Friday, 28 August 2020

It's not Covid!

First of all, thank you all so much for your lovely comments, I can't express enough how much they meant.  

I'm sorry I've been on such a downer recently, it seems I've been very unwell physically and not just emotionally, and that's coloured how I've been feeling mentally.  I've really had my money's worth out of the NHS this week and, without exception, every NHS worker I've come into contact with has been wonderful.

Monday I went for my diabetic eye test - all fine.  Tuesday I had to go for ultrasound scans on my bladder and kidneys, bladder seems fine but it turns out I have a benign tumour on my right kidney, technician said I'll hear from consultant as to details and next steps.  I'm not worrying about it, it's not cancer, unlike my sister and mum who both had cancer in their right kidneys, but how coincidental that all 3 of us had these things in the same kidney!

Wednesday I went to my GP for more tests.  I've not felt well at all for a few weeks, being utterly exhausted, having palpitations and a tight chest, and feeling like my head was stuffed with cotton wool to the point where I could hardly think straight, or even form a coherent sentence.  I put all these things down to anxiety and stress - I didn't have a cough or temperature or even a sore throat, and there was nothing wrong with my sense of smell or taste so was pretty sure it wasn't covid.  To cut a long story short, doc agreed it's not covid and following an ECG, various other tests and bloods, he thinks I've had a particularly nasty virus.  I am a bit anaemic apparently, but not enough to warrant medication, my liver function is lower than they'd like (but that's normal for me anyway with my mild liver disease), and my BP and heart rate are both on the low side, which he thinks may have been caused by the virus.  He's arranging for me to have a 24 hour heart trace, he said just because he doesn't want to miss anything.  He was very thorough, he's a really nice doctor with a lovely bedside manner.  He phoned to tell me all this at 08.15 this morning!  I'm definitely feeling much better now, almost as if I'm just waking up from a very bad (and very long) dream.

My brother was supposed to be coming to see us this afternoon, on his way back home to Cornwall from a job in the Midlands.  Unfortunately, he got stuck in miles of Bank Holiday traffic on the M5 (still on it) and rang to let us know he'd be very late, so i told him not to come....He's working tomorrow on an early shift so he needs to get home.  It's a great shame, I was really looking forward to him coming as I've not seen him since early February, but can't be helped 😞.  Hopefully we'll be able to make arrangements to meet up in the not too distant future.

My best friend has invited us round for a bbq tomorrow, looking forward to that.  And it's supposed to be a dry day!  I hope so, it's been so blooming wet and windy this week.


  1. Glad you've had some answers to your problems, and glad it's not Covid! What a shame about your brother's visit, but you can re-schedule. I hope the weather stays dry (and warm) for your BBQ. A meet up with friends will do you the power of good! xx

  2. Hope you have some fun tomorrow you have certainly earned it!

  3. BBQ , let's all go !
    Lucky you and good to know you aren't daft,yes. Just sick.

  4. Thank goodness, I am so glad for you.
    A shame about your brother. I gather the traffic has been shocking everywhere as people have holidays here rather than flying off elsewhere.
    Have a super bbq.

  5. It’s good to hear you sounding more cheerful and optimistic. A good Doctor is hard to come by and yours sounds just what you need. I think if you are confident in your Doctor you start to feel better immediately, it feels like they take you seriously and want to genuinely help you.
    Enjoy your friends bbq. Good company and a few laughs can be good medicine.
    Take care xx

  6. Glad you had a sympathetic doctor you felt comfortable with and have some answers to why you were feeling so unwell. I'm sure it was a relief to know what the problems are.
    Hope you enjoy the bbq tomorrow. Think the weather should be ok. Enjoy :) sure you will have some laughs with your friend.

  7. You sound more cheerful now, Sooze and that is what comes from relief isn’t it. Stress/anxiety affects us all in different ways. Your doctor sounds nice, as well as being thorough. Hope you enjoyed the barbecue:)

  8. Glad you are felling better

    Julie xxxx


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