Friday, 17 January 2020

A glimmer of light

Some very surprising - and we hope positive - news from husband's prostate measurement test yesterday.  His prostate is now only slightly over normal size, so it's shrunk considerably.  He's been on specific prostate-shrinking meds for several months, but we were initially told that they don't have a very high success rate....only working in something like 40% of cases.  Seems like husband is one of the lucky minority then.

Husband left the hospital without finding out any information on what that means, or what happens next....honestly, I sometimes think men can't be trusted to do anything by themselves, they never seem to ask relevant questions!  So I got him to ring the hospital when he got home, and I spoke to the doctor myself.  Apparently, the size of his prostate isn't really relevant, other than determining what type of operation can be done - if indeed one is required.  According to the doctor, it's what's happening inside his prostate that really matters, and that's something for the consultant to consider.  The doctor who did the test will submit his report to the consultant, and husband will hear from him in due course.  So more waiting.  In the meantime, he is to continue taking the shrinking meds and the low-dose antibiotics, until told otherwise by the consultant.

It would be nice if it means husband doesn't in fact have to have an operation.  Which in turn would mean he can then go ahead and book the operation he's supposed to be having on his foot - to break and reset the tendons, which have been damaged by years of wearing steel toe-capped boots, resulting in a lot of pain.  Twice over the past few months the hospital have given him a pre-op date, both times he's had to cancel it as he'll be on crutches and unable to drive for 6 weeks after, and his prostate stuff was more important.

And then once his foot is sorted, I can think about my referral to physio for my back and hips.....which has been put on the back burner (no pun intended) as husband's problems took priority.  With so much going on in our lives, what with Mum and other problems which I don't talk about on here, it's just impossible to fit everything in and it's been (still is) a question of prioritising and putting things in a queue.


  1. Well, I hope it means, if Hubby does have to have an op, it will be easier and mean a quicker recovery, and he can have it done at your local hospital. Best case scenario - no op, the meds are doing their stuff! I'll keep my fingers crossed. xx

  2. I'm glad to hear there is one bit of hopeful news for you. Hope things all round now improve quickly

  3. Lovely to hear some good news and a chance that all might be better than originally thought. Doctors really should be better at offering information about your condition - they only seem able to be forthcoming if pressed.
    When I went to see a private physio last week she explained so much about my knee so I now understand what is happening - why couldn't my doctor have done the same?
    All you can do is work slowly through each problem. Take care. x

  4. Good you can make a plan now...or at least formulate one in your mind.

  5. It sounds as if things are going your way at last. I do hope it keep up! Hugs! xxx


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