Saturday, 19 October 2019

Sod's law again

So much stuff going on at the mo, my head's all over the place and I don't know if I'm coming or going.  Can't seem to concentrate on anything for any length of time, lots of stuff needs doing to prepare for our holiday in 2 weeks' time.  We rearranged the entire lounge the other day, after being gifted a lovely dark pine corner desk from my best friend.....this meant lots of sorting out.  The old desk and sideboard both needed clearing out and most of the stuff from them is still in boxes under the stairs and in the dining room....I know I need to get on and do it, but just haven't got the oomph right now.  

I've cooked a few meals and frozen them to take with us on hols, but can't remember exactly what I cooked, they're all in the big freezer in the utility room in different drawers as it's currently full up.  The whole freezer needs sorting out and reorganising so all the veggies are together, meat in another drawer, fish in another, batch cooked meals together, etc.  It started off like that but has become totally disorganised and I can never find anything.

I've almost come to the end of the stack of cards I made for Mum, there's only 1 left (I send her a couple a week), so need to make another lot, even my cardmaking mojo has left me recently.

My gut problems are ongoing, I did try keeping a food diary for a few days to see if there's something specific upsetting my stomach.  No pattern emerging though, seems like anything and everything disagrees with me, although not all the time - some days I'm in agony within half an hour of eating anything, other times not so much, even if I've eaten the same thing.  Some days I feel so sick even the thought of food makes me want to heave, other days I feel fine....well, not fine, wrong word, haven't felt fine for months.  Can't wait for my scans to see what's going on.

On the subject of which....husband has today had in an appointment for the wee test the consultant wants him to have, prior to having his prostate op.  Sod's law - it's the same day as my scans, in a different hospital, and the 2 hospitals are nowhere near each other.  Both his and my procedures are important, but obviously we'll have to rearrange one of them.  Why is everything so complicated?!

Husband continues to be clumsy - a couple of nights ago he got up to go to the loo and fell in the bathroom....a combination of him being half asleep, not putting the light on and losing his balance.  The almighty great crash and his loud moans scared the life out of me, fortunately he wasn't badly hurt, just a very large area of bruising on his back and some surface grazes, which bled of course, him being a 'bleeder' because of his blood thinning meds.  And yesterday he dropped his dinner on the lounge rug....we were eating off trays whilst watching TV, he leaned sideways to give a bit of fish skin to the dog (yes I know, shouldn't feed the dog off our plates), didn't pay attention to his dinner and the plate slid off the tray, somersaulted and scattered salmon steak, brown rice and veggies all over the mat, he'd eaten less than half of it.  Betty was initially very startled, but then thought Christmas had come, husband had to quickly shut her out of the room.  I was very restrained and didn't say a word, just quietly left him to clear it all up, then gave him half my dinner....just because I didn't really want it anyway, as my guts were playing up.

So life goes on pretty much as normal - normal for us, that is, which is to say one problem after another!

My birthday is fast approaching, I'll be 60 whilst we're away.  Having spent years and years insisting (and feeling) I'm only 39, I now feel every day of my age.  Don't even look in the mirror anymore.

Thank you all for comments, Dunster beach was lovely as always, even though it did start raining a bit whilst we were there (which wasn't forecast).  There wasn't much wind for a change, the only pity was the tide was out, very far out, so couldn't really see the sea.  Couldn't walk down to the water's edge as the Somerset coast is notorious for very soft sticky mud.  Betty had a whale of a time, she absolutely loves the beach, haring around like a mad thing, frantically digging in the sand and scattering it everywhere, then throwing herself on her back and rolling around in it, it's a joy to watch her having so much fun.  Even if she is filthy afterwards!

Oh and I must say welcome to a couple of new followers, I hope I don't bore you to death!


  1. You were very self controlled - I'd have hit the roof, I think.

  2. Too worn out to care much most likely ,Joy. I've been there .


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