Wednesday, 30 September 2020

Tragedy and good things

Thank you for comments.  The 'accident' on the motorway appears not to have been a traffic accident, rumour is that it was somebody (a pedestrian) jumping in front of a lorry.  How horrible.  I thought it odd that there were no mangled vehicles when we were finally allowed to drive past 3 hours later, just the 2 lanes and hard shoulder all coned off and little numbered markers placed everywhere, with lots of police milling around.  There was a lorry on the hard shoulder, with the driver sitting on the barrier looking shell shocked - as he would even 3 hours later if someone had indeed thrown themselves in front of his lorry.  Poor man.  My husband had a middle aged man throw himself in front of the bus husband was driving many years ago...fortunately, he managed to stop in time.  He jumped off the bus, dragged the man out of the road and gave him a tongue lashing for putting a busload of passengers at risk.  The man was apparently startled enough to apologise and walk away...Husband still remembers it vividly 40 years later.

Sleep no better, still up in the (very) early hours, I'm sure it will sort itself out soon.  

All my books have now been sorted, with another 2 boxfuls parcelled up to go to Zapper - Ziffit didn't want them!  I have left just a dozen or so I really want to keep, plus another few that even Zapper didn't want that will go to the charity shop.  3 bags of clothes will also be going to the charity shop today.  I'll start on kitchen equipment and crockery next, we have loads collected over the years that we no longer use.  Decluttering is very freeing and strangely addictive!

I continue to lose weight, 1 stone 3 lbs so far.  I now have a 'thigh gap'!  Not had that for years, always had fat inner thighs rubbing together before.  Oh, and whilst sorting clothes, I found 2 pairs of Next jeans, brand new with tags still attached...I'd bought them I think a couple of years ago, they didn't fit, rather than taking them back I obviously kept them thinking oh I'll slim into them.  Ha, they got thrown into the spare room wardrobe and forgotten about.  Well, now they do fit!  So I have 2 lovely new pairs of jeans that I haven't had to buy (ok, so I did buy them originally!).

Raining today, and rain forecast pretty much every day for at least the next week.  Autumn is well and truly here....And it's October tomorrow, hasn't this year positively galloped by, and it's not as if we've even done anything, life has pretty much been on hold for all of us.


  1. How awful for the lorry driver and the family of the suicide. So many people's lives ruined. So sad.
    Great about the jeans. Well done for losing so much weight. It's not easy, but the "new" jeans will spur you on! Yes, I think 2020 has whizzed by. I just hope Covid whizzes by quickly too. I'm so missing seeing my family. I just keep telling myself that every day that passes is one day closer to the end of it all. Stay safe. xx

  2. Well done on the weight loss. Ours is very slow despite being on only 1200 calories a day, weird.

  3. That's such a sad thing to hear. I feel sorry for everyone concerned. Well done on the weight loss. I too am doing well and starting to fit into my smaller clothes again. It is motivating me to keep going. Perhaps another half stone or so.

  4. So sad to hear of the suicide, my son as a police control operator has had to deal with lots of those and once had to calm a relatively new Police Officer down as he dealt with the aftermath of a person jumping in front of a train. It's always the drivers I feel sorry for, you just don't forget something like that ... as your husband can testify to.

    Well done on the weight loss and the 'new' jeans. That must have really made your day :-)

  5. I have some jeans lurking somewhere that have never been worn but as I have the determination of a gnat I don't think I'll be getting in them any time soon. Is your hip any better for losing the weight?

  6. Well done on the weight loss and that's a bonus with the new jeans fitting!
    How awful for the poor lorry driver,Sooze, however desperate I was I don't think I could involve someone else in that way. He'll never get over it.
    I hope you are soon sleeping better .

  7. What an awful situation for both the lorry driver and the jumper. Congratulations on the weight loss, I too am making more of an effort to eat a little less and healthier. What a bonus to find jeans that now fit.

  8. A terrible thing to happen; that poor man will never forget, will he. Thank heavens your husband did manage to stop in time.

    You're doing so well with the weight loss. Slow and steady - I am convinced it is the best way. And those jeans - what a non scale victory for you! I'm proud of you!

  9. Does your CBD oil help at all with sleeping?


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