must be worry for you.
    Hazel c uk ����

    1. That's exactly what I was thinking reading through Sooze's post today. My son has lived in a housing association house for a few years and the rent is very reasonable.

    2. Good, you guys over there have the inside on what is available , even if in the future.
      Bungalow, I love the sound of that!

  5. hoping both your hubby and your nephew get things sorted soon. x

  6. Prayers as always
    Weather permitting I get second vaccine today...plan my 31st move March...from north to south...splitting time with kids and grands...apartment living I love.

  7. Sending love and positive vibes for all those situations. And especially for you.


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