Friday, 9 June 2023

Nice day but didn't end very well

 We had a lovely few hours at the caravan yesterday - watering the plants, deadheading, taking stock of what early Spring plants are coming to an end and so the pots will need refilling with something new for summer.  We had lunch sitting in the garden in the sunshine, shaded by the new gazebo, then packed up to come home.  Betty enjoyed being there, lying in the sun for 10 mins at a time then going inside the van to cool off.

Unfortunately, when we were nearly home we had a little mishap.  Husband pulled out of a drive to turn right and misjudged the angle, crunching the front left corner (my side) of the car on a large piece of grating sticking out of a ditch.  Nobody was hurt, but the loud bang did frighten the bejesus out of me and Betty.  It's only relatively minor damage - corner bashed in and split, scratches and the fog light pulled out/damaged - but it's a nuisance as the car is booked in for MOT next Monday, and the light at least will have to be fixed before then.  It's not worth claiming on the insurance.  Husband was livid, he was stomping around and grouching like a bear with a sore head - to be fair, he was mainly annoyed at himself, although initially he was trying to look for someone else to blame.  I soon relieved him of that idea! 😒  Oh well, these things happen 😣.  It did spoil the day somewhat and is a bleeding's husband's problem to sort out though so he'll get on with that and I'll carry on with doing more batch cooking for the freezer and sorting stuff in preparation for our eventual house move.  Some things I just have to turn a blind eye to.

We're forecast thunderstorms and muggy weather for the next few days.....not my favourite kind of heat, muggy weather makes me feel ill, but at least we won't need to water the garden and the pots at the van garden should be fine.  It was very warm, uncomfortably so, last night - Betty was feeling it too, she was very restless, jumping off the bed a few times to go and lie out on the landing, then coming back into my room and up on the bed again.  So we're both knackered this morning.

There are a couple of overripe bananas so I'll use them up in a banana & walnut cake today - as I'll have the oven on I'll make a cottage pie and something else (not sure what yet!) to fill it up.  Not really a good day to have a hot oven on, considering our weather forecast!  I'll have to keep out of the kitchen, except to check things every 15 mins or so.


  1. So easily done but it's a nasty shock, isn't it. The noise alone is enough to scare a cat!!

    We still seem to be getting fairly cool nights here - or maybe it is just me. :-)

  2. Raining off and on here, as well. Sorry about the damage! What a scary thing to have happen...Hope it's sorted out soon.
    Happy cooking!

  3. What a shame about the bump, but these things happen! Still, not very nice. I wish we'd get some rain, the garden is looking very sorry for itself! It's been OK at night and not too bad during the day here, so I shouldn't complain (but we Brits always do complain about the weather, don't we?) xx

  4. What a shame, but so easily done, at least all three of you are okay. Virtually all of Alan's little car accidents involve damaging his wheels or tyres due to hitting kerbs or edges of things ... and occasionally MY wheels or tyres.


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