Friday, 11 September 2020

Lovely week!

This week has just rushed by, it's been a busy one and I can't believe it's Friday already.  I've been to the chiropodist and had my hair cut (not by the chiropodist!), took Betty to the vet for an ear check, been grocery shopping, went up on the Quantocks with a couple of friends for another lovely dog walk, did some more watercolour painting.  But the highlight of the week was an arranged meeting for lunch with my brother and sister in law, and on a different day a visit from my best friend, all of whom I haven't seen for months.  It was absolutely wonderful.  When we'll be able to do it again I don't know.

To reply to a few comments:-

sb - I'm hoping to get a new laptop, but in the meantime I'll look into getting a stand or some sort of holder for my Fire tablet, thank you.

Heather - There's a Mens Shed in Bridgwater, apparently, I did mention it to husband some while back but he wasn't interested.  In any case, it's closed currently.

Hazel, good idea to crochet blankets for the RSPCA.

Mrs Tiggywinkle - I do know about blankets for babies ideally not having holes in (so their fingers/toes don't get caught), the design i'm using is a very close weave.  And i'm using Stylecraft Special baby acrylic DK, no wool fibres.  But thank you.

Husband is really getting into the idea of wood carving, he's done a couple of practise pieces and come to the conclusion he needs some other attachments for his multitool thing, he's ordered some.  He's after some stencils now, to make letters and numbers for house signs (we need one for a start).  He also picked up a thick piece of tree trunk discarded on the roadside and brought it home, he's going to cut it into slices and use those.  It's all keeping him busy and he seems to be enjoying himself.

Some photos:-

Ponies on the Quantocks the other day.  Betty was quite keen to go play with them....fortunately she was on the lead.

Some of the watercolour drawings I've been doing lately:-

Lavender.  The bow's all wrong, need more practise with that, but I was quite pleased with how the flowers came out.

First time I've tried a sunflower.  It's not right yet, I hope to do it better with practise, as I'd like to use one as a card topper.

A get well card for a dear friend.  I've drawn quite a few lily flowers now, in different colourways, think they're my favourite flowers to draw.  Although I don't actually like lilies much - well, it's the smell I don't like.

I tried drawing a rose, but just couldn't get the shape of the petals right.  I'll get there eventually, will watch a few more youtube tutorials.


  1. So glad you've had a good week. I do like your lavender picture, I must get back into watercolour painting again! And your hubby seems to be enjoying his new-found hobby. When can we place orders for house signs? lol. xx

  2. Sounds like an excellent week and your paintings are brilliant

  3. Love your paintings. We had a lovely house sign made from a whole log. Last house and much bigger than current!

  4. The lavendar painting is brilliant Sooze x Bluebell is scared of horses!

  5. I don't think perfection is the idea on your flowers, YOU did them that is the idea. Wonderful.

  6. What a lovely post. I'm so glad you've had such a happy week - here's to many more of them.

  7. Pleased you had a good week and hope it continues. Love the lavender picture.
    Nice that your Husband is going to like the woodwork he needs a hobby especially the winter is coming.
    Hazel c uk🌈🌈

  8. So glad you had a lovely week with visits from dear family and friends. I think your paintings are beautiful. Lorna D

  9. Sounds like a good week, love the watercolours particularly the lavender. Thrilled hubby is settling into his new hobby, long may that last.

  10. Lime is a good wood for a beginner carver. Some wood just chips and looks untidy no matter how much you sand it.


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