Friday 2 June 2023

Not a matter of life or death

 We're home, nearly all unpacked, two loads of washing sorted out, bit of banking done.  Husband's been on the phone and arranged to have the car MOT'd the week after next.  I'm finishing off my shopping list.  So all back to normal.  The gardens front and back are quite overgrown, it's amazing how quickly the lawns - and weeds! - grow, so husband will be busy for the next few days.  As will I, the cupboards and freezers are practically bare, so I need to restock and do some batch cooking and baking.

The papers are full of Phillip Schofield, I've read bits of it.  My take on it is this - and it is of course purely my opinion - he's had an affair (man or woman, same difference as far as I'm concerned) which has been over for some unspecified time.  However, the young age of the person in question was a bit unwise of Phillip, particularly in view of his outspoken and sanctimonious views about his brother....although I'm not suggesting that Schofield's young man was underage, just that he was considerably younger than Schofield.  He's lied repeatedly to his family, friends and employers and that makes him a not very nice person.'s not a matter of life or death, it's not even really in the national interest - two children have just lost their lives whilst on holiday in Bournemouth, now that's a real tragedy, for goodness sake.  So Schofield has been a silly man, but I do feel a bit sorry for him and think it's time the whole salacious saga was dropped - which presumably isn't going to happen just yet, the papers are having a field day digging up as much dirt (and pictures etc) as they can - after all, it sells papers!  He's clearly a very broken man, the young man is no doubt suffering greatly (although some of the papers are very loftily saying they're not going to name him, but his name is actually freely available on the internet), and Schofield's family must be in bits anyway, never mind all this gossipy ongoing publicity.  So give over!!

As for Eamonn Holmes - good grief, he hasn't half got an axe to grind, what makes him so holier than thou?!  He's a spiteful piece of work.

Anyway.....back to our real mundane non-newsworthy lives!!  I brought home the anniversary flowers given to us by one of our lovely neighbours, having taken them to the caravan last Monday.  They're mostly still blooming very well, I only had to throw out 2 roses and a couple of antirrhinums - oh, and a white was still in bloom but I'm afraid I absolutely loathe the smell of lilies, however attractive they look.  We should get another few days of the lovely flowers before I have to chuck them.  We were also given a potted chrysanthemum, I've repotted it and left it in the caravan garden.  We watered all the pots and garden flowers well this morning before leaving, we'll go back once a week to water.  My roses here in the home front garden are all blooming and smelling gorgeous, with masses and masses of buds on them.  Clearly a good year for roses.


  1. I totally agree about Phillip Schofield. He's been unwise, but it's no-one's business but his own. I do feel for his wife and children. As always, it's the innocents who get hurt most.
    Anyway, glad you had a lovely anniversary week. You've reminded me, I need to check my roses. Some have bloomed and faded so I need to dead head them, and some have greenfly, so I need to get out the soapy water spray. I'll do that now! xx

  2. I could not agree more re Philip Schofield. I feel sorry for his wife, she was cheated on and now everyone is busy moralising and ignoring her, she must be wishing the newspapers would just shut up about it. I do worry for the young man, I hope his life hasn't been ruined. So sad about the two youngsters in Bournemouth, the media seems hardly bothered about that.

  3. Newspapers seem to go for the most salacious news that they can. We have the same thing happening here in Canada.

    God bless.

  4. BBC news ran him as headline, followed by the train crash in India, the 2 deaths in Bournemouth and Ukraine, says it all, media is thought to be more important, I feel for the other party. Sounds as if your break did you the world of good.

  5. I am sick and tired of the 'real news' being drowned out by the goings on of 'celebrities'. To turn on the national news at teatime to find out the goings on of folk that I have no interest in is just wearisome, and when people have lost their lives and wars are going on it seems ridiculous. I'll jump down off my soapbox now ... sorry.

    Hope you have a good weekend. xx


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