Tuesday 14 January 2020

Doing nothing

I feel absolutely wiped out.  Got nothing of importance to do this week, we're eating basic easy meals that don't need fancy cooking, not doing much in the way of housework, other than washing and keeping things tidy(ish).  The only big thing is husband's prostate test on Thursday - he's going by himself as he's likely to be there for several hours and we don't like to leave Betty alone for too long.  Not that she's any trouble - she isn't, she just sleeps, I just don't like leaving her alone for ages.  He's been told he can drive himself home and says I don't need to be with him, he'll be fine on his own.

It's wet, windy and cold out so I don't feel like going out anywhere, not that I feel very sociable anyway.  I'm just spending time sitting in my recliner chair, doing a bit of mindless crocheting with the radio on, or lying on the bed reading when husband's got the TV on with daytime rubbish downstairs.  I just haven't got the energy or inclination to do anything else, my body and mind seem to be telling me they need a break.  So that's what I'm doing - having a break.  For as long as it takes.


  1. Is he having a biopsy? My husband is going for this early February. I feel bad for not going with him, but he also was told he didnt need anyone with him. But he always goes with me.

  2. Darling Sooze....I was exactly the same after I lost my Sister.
    Don't expect to be straight back to normal. Even when it's expected a death is still shocking and you need time to grieve and then time to start healing. Take that time and do just whatever you feel like or need to do.
    We are all here to listen when you want to say anything and when you don't well you will be in our thoughts.
    Gentle Hugs-x-

  3. Go with the flow Sooze, everything is going as planned, we can't stop some things so just hang loose if you can.
    Getting lost in a good book is always one way of losing yourself although at the moment I'm having trouble finding a book to hold me.

  4. Taking care of yourself. Finally you can.

  5. Doing nothing much sounds like a very good plan for you to recharge batteries. Take Care

  6. It takes a while after losing someone so close for you to feel motivated to do anything. Just go with the flow of what you feel day to day and don't feel the need to push yourself.
    Hope hubby is OK on Thursday - at least he will be one step closer to knowing the full picture. Take care x

  7. Sorry I haven't commented for a while. You have been in my thoughts though. Some mindless crocheting, reading and dozing sounds good to me. Grief is very tiring, both physically and emotionally, so taking things easy is the best way forward. I hope Hubby's test goes OK. Now you can both concentrate on yourselves. Take care Sooze. xx


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