Tuesday 28 November 2023

The electricity saga

 I must apologise for not responding to comments, or commenting on your blogs - as you know, I'm a bit busy right now!  I have been reading all your comments though, first thing in the morning and last thing at night, and am so appreciative of how you all seem to be on this journey with us.  If you've asked (or want to ask) a question and I haven't yet answered it - do please shout at me and give me a reminder.  I'm still trying to write a blog post every day, as it helps to consolidate everything I've done so far and still need to do - and it'll no doubt be fun to look back at it when we're in and all the stress is over, laugh and wonder how we managed to do it all in such a short space of time.

Dc you asked if we've had any joy with the electric meter - yes, eventually, after a lot of hassle.  British Gas who are the providers of the current prepayment card meter, proved impossible to get hold of on the phone - 2 calls to them, both held in a queue, the first for about 35 mins, the second for over 40 mins - both times we then got cut off without even getting to speak to a real person. 😠  Meanwhile, the electricity credit on the meter was dwindling fast (we subsequently discovered 2 things left switched on by the decorators or cleaners unnecessarily) and the blimmin new key thing B/Gas had sent didn't work, 2 different shops both said the key wouldn't load credit when we tried - I eventually found out, by googling, the key had to be activated (by sticking it in the meter for about 2 minutes, until it bleeped) before it would register any credit top up.  It now works, thankfully, and we've topped the credit up temporarily with enough to tide us over until after Christmas.  Well, hopefully - seeing as we've never had this type of meter before and I understand the tariff for it costs more than a normal meter, who knows?!  Anyway, I've been in touch with our present supplier here (Octopus, who are very efficient, helpful and very friendly), their advice is to carry on with the B/Gas prepayment meter for the time being, as they cannot register us as new customers (despite us already being customers, albeit here at the old house and at our caravan) until we actually move in.  Once we've moved in, they will change the meter to a normal one, at no cost to us.  So that's that problem solved.

Both husband and I are finding that we can only work during the morning - by lunchtimes both of us are exhausted (neither of us is sleeping very well) and full of aches and pains.  In the afternoon husband has a snooze - I have to say I did too yesterday, although downstairs in the armchair, I didn't go to bed.  I generally sit and do another couple of change of addresses on the computer, tick off the list the jobs we've done that morning, make a new 'to do' list for the next day, and make any phone calls that need doing.  The carpet fitter rang yesterday afternoon, the fitting is back on for 10.30 am today, which is brilliant.  We'll be there about 9 am, taking more stuff over.  Betty is coming too, she and I will stay in my bedroom (she'll be wanting to 'help' the carpet fitters otherwise!) whilst the lounge carpet is being laid.  I've got clothes to put away in my wardrobe, and my curtains to put up, so that will keep me occupied.  If I take a hammer and some nails, I could put a few pictures up too (we are allowed to, before you think I'm a vandal! 😂).

Sue (ex-Smaller and Simpler Life) - I just want to say it's nice to still be hearing from you, I'm glad you've not disappeared from Blogland completely.  I hope you're all doing well.  I'm also hoping the other Sue who stopped blogging (Hard up Hester) is doing alright too, both of your blogs are missed.  There are a lot of Sue's around in Blogland aren't there - we're all obviously of the same vintage!


  1. I'm not surprised you're both knackered by lunchtime. I'm worn out just reading all you've done! Good news on the meter, I've heard the pre-payment meters are more expensive, so that's one thing you don't want! And it's good that the carpet is getting fitted, too. That means you can start to arrange furniture and make the place feel like home. Good idea to let Betty help you rather than the carpet fitters, too.🤣
    Funny how names go in cycles, isn't it? You can almost work out how old someone is by their name. I don't think there are many children called Susan (or Kathleen) nowadays! xx

  2. Yes I wonder what happened to Sue/Hester as well. It always leaves a question mark when people just suddenly disappear like that...

  3. Glad you got the power company problem worked out...and don't worry about commenting on blogs . We all know how terribly busy you are with the move! Can't wait to see some photos...
    Rest when you can...

  4. You are doing an amazing job at getting everything done. I too miss both those blogs and agree it's nice to see comments from Sue (smaller life) as it means we know she is still around. The other Sue/Hester doesn't seem to appear in comments and I do hope she is okay. Sorry to high jack your post for these comments but it's the only way to make a small connection.

  5. You are working so hard, it is no wonder you need a sleep/nap in the afternoon. I know you will enjoy looking back at these posts and seeing how much you accomplished for your move.

    God bless.


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