Sunday, 26 January 2020

Typical Sunday

Bless you, thanks everyone for the comments, oh and welcome to Catherine, I'm glad that you can comment now.

Aren't we all just so fed up with this grey, damp, dark and dismal weather?  It's peeing down again here, with a bit of wind, well at least the fog's gone, I suppose that's something.  It's so blimmin changeable though isn't it....seems hard to believe that we had a couple of lovely days at the beginning of last week, with bright sunshine and clear blue skies.  And then that was quickly followed by damp, murky and cold fog for a few days, it just didn't seem to shift, although it didn't rain much, thank goodness.  And just when we thought our little local lanes and the fields were beginning to reappear from under the mud and pools of standing water, it's back to rain again so there'll be loads more mud and flooded roads.  Can't win.  Most of the little lanes around here aren't adopted by the local Council, which means they don't get maintained as the farmers/landowners who own them don't have the money....or time....or inclination to do any regular maintenance, even though their big heavy tractors and farm vehicles and the big trucks delivering animal feed/taking away milk are the main culprits of the potholes and rough roads.  Our little lane regularly gets flooded, and it's almost always muddy even if it's not flooded.  Hence why we need a 4x4 vehicle, and why husband rarely washes it - it gets splattered with mud again immediately.  Well, that's his excuse anyway lol.

I'm doing some batch cooking again today, a slow cooker full of chicken casserole.  We'll have it for dinner today, and there'll be a few plastic containers full for the freezer.  Recipes (well, hardly recipes, more a case of slinging things in) will be on my food blog.  I've decided to do more batch cooking from now on, so on days when I don't feel like cooking - which does happen quite often nowadays! - I can get something ready cooked out of the freezer and just add some veg to it.

I've got a nurse appointment at the surgery first thing tomorrow morning....for blood tests and, I've just remembered, supposedly to hand in a week's worth of blood pressure readings.  Oops, I totally forgot I was supposed to be doing them....will have to start tomorrow and hand it in next week, seeing as I didn't remember to do it this morning (I'm supposed to take 2 readings, morning and evening).  I've found that a lot lately, forgetting things I mean, I guess my brain has been so frazzled for the past few weeks.  The blood tests are for my diabetes glucose reading, cholesterol and to check my liver function - I have to have that done regularly in view of my liver disease.  And then next week I have my first weigh in with (very nice actually) sergeant major nurse Rose.  I hope she's not expecting anything dramatic - I think I may have lost a couple of pounds but that's all, the start of this month hasn't been great, although we are back to trying to eat healthily now.

Not doing anything much today, might do some crocheting this afternoon, or go and lie on the bed and read a it's raining, husband will be in his recliner chair dozing whilst supposedly watching the TV - he rarely actually gets to watch a whole programme as he dozes off within 5 minutes of putting it on, and even when he's awake he does the man thing of constantly flicking through all the channels - drives me nuts.  Just WATCH a programme or turn the damn thing off, for goodness sake!!  😝


  1. I think all men are the same when it comes to TV. Mine lies on the sofa, snoring, but swears blind he's listening! I know what you mean about forgetting things. If I don't write it down, it doesn't get done. We have little piles of "stuff to be done" on the chest of drawers in the hall. I seem to get it cleared for a day, then the piles creep in again! Maybe you need a big notice on the fridge to remind you to take your BP. Good luck with the weigh in. I've managed to lose a whole pound since the start of the year. Really makes you feel like carrying on eating sensibly! xx

  2. The weather is starting to get me down. There was a hint of sun this morning but blink and you missed it. Good luck with the diet and weigh in. I think the first two or three weeks of the year are particularly hard with the bits left over from Christmas hanging about. I’m off to choir practice soon and that always lifts my mood without fail. The batch cooking is such a good idea. I don’t so much do that as make a dish for dinner and one for the freezer occasionally. Then when there is no time or inclination to cook there is always something good to eat.

  3. It's been glorious blue sky and sunshine all weekend here. The odd sprinkle of rain that quickly cleared up. I suppose it is only the middle of winter so can't really complain.

  4. It's filthy weather again here Sooze so we are just having a lazy day at home doing our own things.
    I have a snoozer/channel hopper too. It drives me nuts so I tend to stay in the back room and stitch.
    Good luck with your blood tests and weigh in.

  5. We had a bit of sunshine this morning but it's chucking it down again now AND it's turned colder. It has to cheer up at some point, doesn't it?


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