Tuesday 7 January 2020

One day - or hour - at a time

Thank you once again for comments, you're all very kind.  I wish we could all get together for a big coffee morning.

I'm only doing each day whatever I feel I can cope with.  Yesterday I googled to find out what's going on with my phone, which is sluggish - I didn't think it was anything to do with the battery, as I had a new one fitted some months ago.  Turns out it could be to do with the memory (I know how it feels!) - the memory on my phone is nearly used up so needs clearing out pronto.  Of course I wouldn't know how to do that, so had to google again.  Luckily I found a tutorial on how to do it, but actually doing it by that time was too much for my brain to cope with, so I've saved the tutorial and will have a go today....hopefully.  

I also need a new phone cover - I always get them off ebay but the last one, a cheap leather one, is wearing out rapidly, the little magnet for the closure strap fell out yesterday and I've had to sticky tape it back in, and the strap itself is wearing through and will fall off soon.  That'll teach me, you get what you pay for.  I spent ages yesterday trawling through the listings....the trouble is, there's too much choice, there are 1000s of them, and I just couldn't make up my mind - even something as simple as choosing a phone case seemed like too much of a problem.  I don't want just a plain black one, I like colourful ones that reflect my personality.  So I gave up with that too.

I made a shepherds pie yesterday, using the leftover roast lamb and diced up veggies from Sunday.  There was enough to make two, but my brain forgot to tell me to put it in two separate dishes (so one for the freezer) and I did it all in one big dish.  So we're having it again tonight - I could have decanted the remainder into a smaller dish for the freezer, but thought what the hell, we'll have it 2 days running.  It saves me having to think up and cook another meal today.


  1. Two days running is fine and I think the flavour is better second day anyway!
    Good luck with the phone stuff; how great to find a tutorial. I hate anything to do with technology going wrong.

  2. Just getting rid of some old photos/videos, you no longer need to keep on your phone will help with memory storage. No need for meal prep today is a bonus! :)

  3. We often do two days running so we only cook for one of the meals. I believe you can hook your phone up to the computer using one of the leads supplied with it and can do it quickly on screen. x

  4. As Ann says....clearing things you don't need to keep on your phone should sort things out. I have to do it quite often on my laptop.
    The shepherds pie sounds lovely. I wouldn't mind eating it two days running.

  5. I love the idea of a coffee morning. Wouldn't it be lovely to all meet up? I think my phone probably needs a good clear out too.

  6. Crochet or knit a phone cover up. Use all the color you want that way.


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