Friday 18 September 2020


 Thank you for the lovely comments, I am actually starting to see a difference when I look in the mirror, the fat stomach is getting smaller.  At present though it's beginning to sort of empty out, leaving wrinkly saggy skin....pretty disgusting really.  Hopefully, that might improve in time...although my skin's not youthful and elastic anymore so it might not!  Still, nobody has to see it (except husband, poor bloke 😂) and it's got to be better than fat!

We've finally begun doing a major declutter - like most people, having lived here for several years we've accumulated a lot of stuff, a lot of which doesn't even get used anymore.  I've been wanting to do it for ages (years even) but husband wasn't really on-board with it before.  Now he is though, as his garage is so full of junk he could barely get in it and could never find anything.  Yesterday he filled the trailer with an old sofa and fridge, plus more assorted junk, and we did a tip run, the first of many I expect.  I sorted out my wardrobes (one in the spare room) and drawers, accumulating a huge pile of unwanted clothes on the bed.  I'm washing them all then will bag them up and sell them as job lots on our local FB marketplace page.  The same with bed linen - I reckon I have about 8 or 10 many do we need for goodness sake?!  Only 2 really, one on the bed and one spare.

I have lots of surplus kitchenware cluttering up the cupboards, so that can go too, along with ornaments and collectable china.  Years ago I used to collect Chinese ginger jars and pottery, none of it worth much, just bits I picked up for pennies at boot sales simply because I liked them.  Well, ever since we've lived here (8 years), it's all been wrapped up in newspaper in a cupboard in the utility room, so it's not like I'm going to miss it.  Besides, I don't fancy dusting it all if I did have it out on display 😂.  So very busy for the next week or so, but we'll have a lovely uncluttered house (and garage and shed) at the end of it.  The trick will be not filling it up again....


  1. It feels good de-cluttering . We've got loads of stuff from hubby's parents. They were "collectors" (read hoarders) and so there's a LOT! We did manage to give some to charity shops, but then lockdown happened so it's all stored in our garage/in cupboards etc. We're managing to slowly donate again, but many charity shops aren't accepting donations properly yet. At our tip, you have to book an appointment, and only one person in the car. Is it the same at yours? Glad you're seeing an improvement with the weight loss, it feels good when your clothes are loose instead of tight! xx

  2. Having less is so rewarding, and you know where everything is, we downsized 11 years ago, and stopped buying unnecessary things. We'll done on the weight loss, it's not easy.

  3. It's good for the soul to declutter Sooze, you'll feel like a weight has been removed once its all over. Mind you, I bet there will be something that you will want at a later date, I know it usually happens to me, lol
    So please you are feeling better.

  4. As the others say, de-cluttering is such a satisfying activity and very rewarding.
    I know exactly what you mean about the loose and wrinkled skin. I have loads and it's stuck that way now at my age. I try not to look too hard and make sure I dress to hide it! No sleeveless clothes for me now and no short shorts either. As for crop tops - did I ever? :-)
    I'd rather have the saggy skin than skin stretched out with fat underneath

  5. We have a good declutter every now and then. Getting ready to do so again, maybe later in the year when we can find the time. You know Sooze, one thing at shines from your pages at the moment is joy. Keep it up. My stomach is also taking an age to get rid of but it has gone down quite a bit.

  6. Decluttering is so liberating Sue. I am in the middle of a huge declutter and I am shocked at just how much I have gotten rid of... and won't miss or even give a second thought to.

  7. Its amazing how much stuff we manage to collect. We got rid of so much when we downsized to move here but in reality I could do with another clearout. Well done on the weight loss.

  8. Good for you on the weight loss and the de-cluttering! Like you I have lost weight recently but was amazed to wake up one morning and find that my skin was two sizes too big!! We have moved a lot so had lots of opportunities to sort stuff out. Dread to think what the house would be like if we had stayed in the same one for years lol

  9. well done on sheddin g the weight and the clutter. I know how hard both can be, after all if it was easy there would be no SW or WW and low fat/low sugar foods would not be made. I downsized several years ago and it took months to get the excess stuff moved on. Many car boot sales and auction visits and since then I have a 1 in 1 or 2 out rule. My weight fluctuates but never goes up too far as if something becomes tight I am extra carefull for a few days. It has taken me a long time to get here and its still a struggle sometimes. Good luck on your journey.


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