Friday, 9 June 2023

Any desert islands going spare?

 I hadn't looked at the damage to the car until this afternoon - well, husband certainly did a good job of pranging it.  He's patched it up, as best he can, temporarily, so I didn't see what it was like before that.  The bumper and wing are both torn, split and scratched - the fog light which was ripped out and hanging by the wires he has managed to get back in, and it still works, amazingly.  He's both glued and stuck the split bits back together with grey sticky tape, duct tape I think it's called.  So it looks a bit of a mess, he says it may need a new bumper and wing.  Sigh.  He took the car to the local garage which is doing the MOT on Monday, to see whether any of the damage would have an impact on the MOT....they said no, so that's one good thing I suppose.  Although there is of course no guarantee that it will pass anyway, it being quite an old and tatty car.  Personally, I don't really care what cars look like, so long as they suit our needs and actually work, without lots of problems.  But he's certainly not going to be able to sell it for much, when the time comes.

Things like this....husband's lack of attention and judgement when he's worry me more and more.  If he has to give up driving whilst we are still living here, our daily lives will be fraught with difficulties, and I will feel even more trapped than I do now.  So it's even more imperative that we find somewhere else to live ASAP.  That in itself is a big worry for me, as it's all on my shoulders, the prospect of getting everything sorted and planned and actually moving house is so daunting, it gives me nightmares.

So, yep, my stress levels are building again, although I'm trying to keep a lid on it.  A desert island feels very appealing!  (It would have to be one without any 8-legged things, obviously).

Well it doesn't now look like we'll have any thunderstorms today, tomorrow possibly, but it has now got very sticky and uncomfortably muggy, I think sleeping will be a problem again tonight.


  1. Just what you don't need! Still at least the prang won't affect the MOT, so doesn't need attention urgently, but still a pain in the derriere. When you find that desert island, can I join you?🏝 xx

  2. Glad that the damage will not affect he MOT. Sorry that this happened and I do hope you find a place very soon.

    God bless.

  3. Oh hell, I am so sorry to hear about the car.

  4. I'm so sorry about the car...when it rains, it pours!

  5. Oh no. One more stressful thing that you could do without.


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