Friday 25 September 2020

The decluttering continues

The car was supposed to be done yesterday but owing to a cock up by the person concerned, it didn't get done, husband quickly made arrangements for it to be done 9 am today somewhere else.  Minor panic when the bloody thing wouldn't start again this morning for him to drive to the garage, but he eventually got it going.  They reckon it's an easy job and should be done in no time...fingers crossed, as I have lots to do in town this afternoon.

Still decluttering, and it's a very liberating feeling.  Have sold my collection of ginger jars, an ergonomic back kneeler stool that just made my back ache 😂, and a tool set of husband's....all for cheap prices, but making a fortune isn't the object, getting rid of stuff we don't use or need is.

I dragged all the plastic boxes containing spare bed linen out from under the beds and went through them all...I knew there was a fair bit, but it was even more than I thought.  7 spare duvet/pillowcase sets that I'd acquired over the years, several fitted sheets and a load of spare assorted pillowcases have now been bagged up to take to the new big cancer charity shop that's opened in town.  I've kept 3 spare sets.

Sorted a boxful of books to Ziffit, £22 worth.  The scanner rejected a lot, but I've now found another book buying app, Zapper, that's similar to Ziffit.  Out of curiosity I scanned a couple of books that Ziffit didn't want - Zapper accepted them, so today I'll scan all the rest.  The only thing is, Ziffit will collect if over a certain weight...Zapper won't, you have to take them to a collection point yourself.  No real trouble, there's plenty of them about.

I've decided most of my yarn can go as well....I only ever crochet in the winter, and it's mostly blankets - I don't do fiddly small stuff anymore (no patience and eyesight not good enough now) and hate sewing in ends.  Fortunately, I've broken my past habit of buying yarn just because I liked the look of it, despite having enough to open a small yarn shop anyway (sound familiar, crafting ladies?!).  I'll bag it up (it will be several bags!) and offer it on Facebook Marketplace and our local village page first, if no-one wants it, it can go to a charity shop.

I've got empty shelves, cupboards and boxes appearing everywhere, it's magic!


  1. Great news about the decluttering. I buy a lot of my yarn from charity shops, but I did re-donate a bin bag full of yarn that I knew I'd never use. I've still got boxes full though! I guess, as vices go, it's not too bad! xx

  2. We've caught the decluttering bug too. It's lovely to see all that space appearing and nice to know that someone else can make use of my excess stuff. Hope your car gets sorted and doesn't cost too much. x

  3. I think rather than having craft hobbies, our hobby these days is collecting stuff for the hobbies. I sorted mine a few years ago and downsized, I now only buy what I need and know what I can use, it's good to know exactly what I have stored. I keep telling my sister to get rid of stuff as her craft room over whelms her. Most of our stuff we get rid of on local pages, where they are collected, says so much bother.

  4. You have inspired me. Girding up the proverbial loins.

  5. I hope you managed to get the car sorted. We did a huge declutter a few years ago, it feels so liberating getting rid of stuff you don't want or need any more, though I drew the line at my yarn stash, haha.

  6. We did a massive declutter when we downsized but we still try to keep on top of the clutter that creeps in. Hope all went well with the car.

  7. Once you start decluttering you can't stop, and when you are making money too it's even better :-)

    I hope the car gets sorted out once and for all.


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