Tuesday 22 September 2020

Best laid plans....

So much for feeling so good...

Yesterday morning Betty went to the groomers, we'd intended to go shopping whilst she was there, but had to wait in for someone who'd made arrangements to come round and collect a tool set that husband had decluttered out of his garage.  Well, he didn't turn up and no contact from him so we waited in for nothing (some people are just so bloody rude!).  So we collected Betty and rather than take her home then come out again for shopping, we decided to go straight into town, husband would stay in the car with dog whilst I whizzed into the shop, I only needed a few fridge and freezer bits.  Thought it would save fuel and time, having had a wasted morning.

However, when I came out and got back in the car, it wouldn't start, dashboard lights all came on (so the battery was ok) but engine dead as a dodo.  So we had to call the RAC, who said they were extremely busy and it would take 3-4 hours to get to us.  And this on a day when it was very hot and read 29.5 degrees.  And we had the dog, and I had 2 bags of chilled and frozen shopping....

To cut a long story short, I rang round some friends and eventually found someone who could come and collect me, Betty and the shopping and bring us home, leaving poor husband there.  I'd nipped back into the shop and bought him several bottles of water and a chocolate bar to keep him going, Betty drank nearly a full bottle, poor thing, she doesn't do well in the heat, just like me. The shopping was mostly defrosted by the time I got home, luckily it was mostly veg, and poor Betty was all hot and bothered (as was I).  Husband finally arrived home 5 hours after ringing the RAC (a friend had arrived at the supermarket and kept him company whilst he was waiting, fortunately, else he'd have been a lot more stressed than he was).

The starter motor is knackered, so another expense.  Bloody cars, they're just money pits.  And the most annoying thing is that today (I'm writing this in the early hours, being unable to sleep), we were supposed to be having a day out in Devon, having made arrangements to meet someone, obviously that's off now.  We could possibly reschedule for next week....that's assuming we're not all back in lockdown, seeing as the covid crisis is getting worse, the news is all doom and gloom.

The supermarket clearly think another lockdown is coming and it's going to be busier with people stocking up again (it was) - they've got the barriers for the queuing system back up at the entrance and at the checkouts.  And the shop looked like a plague of locusts had been through it, the shelves are back to being half empty.  Sigh.

I'm up because my mind is churning again (too much to think about) and my hip is agony.  The pain is definitely getting worse, looks like I'm going to have to go back to the GP. I've had to resort to taking codeine as paracetamol is doing nothing, unfortunately I can't take anti inflammatories, they disagree with me.  Will try going back to bed to see if I can go back to sleep, but am not hopeful.


  1. Oh, dear, but I agree, it is all very unsettling indeed. Rotten news about the car too. Two steps forward and one back, that's how it feels.

  2. Poor you, blimmin cars are such a nuisance as they tend to die at the most inconvenient times don't they. Please go back to the doctor about the hip. Don't leave it till you can barely walk and every step is agony... like I did.. I noticed our supermarket was a heckuva lot busier on Sunday when we called in for a few bits. I too think another lockdown is on the way. Probably only affecting the over sixties or the poorlies.

  3. What a rotten time. Do get back to the doctor about your hip, and stress how badly it's impacting your life. (Lay it on thickly, sometimes it's the only way to get taken seriously!) We're in local lockdown from today, and I fear we're heading for a national lockdown soon. Heading to the supermarket later so will see if the panic-buying has started yet! Take care, Sooze. xx

  4. Oh no, just as things were looking brighter. Hope the car is sorted quickly.

  5. So pleased your husband had company while he was waiting for the RAC and your neighbour took you back home
    so and Betty and you could get home and have a drink. Hszel c uk 🌈🌈🌈

  6. That is a long wait for the RAC but I guess in these weird times they are struggling as much as he rest of us. Clever you though to think of ringing for friends to get at least you and Betty home.

    I'm thinking the rules are going to be changing again this week, I am really having a struggle keeping up these days. I wouldn't find it quite so hard if both Wales and England had the SAME rules.

  7. Such a shame when things were just starting to look up. Cars really can be a problem. New restrictions are certainly on the horizon.


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