Tuesday 18 August 2020

A sigh of relief and a new talent

I had a very interesting phone conversation with my diabetes nurse yesterday.  I'd asked for a consultation with her due to something the hospital consultant I saw last week said....that my diabetes was clearly out of control, he concluded this because my wee sample was high in glucose.  I told him I was very surprised that he should say that, as I've always had very good control of my diabetes, he said the wee results speak for themselves.  

Rose (my diabetes nurse) straight away said there's nothing wrong with my diabetic control, it's always been good.  She said one of the meds I take for my diabetes is the reason for the high glucose - the function of this particular med is specifically to suck the glucose out of the blood and flush it away in your pee, so the pee will always show a high glucose level.  Just shows that being a specialist in one particular field doesn't mean you have knowledge of other specialities.  I don't blame the consultant, he's clearly an expert in his field and can't be expected to know everything about things he doesn't specialise in.  I'm just very glad I spoke to Rose, it's put my mind at rest.

I'm trying out a new hobby, related to my cardmaking.  I love cardmaking, but it's a doddle now, I can do it easily and ideas just pop up in my brain, so it's less of a challenge.  I'd bought a set of watercolour pencils in a sale a while back - never used them before, never even done any sort of colouring or painting at all - well, not since school.  And I wasn't any good at it or even interested in it then.  I only bought the pencils because they were cheap!  Had to look up on youtube how to use them.  Well, then I got interested and watched several more videos, then tried out a few easy, I love it, and seems I have a bit of a talent for it.  My Mum did watercolour painting.....with paints, not pencils.....something we kids didn't even know she did until we were all adults.  She used to paint when she was a teenager apparently, then got married and had us 4 kids and didn't have any time so didn't do it anymore for years, until we'd all left home when she thought she'd give it a go again.

I'm thinking of doing some simple designs, probably mainly flowers to start with, for the front of cards.  I've had a few practise sessions and it's going well.  

I'm having short sessions on the new exercise bike every other day, I have a day off in between as at the moment it is causing my right hip to hurt like hell....I'm sure the pain will ease off as I get used to using the bike.


  1. Thank goodness - it must have worried you greatly.

    Good luck with your new found skill - looking forward to seeing some of the results. xx

  2. Well I guess we can't be experts in everything! Glad your worries were squashed by the nurse though. I'd love to see some of your painting. Good idea with the bike. Build up gradually. As the weight drops off and you get more mobility in your hips it should get better. Fingers crossed. xx

  3. I can't paint for toffee but my friend uses baby oil on a cotton bud with her water colour pencils. Makes the cards smell lovely when she has finished.

  4. Glad the nurse put your mind at rest. I'm not in the least bit artistic but I wish I were, I look forward to seeing your designs.

  5. I use the watercolour pencils to do outlines of things then I can wet the pencil mark to blend in. You will enjoy yourself!

  6. I started really slow on my bike...doing 75 rounds at first and worked up from there...only once a day. Need to get back at it.
    Thanks for reminding me.
    Will we get to see your art or is it on your cardmaking site?

  7. By any chance do you take Januvia for your diabetes? I do and it makes my mouth dry and I go to the bathroom alot.

  8. How wonderful to discover a new talent, enjoy!!

  9. Really looking forward to seeing your watercolours, Sooze! :)


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