Monday 7 January 2019

Sleep and energy topped up

I've had a lovely restful peaceful weekend and feel so much better for it.  

Saturday morning I spent sat on one of the twin beds in the spare room (its lovely and bright in there), reading, crocheting and making notes for our coming sibling day on Wednesday.  Betty kept me company, mostly asleep on the other bed, but being a bit mischievous when awake, sitting on my legs and trying to bite my toes through the fleece blanket, little monkey.  Husband amused himself downstairs, playing games on his computer or watching endless repeats of Top Gear and Wheeler Dealers on TV (no doubt with the tv remote in his hand, constantly flicking through all the channels - it's such a man thing isn't it?  Drives me nuts!).  Anyway, I'm sure he enjoyed me not being there to heave big sighs and roll my eyes!

In the afternoon, I turfed Betty out to go back downstairs with Dad (she fidgets and snores too much) and snoozed for a couple of hours.  Went downstairs for dinner and watched TV for a while, then had an early night....and actually managed the whole night without having to get up and go downstairs. 

Sunday I felt energised enough to get up, although didn't do much at all, just more crocheting and reading mainly, although we did pop out in the morning for a mooch round the shops.  Husband took care of all the food for the weekend, heating and serving everything I'd made and washing up afterwards, it was fantastic to have a weekend off doing all that.

I think I need to have a weekend, or even just a day, off more often, it's done me good.

Mum's been up and down the past few days, she wasn't at all well on Saturday but felt a bit better yesterday.  Husband's brother, who's a general builder, went to see her yesterday to fit a banister to her stairs, there was one on one side but not the other and Mum needs two.  She's got someone from the Council going in to see her soon, with a view to assessing her needs and hopefully agreeing for her to have a downstairs loo fitted - there's a large walk-in cupboard in her hallway that would be perfect for it.  She certainly needs it, she can only just about get up and down stairs very slowly now, I should think it won't be long before she can't manage the stairs at all.  

It's silly o'clock again but that's fine, I'm drinking a cup of warm milk whilst doing this blog post and then will go back to bed.  It's my new normal.


  1. My parents have a stair chair fitted now which has proved a read godsend. Would that be a possibility? My fingers are crossed that the loo is agreed. The time it takes to get upstairs makes it a real necessity.

    I'm glad you've had a restful and re-energising weekend and another sleep sounds just the thing!

    Have a lovely day. xx

  2. For a change, I slept the whole night through as well.

  3. Joy's beaten me to it, the stair chair was a real boost to my Mother-in-Law's quality of life and she loved it and it's amazing how they can fit these into quite narrow stairs and tight corners.
    Downstairs loo is a brilliant idea too.

    Good to read that you had a really restful weekend.

  4. Sleep heals so much, glad you are feeling better.

  5. Pleased you got a nice rest and got so crocheting.
    Hazel c uk

  6. Well done on taking it easy and yes it is a man thing, the SO does just the same as your hubby. He does add QI to the list and a couple of programs about building tree houses and mega pools!!???

  7. You sound much brighter today and I think we all need some time on our own to reflect and plan and as you did, have a snooze. The down stairs loo would be ideal-just make sure the door opens out the way, but I can tell you from recent experience that a commode will be suggested as a first option. No mention of how it’s supposed to be emptied of course. I was supporting a friend last year and this is what happened. Safe journey for your sibling meeting-it sounds as if you are well prepared.

  8. Oh Sooze I am so glad that you have been able to get some rest and some much needed sleep.
    Good luck for Wednesday.

  9. Yes, it is a man thing. My husband is the same, so are the husbands of my friends. What on earth did they used to do before remote controls?!


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