Saturday, 5 September 2020

Look! And H for H...

Look what arrived in the post:-

The lovely bag that Rachel (Rachelradiostar of Eternally 28 blog) made for me.  It's a dog walking bag, the zipped pocket at the front holds poo bags which you can pull out through the cleverly designed hole, rather than scrabbling about for them in the bottom of your bag, or searching all your pockets.  It's just so me, I love it, in fact I'm using it every time I go out, not just for dog walking.  It's beautifully made, my favourite colours, has 2 front pockets and another inside, and a cross body strap so I can be hands free, which is my preferred choice of bag.  Thank you Rachel.

We've not had much luck so far finding a hobby for hubby (ooh, a campaign slogan!  H for H 😁), thank you to everyone for all your suggestions.  He's quite definite about what he doesn't want to do (jigsaws, any kind of artwork, model railways, small model kits) but hasn't a clue what he WOULD like.  It'll have to be something practical, he's dyslexic so anything that involves reading or writing is out.  One of the suggestions from you lovely readers (Gemma's Person) was wood carving...Now I'm fairly sure that's the sort of thing that would appeal to him, I'll ask him when he gets up.  He could do it in the utility room, or at a pinch the dining room (there's no heating, other than a portable electric radiator, in the utility room, which is an old extension which originally held a bread oven on the side of the house).

Meanwhile, I've got a new hobby to add to my collection 😂😂.  I saw a post on FB the other day, saying that the neonatal unit of the hospital needs small woollen blankets for their prem babies.  I like crocheting blankets but only during the winter, too hot the rest of the year.   Tiny blankets are thus perfect!  I started the first one yesterday.


  1. The bag is lovely, you'll get plenty of use from it. Wood carving sounds a good idea. Might broach that subject with my hubby! Baby blankets are quick and the neonatal unit and the parents will appreciate them. xx

  2. Your bag is lovely and will be very useful,
    I make blankets all the year round for charity and have a dozen ready next time I go to the hospital I also make them for presents.
    I was pleased to hear that your Husband might do woodwork, when my brother retired he started with making woodwork and he loves it, I have several pieces from the time my husband went to night school for classes and I would not sell them for anything they are so special. It's a nice hobby and would be nice for your husband to do.
    Hazel c uk 🌈🌈🌈

  3. Here's hoping that woodwork will help its something that my hubby does, he is a dab hand at making things from old pallets.

  4. Sooze, please be careful about your crocheted blankets as most hospitals won't accept blankets with holes in the pattern, and most won't accept wool either. x

  5. Great! I thought of it while away from the computer visiting with a nephew and hoped I would remember to suggest it. So always thinking of you both!

  6. I love that you love it and that it is well used already xx


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