Saturday 12 January 2019

First phase completed

Thank you all so much for comments, Wednesday was very hard and emotional, elder brother and I did feel we wouldn't be surprised if it were the last time we saw Mum.  Younger brother, who previously wasn't coping at all well and mainly shutting himself in his bedroom to avoid the situation (he has a myriad of health problems himself, both physical and mental), has really stepped up to the mark, he now looks after Mum very well, in conjunction with sister.  

The latest bloods mum had done earlier in the week showed that she has yet another urine infection, hence why she was feeling even more unwell when we saw her.  More antibiotics, which are starting to kick in now.  She's perked up a bit and has eaten a little yesterday and today.  

Younger bro put a post on Facebook last night saying mum is on the mend.  We older siblings are pretty sure she's not, she's just having a couple of better days, he's just being overly optimistic and hopeful because he wants her to be better.  Anyhow, she's not too bad at the moment and that's what counts.

Sister arranged for her son and daughter in law to both meet up with her at mum's, each in their own cars, so they could all set to and clear out mum's bedroom.  Sis settled mum comfortably downstairs, so they didn't have to keep disturbing or moving her - and, more importantly, so she wasn't there to stop them getting rid of a lot of her unnecessary belongings!  They sorted out and took away loads of stuff that mum had accumulated over the years - nothing important or precious to mum, just things like masses of clothes - they filled 12 bin bags.  As she's virtually bedbound now, she doesn't need all those clothes, about 80% of which she didn't wear anyway.  They also took out 2 chests of drawers, 2 bedside cabinets (she had 4!), a large bookcase, a cupboard and a clothes rail.  Sis's son and DiL took all the stuff away in their cars, to the tip and charity shops.  The room looks SO much better now, neat and tidy and comfortable, with plenty of room (sis sent me photos), mum's really pleased.  She loves her new electric riser chair as well.

Sis has just messaged me to say mum's feeling sick again, so looks like it's back to 'normal' again 😕.  Poor old thing.  And another of mum's long-time friends died last week, that's 3 or 4 in the last year or two....she'll soon be the last of her gang of cronies.


  1. It is lovely that all your family are rallying round and doing a marvellous job and your mum will feel better in a less cluttered environment. A urine infection can make you feel sick but the antibiotics can too. It is a bit of a vicious cylcle and at her age it is hard to fight these things off and you end up in a bit of a downward spiral. All you can do is keep her comfortable and see how she goes. Thinking of you.

  2. I hope your Mum gets better soon I know if she does not eat she will feel sick as an empty stomach does not help. I expect she gets lonely at times especially when knows that her friends have died. Getting old is not a lot of fun some times.
    Hazel c uk

  3. Glad to hear your brother is helping your Mum although a carer would still be helpful too. Antibiotics always make me sick so now I ask for Omeprazole for the duration of the cycle. Clearing her bedroom and making it more pleasant is such a great achievement, especially as she is pleased. Take care.

  4. All good comments above. Having a plan is good for everyone's mental health.

  5. Old age is so cruel. As long as she is comfortable that's all you can do.

  6. Yopu all love her and are doing the best you can to support her. She'll probably feel better without so much unnecessary clutter, even if she doesn't realise it.
    Much love

  7. Its lovely you and your siblings can all support each other and look after your mum. The clear up sounds good.


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