Friday, 25 October 2019

On being 60

I'll be 60 in 12 days time (I may have mentioned it once or twice!).

I've always had a bit of a thing about getting's long been a standing joke in my family that I'm 39 every year, my brother even writes it in my card each year, along with some cheeky comment (he can afford to be smug, he's exactly a year younger than me).  I can remember waking up on the morning of my 30th birthday and thinking 'this is's all downhill from here!'.  On my 40th I decided that I didn't actually want to be 40, hence why I stayed at 39 forever after.  Oddly enough though, when I was approaching 50 it didn't feel so bad - I kind of felt like I'd finally grown up and was able to start doing whatever I wanted to, as opposed to doing what had been expected of me up till then.  So I had my belly button pierced and got 2 small tattoos (a pansy on my forearm and a butterfly on my foot) just shy of my 50th birthday, they were my birthday presents to myself.  I didn't tell husband until after they'd been done.....he just raised his eyebrows and smiled when I showed him, he's not really shocked by anything I do.  I guess it was my kind of rebellion against middle age.....sort of like a middle aged bloke suddenly buying a motorbike and a medallion necklace.

(Incidentally, the belly button piercing, which I loved, didn't last long - I caught it on the edge of a box I was lifting at work, nearly ripping it went septic and I had to have it removed!).

My darling Nana, who I loved to bits and who died when I was 14 and she was in her very early 60s, always seemed like an old lady to me.  She always wore the same thing - a long sort of wrap around floral apron/overall, she must have had a few of them.....most of her neighbours wore the same kind of thing, like a uniform almost.  On her feet she wore sturdy lace up brown shoes, even indoors, her hair she wore loose, unlike her neighbours who all had theirs in a bun.  Nana's hair was pure platinum, I thought it was lovely and different, as her female neighbours all had grey hair.  She didn't dye it, it just naturally went that colour.  My Nana looked the same - old to me - all my life, despite not actually being that old at all.

The women in my family aren't really conventional dressers.  My lovely Mum has always favoured a sort of hippy style, she wears long floaty skirts and dresses in bright colours, with one of her large collection of colourful scarves and shawls....not necessarily in colours/patterns matching her dresses!  But Mum doesn't care whether they match or not, she wears what she likes.  Well, wore - past tense now as she's bed bound, sadly.  I have as my laptop screen saver one of my favourite photos of Mum, she's sat in her garden, wearing a maxi length leopard print dress and a bright purple cardigan, it was taken by my sister in early summer this year.

My sister, 4 years younger than me, is a sort of Goth - she wears lots of black and purple and dresses like Morticia of the Addams Family, she has pale skin and uses dramatic makeup.  Her hair, dyed blonde like mine, is shaved on one side and long on the other.  She looks fantastic, she's very tall and striking looking, whereas I'm short and dumpy.  My sister is always perfectly made up, with long purple or red nails and matching lipstick, whereas I've never been a fan of makeup, much preferring the natural look.....I feel quite scruffy beside her.

I live in jeggings (a cross between jeans and leggings, for the uninitiated) or brightly patterned lycra leggings, t-shirts or sleeveless tops in the summer, fleece rugby shirts in the winter.  I like bright colours and bold patterns, being a big girl I think I can carry it off, even at my advanced age!  Not that I care what anyone else thinks of what I wear, anyway.  That's an advantage of older cease to worry about how others view you.

My hair, naturally a sort of nondescript mousy blonde, has been dyed continually ever since I was about 14 or 15....nearly always light blonde, although I've had brief experiments with other colours.  I went red for a couple of weeks once years ago - a mistake, it didn't suit my English rose complexion.  I've had it purple a few times, which I really like but not the dusky greyish lilac it fades to.  I've also had blue or bright pink highlights now and then.

So this is me at (almost) 60, trying on a lovely shirt I've bought specially for my birthday.  We'll be going out for a birthday meal with friends on holiday, so thought I ought to make a bit of an effort and dress up for the occasion.

(Apologies for the terrible lighting, it's peeing down today so is very dark and dismal....and I really ought to have cleaned the mirror before I took the photo!)


