Monday 17 August 2020

Medical stuff....ho hum

I had an awful weekend, feeling so unwell I spent much of the time in bed....highly unusual for me, I rarely stay in bed all night, never mind about during the day.  Saturday afternoon I went up and laid on the bed for an hour or 2, although couldn't sleep.  Yesterday, after virtually no sleep Saturday night, I got up and just did a couple of jobs that needed doing, then went back to bed, and actually slept for a couple of hours.  Got up, ate a bit of the dinner that husband had cooked (roast gammon and veg, very nice, shame I couldn't do it justice), watched Countryfile then had a very early night, having taken a sleeping pill.  Apart from 2 toilet trips, I actually slept very well, consequently I feel a lot better today, other than crippling backache and hip pain....I've taken painkillers, something I don't often do as I really don't like relying on them, but the CBD oil alone isn't helping much at the moment.

This morning I've washed up the dinner things from last night and cleaned all the kitchen surfaces and stove top, sorted out a wash load and done a freezer inventory, prior to doing a menu plan for the week.  Have just helped husband change over 2 rugs in the lounge, which involved moving some furniture....didn't do my back much good but needs must, just grit my teeth and get on with it.  Now sitting down for a rest and a cup of tea, after blogging I need to do some banking....was supposed to do it yesterday but just wasn't up to it.

As we can't afford to buy me a new laptop yet, I have to use husband's desktop, which is painfully slow and cumbersome.  The most annoying thing though is that he's so untidy and disorganised....his desk always looks like a bomb's hit it, I've had to move about a dozen things just to get to the keyboard and mouse.  I'm glad we've got the desktop, don't know what I'd do without tablet is a godsend, but just the act of holding it makes my shoulder and arm ache, and I don't do banking on it as it doesn't have an adequate AV programme - there isn't one for it, apparently!

The calendar, now that medical services are starting to get back to normal, is filled with appointments for the next 2 or 3 weeks....mostly for me, one for husband.  I have a phone consultation with my diabetes nurse this afternoon, which will probably be followed up by a blood test I expect, and another consultation.  Going to the chiropodist tomorrow (it was postponed from a couple of weeks ago, as I wasn't well at the time), husband has his retinopathy eye test at the local hospital on Thursday (I need to remind him, for the 3rd time(!!), to make arrangements for someone to take him, as he's not allowed to drive himself).  Next week I have my retinopathy eye test on Monday, followed by kidney and bladder scans at the main hospital in Taunton on Tuesday, then a follow up consultation with my consultant.  Loads of excitement 😒

Bum, just had a phone call from my chiropodist....after me having to postpone the appointment a fortnight ago, she's now having to postpone tomorrow's appointment as she's hurt her back, so it'll be another fortnight away now.  And my feet are suffering a bit at the mo, and my toenails badly need cutting and I can't bend to do it myself because of my terrible backache....oh well, can't be helped, and at least it gives me a free morning tomorrow.  Husband has offered to cut my toenails but, having had him attempt it once before, there's no way I'm letting him near me with a pair of scissors again, he's like a butcher with a lethal weapon!


  1. Oh, Sooze! Everything comes at once doesn't it. At least, once it's all done with, hopefully you can relax without medical stuff going on. Sorry you're having pain that stops you sleeping. I hope it eases soon. Pain and lack of sleep certainly makes you feel your age! xx

  2. I think the hip makes the back ache, that's what I am thinking, I think they call it referred pain. I have it in bucket loads but like you I hat taking pills.
    This morning we were going out and so I took a couple of paracetamols and a couple of codeine, that worked up to a point but now late afternoon its all back.
    I've got a double bed coming on Thursday all for me, can't wait, it means I can just roll over to each side without fearing falling out, lol
    Heaving myself over in the single bed is just making things worse.
    We should get together and write a book about aches and pains, lol
    Good luck with all the appointments. Usually when I think we've come to the end of appointments another lot spring up.

  3. Hi I don't know if it is your hip that is giving you pain I had mine replaced four years ago and a year later backpacker 400Ks across Spain. Recovery took six weeks of doing very little then gradually increasing my activity. The pain before the ok was terrible I could do very little .

  4. Concerning your problems with holding your tablet, back in 2017 I bought a stand for my iPad because looking at it on my lap was bothering my neck. Best money I ever spent. Do an Amazon search for “iegeek tablet stand” to look at it. I found it that way on Amazon UK. I use mine sitting in my recliner. Have not tried it in bed, but it is supposed to be good there too.
    Sarah in California in a heat wave.


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