Sunday 4 June 2023

Decluttering and packing again

 Having decided we want to try and move house as soon as possible (preferably before our rent goes up significantly in October, although that's probably a big ask), we need to get going on more decluttering and packing.  We'll be downsizing so will need to get rid of a fair bit of furniture, most of the contents of husband's garage and big shed, and lots of clothes/shoes/books/DVDs/CDs/pictures etc.  Some will go to charity shops, some given away on local marketplace pages, some sold - either at boot sales (husband's willing to do a few) or FB marketplace.  I'm not very keen on selling/giving stuff away via Marketplace - in the past we've had so many people who, having made an arrangement, simply don't bother showing up and don't tell us either when we've been giving away things for free....timewasters are just so bloody rude. And when selling, we (well, I - it's always me who has to do it) get inundated with stupid questions which would be answered if people just read the listing properly!!  Or we get people trying to knock us down to ridiculously low prices - we only ever ask low prices anyway.  Some people just take the mickey.  But we need to get rid of the stuff so will just have to grin and bear it.

I've already done a big declutter of the kitchen a few weeks ago, but am sure I could go even more minimalist - will have to take a leaf out of Sue/A Smaller and Simpler Life's book!  I'll go through the kitchen again this week....I've also got quite a few tins and packets of food and toiletries that I'm not using, so they could go in the food bank donation point in the supermarket.  I should also start listing a few items of furniture for sale on the local pages.

I'm going to make a big effort to save as much money as possible - I already do save every month, with standing orders to 2 dedicated savings accounts, one for our caravan site fees and another as an emergency fund.  Moving house is a big expense though so we need to up our savings game, I'll set up another standing order for that, I have a 3rd little used savings account.  We also have Premium Bonds we can use if absolutely necessary.

Husband has said he's happy to do a boot sale this week, so I need to get cracking sorting stuff out tomorrow.


  1. It sounds like you are all fired up and ready for action. You could take another leaf out of our book and for the last hour of the car boot sale let everything go for £1 or 20p and then for the final few minutes have a sign saying 'Everything Free', there's something very liberating going home with a virtually empty boot. I'd rather do that than lug the same things out over and over again. :-)

  2. Having the spur of an imminent (hopefully) house move has certainly helped! Could you send some enthusiasm my way, please? I hope you make lots of money at the car boot sale to enhance the house move budget. Hopefully, when you do move, you'll have some left in the budget to treat yourselves! xx

  3. It all sounds extremely organised and sensible and my fingers are tightly crossed for some good news on the home front soon. xx


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