Wednesday 12 August 2020


Even hotter and stickier today, am absolutely melting and fit for nothing.  No rain as yet, I wish it would hurry up.

Hospital appointment went well, I was called in exactly on time and actually saw the consultant, rather than a minion - he was a really nice older man who put me at ease.

To cut a long story short, and without going into details (which I don't intend to do on a blog), he thinks it's a diabetic complication.  I have to have several scans in 2 weeks' time.  He will then, some time after (who knows when, things are still up in the air with the Covid situation), do an exploratory operation under general anaesthetic.  Depending on what he finds, he may then treat the problem at the same time.  It should be day surgery, however I have an adverse reaction to general anaesthesia, which requires managing, and my liver disease has the potential to cause something of a problem too, so I may have to stay in a bit longer.

I'm not looking forward to it, but hopefully it will ease my current problems.  It's a scary time to be having to go into hospital though, just the thought of it makes me feel very anxious.  At least we have less Covid cases down here than the areas up North, now that really is scary.


  1. Sure all will go well. Though I too would be scared.xx

  2. It's natural to be apprehensive about going for an operation, especially at the moment. If it helps ease your worries, I know from recent family experience that staff and in-patients are tested for Covid weekly and all the staff will wear masks, gloves etc. You'll be treated away from the Covid wards. I hope the op eases your problems. Hot and sticky here too, thunderstorms expected. I hope they cool things down a bit, I don't like the heat. xx

  3. I would be scared too, given the complications but it should be fine and the relief will be good.
    Thinking of you.

  4. Good you got seen and now know a bit more.
    I would be worried about an operation too.

  5. Good to hear that your appointment went well and you are receiving treatment. I would be thoughtful too but I understand that the Covid wards are well separated from the others and there is so much sanitizing going on, it's probably safer than ever.
    I think yesterday was the worst day ever re heat and sticky, I visited a nature reserve with a friend, all well organised with one-way systems but sadly all the hides were shut. Now, I can understand the enclosed hides being shut but why the open ones too??? Such a shame! At least the cafe was open, 'kiosk' style, and one loo too, and the picnic area was shaded and well spaced!


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