  1. look fab in that top.

  2. What a lovely photo and gorgeous top - it is always nice to see who you are talking to when you leave a comment. I have been through many stages of appearance in my life - during the late 60's and early 70's I loved the hippy look with long flowing skirts and embroidered velvet Indian jackets, I had long flowing hair too - my favourite shop was one on the high street in Cheltenham called the Black Market, smelling of incense and selling hippy clothes. Before I left Art college I did a complete change - even had my hair cut shorter and permed and again when I started working for the dress pattern company Maudella (now New Look patterns)I chose whatever was the current fashion and wore mostly clothes from Next or made them. When I started in the Solicitors office many years later I always dressed in smart suits and finally relaxing to short stretchy skirts and tops with thick tights or the short A line dresses that are around now. Since I left work I am now spending my days like you in jeggings and tops (woolly tops at the moment). I wonder what I will be wearing if I reach 90 like my mum!
    I have never had piercings (not even my ears) or tattoos, neither have my daughters or my siblings - must be a family thing, but I like the fact you went and had them for your 50th - what is your 60th going to bring.
    I hope you have a lovely birthday you so deserve a nice day after all you have been through recently. x

  3. Sooze, that's a great picture and I love that top with the sparkly cuffs! Thanks for posting it, we can now picture you talking to us when we read your lovely blog.

  4. Happy birthday, another Scorpion.

  5. How lovely to see you. Love that top and hope you have a wonderful birthday. 60 is OK - no different to 59!

  6. Happy birthday!
    I shall be sixty very, very soon.....
    I don't mind at all. I had very serious dalliance with death aged 49 and so being 60 is great!x

  7. Happy birthday early
    I loved 60-got my Master's degree couple months before!! I just turned 72!!!!
    Just gets better!!! You are darling looking-so cute!!!!!

  8. Looking good Sooze - bet your hubby won't be able to keep his eyes off you when he sees you dressed up in that very plush gorgeous looking top.
    Enjoy your birthday - there's plenty more to come.

  9. Like you, I don't care what others think about how I look. I just dress in what i like and feel comfortable in. You know what they say - 60 is the new 40! That top is lovely, sort of thing I'd wear. Have a lovely birthday. xx

  10. Sue you look lovely.
    I am a scorpio girl as well.x

  11. Happy Birthday to you!!
    That top is fabulous, love the sparkly cuffs. Having had the pleasure of meeting you in real life I remember how lovely your skin was and how your eyes sparkled when you smiled.
    Age has never bothered me, getting older is far better than the alternative.
    Have a wonderful break. xxx

  12. I like your top, and your hair suits you. Happy Birthday.

  13. You look lovely Sooze. I have just turned 59 so I am not far behind you. I hope you have a wonderful birthday and a much better year to come.

  14. Hope you have a fabulous relaxing holiday with the added bonus of your birthday celebration. You look gorgeous!

  15. You look great Sue. Have a wonderful birthday, welcome to the '60 and smashing it' club..

  16. You look lovely. Happy Birthday. I am currently red hair at 70.

  17. You look so comfy. I would wear that outfit in a split second.
    Are you related to the Mahoney's by chance?

  18. Getting older has never bothered me as they say the alternative is worse! My problem is waiting for the brain to catch up with my body. I am nearly 78 but still can't believe I am that old.

  19. Happy Birthday and great pic, that top looks fab as do you !

  20. You certainly don't look your age Sue, not at all. 60 nowadays is the new 50. Have a lovely holiday.

  21. Evening Sooze

    You're looking good and that top really suits you. You won't be 60, you'll be 59 and four quarters!! :-) Anyway, it won't be long before we will be expected to work until we're 70. =( Happy Birthday and hope you have a lovely birthday meal.

    All the best

    Carol x

  22. There you are! I am so happy to see you again, it has been a while since you were here.

    You look terrific - but then you always do. Have a wonderful birthday with your friends. Hugs! xx

  23. I think you look fab, Sooze! Hope you have a lovely birthday, you deserve to be spoilt rotten. Love your top, by the way xx


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