Tuesday 6 June 2023

Taking small steps

 It was dull, cloudy and blimmin freezing yesterday morning when I put washing out on the line - bit of a shock to the system when we've had wall to wall warm sunshine for the past 3 weeks or so.  The sun did come out in the afternoon though and it warmed up.

I had a phone call from the duty nurse at the Memory Assessment clinic, to say that husband's psychologist is on a fortnight's holiday but will ring us back when she returns to work next week.  So at least we know.

Betty went for her grooming session in the morning and came back with lovely soft fur and smelling gorgeous, claws trimmed and looking beautiful.  We went to Aldi to stock up on the things we normally buy there which are quite a bit cheaper than in the bigger supermarkets, although they didn't have any of the sourdough crumpets I like.  They had big packs of fresh chicken mince though, so I got one of those and split it up to freeze.  Food prices are still going up, is it ever going to end?  The freezer is filling up nicely now, a couple more days of batch cooking and it'll be well as batch cooking, I also try and make double quantities of whatever dinners we're having, so that the other portion can be frozen.

We did some more sorting out in the afternoon, finding more things for the boot sale - I accompanied husband to the garage, so he didn't get sidetracked and go off to chat with neighbours again!  We'll be packing the car up this morning, ready for husband to go to the boot sale this afternoon.  I'm going to take photos of all the furniture and bits we'll be selling on the local marketplace pages, I think we may as well start selling stuff now - it'll free up some space to stack boxes as we pack them.  I'm feeling like I want to get prepared, as much as we can, for our eventual move.

I generally write myself lists of things that need doing in my notebook - well, I think it might be an idea to write a list on a Sunday, in large print, and put it up on the cupboard in the kitchen.  It'll be a list of jobs - not specifically mine or husband's, just a list of what needs doing that week, and then the jobs can be crossed off as they're done.  That way, husband can see the jobs and choose what he wants to do....crossing them off and putting his name by them just might encourage him to do more, it might appeal to his competitive nature (in common with a lot of men 😜) to see if he can do more jobs than me!  (Unlikely, but it's worth a try πŸ˜‚).  Problem relative is being a pain in the arse again at the mo, with loads of totally stupid queries and comments - I feel like I'm surrounded by idiots at times. πŸ˜’

For dinner last night I did a veggie stir fry, using a mixture of fresh green veg and cooked root veg left over from our Sunday dinner.  I added a very small amount of chopped smoked bacon, just for the flavour.  We had it with a sachet of posh rice and grains, with some pesto sauce stirred through, it was lovely.  Today I'll do jacket potatoes with a topping of smoked mackerel mixed with soft cheese and horseradish, with a side salad.  Not sure what time husband will be back from the boot sale, the jacket spuds (which I cooked on Sunday) will be reheated in the air fryer when he comes in.


  1. Well at least you know not to expect a phone call for a while. Waiting is awful isn't it? You're so organised with everything, when you do get to move, it'll be a breeze! Let's hope the list spurs Him into doing a few more jobs.🀞xx

  2. It's like that here again today - but it's supposed to cheer up in a while. Fingers crossed. xx

  3. The list idea is a brilliant one, being able to cross off and sign that he's completed a job might be the perfect way to put a 'rocket up his a*se' as my Dad used to say when people were going too slow. ;-)

  4. How did the boot sale go. I should make a to do list for Tony. It doesn't even occur to him that someone (me) actually does the housework when he's not around. No idea why it never crosses his mind.

  5. Hope the boot sale went well. My Hubby laughs at me because I always make a list each day of what needs to be done...

    God bless.


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