Tuesday, 9 February 2021

A sneaky look!

 Thank you for comments.  Some of you mentioned Council or Housing Association properties...that had crossed my mind, our very first house nearly 40 years ago was a Council property, it had nice big rooms, although wasn't in a very nice area.  Then we bought our next house, an ex-Council house on a lovely estate.  I really loved that house, until the neighbours from hell moved in next door and proceeded to ruin our lives for the next couple of years 😠. I think the whole Close heaved a sign of relief when they finally moved out, after repeated visits from the Police interfered with their chosen lifestyle too much!

What's always put us off applying for social housing now (as it's now called) is the fact that we would probably only get offered a 1 bedroom flat, meaning we couldn't have family or friends to stay.  And neither of us could stand the thought of living somewhere with no garden - not practical with Betty anyhow.  And we might not get much choice about the location, whereas we really do want to choose.  I know - beggars can't be choosers, we should be grateful, etc etc.  Well, we're not beggars yet!  So that idea is on hold for a while.

Husband's consultant says his foot is healing as it should, it just takes time - up to a year! - and the pain should subside in due course.  She wants him to have another scan, though, and see a podiatrist about having specially designed insoles.  She's also given him pain medication to tide him over.

Whilst we were in Weston for the hospital, we took the opportunity to visit a small local car sales place to have a look at a particular little car they've got for sale.  Well it's lovely, we both really like it and it meets all our requirements, and the garage will take our big gas guzzler in part exchange.  Unfortunately, due to lockdown restrictions we couldn't have a test drive (although the salesman offered...naughty!  We declined though).  Husband won't buy the car without a test drive, quite rightly, and in any case, buying a car doesn't come under 'Essentials' during lockdown.  So we'll have to wait and hope it's still there once restrictions ease.  I suppose we could put a holding deposit on it, although it's not as if the garage is doing much (or any) business right now.  The garage is about half an hour's drive from here, so too far and not an essential journey during lockdown.  The only reason we went yesterday is because we were there for husband's hospital appointment anyway and the garage is only 5 mins drive away from the hospital, and we got a tiny bit of essential food shopping after.  Even if we don't manage to get that particular car, we now know that it's just what we want and need, so know what to look out for when restrictions are lifted.


  1. Well, I'm glad your hubby doesn't need another operation, but it's a shame it might take a year to heal completely. Would the garage let you have the car on approval for a couple of weeks? My daughter is getting a new-to-her car and because she can't test drive it, she has 2 weeks to try it out. I'm sure the right house for you all is waiting out there. Hope your nephew is improving too. xx

  2. It must be a great relief to know that healing is following the normal and expected route and things are OK, also that there's things that can be done to help with discomfort in the meanwhile.
    A good idea to try an on approval thing. You can just leave it to stand for several days before a try out and give it a good wipe over.
    Fingers crossed something works out. xx

  3. Thankfully there is nothing untoward and it is normal for healing to take so long. Hopefully the pain medication will help. Good luck with the car hunt once you are able out of lockdown.

  4. Glad you got to look at the car...helps to keep moving if you can on getting things done even if you have to wait.:)

  5. Goodness, that's a long time for your hubby's foot to heal, I hope he gets some relief from the pain before then. It's reassuring to know that it's on the mend though.

  6. Feet always take a long time to heal. Coworkers who have had foot surgery were off anywhere from 3-6 months. Orthotic insoles are a blessing, they've get me working.

  7. I had an operation on both my feet when I was 17 and it took a good year before I felt they were on the mend and had all the bandages off after the 6 months in plaster casts. The pain was tremendous made worse by the fact that they had reset one of them incorrectly and I had to have an emergency op with gas. Your hubby has all my sympathy.
    Good to know you have seen a car it will be a big saving.

  8. Good news about finding a suitable car. My mother in law has a one bedroom bungalow with a good size garden. Its council but she isn't allowed to buy it as it's a rare property. She had a conservatory put on and a sofa bed put in there for visitors.

  9. Doesn't your area do the 'bidding system' for social or council housing, most do these days. My son who lives in Cumbria bid on loads of properties before he got his. He ended up with a 3 bed house because the 2 different people who bid on it ahead of him and who qualified more than him changed their minds at the last minute, as he was the only other bidder he got it, big garden, double driveway the lot.

    1. Yes, this is how my daughter's inlaws ended up with their beautiful bungalow with huge corner garden after they put a bid in knowing they'd never be considered as only in their 60s but the 5 people in front of them declined it! That's near Newcastle and Gateshead.


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