Tuesday 15 October 2019

Feet stuff

Thank you for comments yesterday, I need to clear a few things up as I may inadvertently have given the wrong impression.

Both husband and I will be having our foot ops (in his case) and investigations (mine)....but in due course, for various reasons we can't have them now.  We both have to ring today and make arrangements - would have done it yesterday but our phone and broadband were off for most of the day, BT were here dealing with it on and off throughout the day.

It's not a question of not having transport to get us to/from our various hospital appointments if husband has his foot ops now - that will make things difficult, of course, with me not driving, but not impossible.  Various neighbours have offered help.  It's the fact that his upcoming UTI tests and prostate op take precedence over his feet - he can't have everything done at once, it's not possible or logical, it's a question of priorities.

Same with me.  I'm having so much gut trouble that it's a priority to get the cause identified and then treated, my feet are not a priority right now.  It may be that my foot problems do turn out to be diabetic neuropathy, and I do know that's serious (nobody wants toes or a foot amputated)….but it isn't going to happen overnight, and it may not be that at all.  Incidentally, my diabetes nurse doesn't think it is, she's referred me to podiatry as a precaution.

It's just that everything has come at once, we both have so many health things going on, some of which are more important than others.  

Thank you all for your concerns, it's really nice to know people care.

Mum seems to have rallied, she was feeling much better yesterday.  But yes, as was mentioned in comments, it is an emotional rollercoaster all the time.

It's sunny today, thankfully, it seems to have been almost neverending rain recently, which is always depressing.  Husband has a GP appointment later on this morning, I have to wait in for a delivery, then after lunch we're going to our favourite place, Dunster beach.  Betty's not had a good run for ages, due to the rain (she doesn't like being out in the rain anymore than we do, she just wants to get back home more or less as soon as she's done her business).  And all of us need a walk in the fresh sea air.


  1. Glad your mum has rallied, Sooze. Enjoy your walk along Dunster beach, it'll do you all a world of good :)

  2. Good news about your mum and I agree, it is necessary to prioritise things so that the mnost important things are sorted first.
    Have a lovely outing. It will blow the cobwebs away, won't it?

  3. Enjoy the beach , the wind in your hair, and the sound of the water. May it take your worries away for a bit.

  4. You sound a bit more positive today. Everything does seem to come at once, and that's even more true when it's things we'd rather didn't come at all! Enjoy the sunshine and the fresh sea air. xx

  5. Thoughts and prayers as always!!!

  6. Glad today's a better day. Hugs x

  7. So sorry that I haven't been reading your blog, I have been doing boring stuff like replacing my dead fridge. It had lasted exactly eleven years so it's not to bad.

    Did you have a good time at Dunster?

    Hugs! xx


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