Tuesday, 29 September 2020

One of those nights

Thanks for your comments, the car's all fixed now, and wasn't eye wateringly expensive either.  Well, I say all fixed...the engine stuff is, there's an engineer coming today to change the passenger airbag, the safety recall thing I think I mentioned.

We went to Devon yesterday morning to meet up with someone, our planned thing from last week that had to be postponed when the car broke down.  All good, except that on the way home traffic came to a standstill just after we'd got on the motorway, we were stuck there for 3 hours, a fatality around 300 yards in front of us.  4 fire engines, 4 ambulances, the air ambulance and a dozen or more police vehicles in attendance...not sure what happened but it was clearly extremely serious.  I'm so glad we weren't involved, but very sad for those that were.  I'm so not cut out for travelling nowadays, I was shattered and really achey by the time we got home - and I don't even drive!

It's stupid o'clock again and I can't sleep, been up for an hour.  I'm having a run of nights where I wake up around 2 or 3 am and am unable to get back to sleep.  I've learnt not to stress about it, it will sort itself out eventually.  I just get up and go downstairs, make myself a hot drink and curl up on the sofa with my tablet, Betty usually comes and snuggles up beside me, she hasn't today though, she's snoring in her bed.  Think yesterday wore her out too, even though she slept in the car virtually the whole time.

I don't have anything important to do today, fortunately, as I'll be fit for nothing come the afternoon.  I'm going to sort through the rest of my books and see if Ziffit or Zapper will take them.  Husband brought in the last of the tomatoes and a huge boxful of apples over the weekend, so I've got those to deal with too.  Quite a lot of the apples are bruised or pecked or wasp nibbled, so obviously won't store, I'll have to process and freeze them for puds or breakfasts, or apple sauce.  I'll roast the tomatoes and freeze in boxes, ready to make soup or pasta sauces through the winter.  The big freezer in the utility room will be full then, there's only just enough room in it now.


  1. You, me and Angela could have had a party. She like you, woke early, I have had any sleep:( What are we like!

  2. getting stuck on the motorway is one of the things that puts me off driving far!
    Hope you can catch up on sleep

  3. We once got stuck for a couple of hours on M27, sadly the next junction was ours but we had to sit and wait. I am sleeping much better with the cooler nights, but I'm doing less in the day, too cool to be outside for long, I'm not a winter person.

  4. Good news about the car but not so great about the accident - how distressing.
    My run of bad nights seems to have finished (touch wood) but you have my sympathies. Yes, it sorts out in the end but still - not nice.
    Take care

  5. Like you, although I don't drive, I find travelling exhausting. Sitting in one position for hours doesn't help my back either. I get nights when I either can't get to sleep or wake up at silly o'clock. You learn not to stress about it. Just make a drink and read, crochet, whatever. I usually find I'm ready to sleep just as hubby is stirring! Take it easy today. Hope you get a better rest tonight. xx

  6. 3 hours is a long time to sit in a car. Like you I'm getting more and more disinterested in driving anywhere other than to shop. I think the aches are a lot to do with everything, they spoil my days but then I think I could have something worse and get on with it.
    Since I bought my new very firm bed I must say that I am having much better nights sleep. It's a double and I can just roll over without having to yank my hip.

  7. the motorways been a bit of a nightmare lately, lots of accidents. glad you got home safely.

  8. The bonus of living on a small Island is the lack of motorways, although it is a pain to have get a ferry to go anywhere. So I suppose its swings and roundabouts. Hope you manage to catch up with your sleep soon.

  9. I loved the lockdown as the traffic disappeared and it was so easy to get from A to B. Not only are there more accidents but the amount of wild life I see killed has been shocking as they had got used to a quiet existence.


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