Wednesday, 7 June 2023

Good start!

Firstly - Sue, yes husband does boot sales on his own, he's done quite a few, he likes doing them (I don't) and is pretty good at it - he's got the gift of the gab and loves bartering with people.  I very much doubt he'd sell anything for much less than its worth, he's too canny for that!  He did very well yesterday, selling about half of the things he took, he made about £75 which was pretty good considering it was the first Wednesday sale of the season at that particular venue, and it wasn't that busy.  He's only cleared a small space in the garage, so has plenty more things to sort out and sell...I'm sure I can find some more stuff indoors as well, he says he'll do a Saturday one next, they're always busier.

We're off to the caravan today, to water all the plants (ours and our lovely neighbours C&J, we water each other's).  There are a few things in the van and husband's tool shed that are surplus to requirements too, so we'll sort those out and bring them home for the next boot sale husband does.

For the past 2 weeks there have been no suitable properties for rent on the social housing list, in fact not many properties at all.   And we've still not heard about the 2 bids we already have in, the housing association (it's the same one for both properties) are certainly taking their time.  We're No. 35 on the list for one of the properties (so not much chance in theory) but No. 5 on the other - giving us a much greater chance.  However, I've looked back at all the properties that have been let over the past few months and people in our banding or lower and even shorter times on the list than us have been given homes, so I guess we have as good a chance as anybody really.  It is frustrating waiting to hear though - we seem to be waiting for everything, including health matters, at the moment and it's doing my head in!!  Patience is not one of my virtues......😂

A few of you have mentioned how organised I seem to be.....I was a secretary for most of my working life, so being organised comes naturally to me.  And being organised is vital for my sanity - knowing I'm on top of things keeps my stress levels down.....not being organised makes me feel totally out of control and very irritable.

Some of you may remember that well over a year ago, my siblings and I were contacted by a firm of solicitors (heir hunters actually) saying they were acting on behalf of the estate of a deceased relative of ours....a distant relative none of us were even aware of!  He apparently died intestate and with no direct descendants, he turned out to be an older, unmarried cousin of our mother's.  None of us recall her ever mentioning him, so we guessed he was a bit of a black sheep.  Anyway, having all signed up with them more than a year ago, we've heard nothing since - but now one of my siblings has had an email from a different firm, giving all the correct deceased details, and saying they are now in receipt of the funds (no figure given) but cannot release them for 6 months.  So that's all a bit odd - a different firm to the one we all signed up with, and only written to one of us 😕

I've had another couple of snide comments (anonymous of course as they're cowards) on my last couple of blogs.  All I have to say don't live my life, and seeing as I don't even know you (just like you don't know me), I don't really give a stuff what you think.  Jog on!


  1. Well done on the clearing out, not envious, much (ha ha).

    Thanks for finding my blog post and commenting, I wonder if I will be a lucky recipient of Mrs Anonymous this time around? Sorry you have had to deal with the unpleasantness.

  2. Well done, Him. £75 is better in your bank account than cluttering up the shed or kitchen! Strange about the email to your sibling. I hope it's all genuine and you get a little something soon. The Housing Association do seem to be dragging their feet. You'd think they'd want it sorted, too! Ignore the anonymous' of this world. They are sad individuals. Still, it's a pity you have to put up with their BS. xx

  3. Brilliant news about the boot sale, £75 is better in your savings than clutter in the garage for sure, it's good that he's got the gift of the gab and knowledge of prices too.

    Don't pay any attention to snide comments, especially ones that aren't even brave enough to include a name. That 'Delete Forever' button is a good tool isn't it.

  4. Go into your Setting...Profile... then dis-allow Anonymous Comments. That'll stop them from being able to say hurtful things.
    Hopefully the Association will let you know something soon.
    It's good that your caravan friends help out when you're not there with the's nice to do things for each other.
    Have a good week!

    1. Unfortunately, there a lot of genuine ... and very nice readers ... of our blogs that have struggled in recent times to post comments without using the Anonymous function. On my blog I just ask for a first name at the end of any such comments so that they don't lose out on being able to join in with things.

  5. Sounds like you are doing pretty well. I am so glad you have your summer home.

  6. Great moving things out of the house and having your husband do the boot sales gives you a bit of time to yourself.

    God bless.

  7. Well done to Him! It all helps, doesn't it? Fingers crossed regarding the email and possible windfall. It is intriguing, isn't it? xx


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