Monday 5 June 2023

Cooking and sorting

 I've started as I mean to go on, already done a few things off my list for today.  Sorted 2 more washloads out, made pastry which is now resting in the fridge for the 2 flans I'll be making later.  I've also had a look through the kitchen cupboards and pulled out a few more things that can go - a small slow cooker (think I've only used it 3 or 4 times for rice pudding), and a very large ceramic baking dish.  Bought it at a car boot sale probably 3 years ago, thinking it would come in handy when we have a crowd to feed - well, it's never been used so it might as well go.  A thermal insulated jug that isn't terribly efficient, it doesn't keep drinks hot for very long so we hardly ever use it.  Two full packs of candles I bought last autumn, in case of prolonged power cuts through the winter - which never happened.  I've got loads of candles and tealights actually, far more than I could ever need (unless the power was off for a week or two!).  Husband will be doing the first boot sale this Wednesday afternoon (he says), so I'll sort out some more stuff for him to take, he's sorting his shed over the next couple of days.  I'm going to go through my wardrobe and shoe box this afternoon, I'm sure I'll find at least a bagful of stuff to go to the charity shop.

I had several onions that were starting to sprout and go soft, having been in the utility room veg box for probably 3 or 4 weeks, so yesterday I chopped them up and slowly caramelised them in a pan on the hob.  I'm going to use the pastry to make 2 caramelised onion, smoked bacon and Cheddar flans, one for dinner tonight with salad and the other half for lunch tomorrow, the second flan to freeze.  As the oven will be on I'll also make a meatloaf, using turkey mince, skinned chicken sausages and sage & onion stuffing, that'll also be frozen, cut into slices.

So it's a cooking and sorting day today.  I'll have to keep an eye on husband, he tends to get sidetracked when he's doing anything outside and doesn't finish what he started, and often disappears altogether to go off and have a chat with a neighbour or two.


  1. I must have a sort out of my kitchen cupboards, too. I'm sure there's some stuff lurking at the back that never sees the light of day. I just need some of your enthusiasm first! xx

  2. I need to do a sort out of one of my pantry cupboards, I had a couple of tins fall out when I opened it today.

    God bless.

  3. Is your husband doing the car boot sale on his own? I would never trust Alan to sell things on his own, I can never forget the time he almost sold an antique mirror that I had put a £12 price sticker on for 50p ... I jumped in pretty sharpish on that one for sure!!


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