Friday, 4 October 2019


Cherie of North Yorkshires Craft Guru blog mentioned having the munchies last evening (hope your leg allowed you to get some sleep, Cherie).  By coincidence, I also had the munchies - it was before I read Cherie's blog, so I must have been psychic!  Instead of Cherie's onion rings though (which I wouldn't have as onion disagrees with me, unless it's well disguised in a stew or something), I had some little baked spelt crackers with pumpkin seeds and parmesan baked into them.  They sounded healthy in the shop, as well as looking delicious....they were delicious, if somewhat harder to crunch than I'd expected. 

Well, it's now just gone 03.30 am and I'm in agony with gut ache, it's like there's a pair of hands inside my gut grabbing hold of my organs and twisting them round.  Horrible.  And I feel as sick as anything.  

Lots of perfectly innocuous foods seem to be upsetting my stomach right now, it almost makes me feel like not eating anything.  Seeing my GP on Monday for the results of my blood tests.  Sounds strange I know, but I really hope the various tests come back as abnormal - at least that means something is wrong and it can hopefully be treated.  If they're all fine, well what on earth is causing me to feel so ill?  I'm downstairs with a hot water bottle (well, one of those wheat bag things you put in the microwave) on my tummy, can't see me getting any more sleep, it's too painful and am pretty sure I'm going to throw up soon.

We're going to see husband's urology consultant today, following the cancelled appointment a fortnight ago.  It had better not be cancelled again!  Oh, we had a reply back from my complaint to PALS - they basically just said sorry, and blamed it on an administrative error.  Well, that's alright then 😒  They also said the reason he hasn't yet seen a consultant - well, any specialist doctor of any grade - is that they wanted him to have all the tests first, so they had all the relevant results to hand before seeing him.  So it's taken 6 months to have all these tests and he's suffered with constant UTIs during the whole of that time?!  Hmmm.

We both had our flu jabs a couple of days ago.....husband says his arm's been killing him since, like someone has punched him, oddly my arm feels fine, no reaction at all.


  1. I have had a bad tummy bug for three weeks now and my doctor said to eat a bland diet it is horrible but I am better now. It is basically no fibre. Google it it might help.

  2. There must be something that they will pick up. Perhaps it's some sort of gluten problem? Fingers crossed that they land on it speedily because it really isn't much fun for you at the moment, is it? (((hugs)))

  3. Oh, Sooze, what a tough time you're having. As you say, at least if the tests come back abnormal, you'll be on the way to finding out what's wrong. I hope Hubby gets some satisfaction today, too. Love and hugs. xx

  4. What a horrible time you are having, do hope you get to see the right person at hospital and your own tests show what's wrong so you can get the right medication

  5. I feel the same, not as bad as you when I eat too much refined white flour, which is in everything, so I aviod bread, cakes biscuits ect. We make all our own bread and cakes, I can get away with a treat now and then, but if I have it 2 days in a row I suffer.

  6. You must be so fed up now Sooze. Just know that I am thinking of you and hoping for everything to turn out well.

  7. Could it be Crohns disease? You are having such a rotten time that I hope it sorted out soon,

  8. Oh, love, I am so sorry that you are hurting so! I hope that tomorrow you will know what the problem is and that steps to make you better can commence. Hugs! xx


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